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Color my world


Hey there my blogging family.  I pulled out my paints again this evening and did I have fun!!  I didn’t look at Pinterest first….I didn’t look at anyone else’s art journal’s or canvas’.  I decided I would try to create something all from within my own little head.  I’d been thinking about rainbows and decided to go with that theme.  I honestly had soooo much fun with this one and just slapping down paint onto the canvas sheet.  I tried not to think about it too much and just go with it.  I was much more relaxed than I usually am when I paint, as far as what I was going to do, which really kinda surprised me as I’m always over thinking everything I do….lol.



I had alot of fun when I decided to splatter some paint onto the canvas as well using my fan brush (thanks Limor for that tip!) and when I was done….I realized a little lesson learned about splattering…..




—-don’t spatter paint next to your lap top with the lid open…..Ooppsss.  It’s a good thing acrylic paints wash off easily!  LOL.


I did some doodling on it as well to finish it off and yup…..I’m actually kinda liking it!  I used a stencil for the mail part of the title….but didn’t have letters big enough for the word Color, so I just free-handed it with a paint brush.  I painted all the letters on with white paint first and then went back over them with the black and the colors.  I traced around the letters with my Elmer’s Painters pens for the black and my Uni paint pen for the white.  I’m really enjoying these pens……once I figured out how they worked….I’m such a dork sometimes….lol.


I’m off to have a cup of tea before I go to bed…..thanks once again for stopping by….I very much appreciate it!




July’s creative Dare and July’s Challenge.


I know!!!  You don’t hear from me in months and BAM!!  Two posts in one night….lol.  I painted this canvas a couple of evenings ago and I’m not really loving it…..wasn’t even going to post it.  As I said in my last post, I’ve been following two amazing ladies on Ustream for some time now and each one of them has a monthly Dare/Challenge.  Tracy has what she calls a monthly Creative Dare and Limor has a monthly Mixed Media Challenge.  I painted this with the intention, at first, to enter it into Tracy’s Creative Dare which was to find one of her Monday Night creations she’s done and re-create it for ourselves.  Here is the original piece that Tracy did that inspired me to do mine:



It wasn’t until I’d completed it….decided I hated it……painted the canvas I posted in the last blog post…….read through the challenges again…..that I decided this was the ‘perfect’ piece for both challenges.  Limor’s challenge was to create a project that included a phrase/saying of something you want to remind yourself about you that you usually forget.  It was also to include stamps from unity Stamp company if we had any…..which I do not… I used my Tim Holtz Ultimate Grunge stamp set as background stamped images.




Having this feeling of perfection is something I struggle with allot…..especially in my creative world.  I constantly compare myself to other’s and their work and I never feel mine measures up.  It’s silly, I know, as the whole idea and reason I paint is to express myself…..not someone else.  The reason I create anything is because I truly love this creative outlet and is often therapy for me……and cheaper than an actual therapist. 😉  This is a canvas I did that I’m not totally in love with…’s been Gesso’d over a few times…..and I wasn’t going to even post it. Then I sat back and took a look at it again for the 100th time and read my quote again…..and yes…..the light came on. I didn’t love it because I ended up crowding my word ‘redefine’….. I didn’t love it because it’s got about 4 layers of paint on it….at least.  Then I looked at it as I read through the two challenge entry requirements and decided that it is perfect…..for me. I think the word ‘redefined’ being crowed to the edge speaks VOLUMES to my need for perfection.  It’s like it was meant to be just like it is.  The layers of paint….perfect as it’s added texture and dimension to the piece.   So, here is my entry for both challenges…… in all it’s perfection…..for me. 


I just have to add……I typed this all out……and kept second guessing myself over and over again.  I had the hardest time hitting publish on this one.  I think I’m too old to learn a new definition of perfect…..just sayin’.




Remember me??


Hello to my long lost blogging family…..I think I’m making my way back to the creative world….lol.  It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any time playing and getting all full of paint and ink and you have no idea how good it feels!!  I’ve been following two amazing ladies on Ustream and they’re sooooo stinkin’ talented!  This evening I decided to paint along with Tracy.  Tracy has a Ustream channel called twStudios and she has a free class every Monday night.  Check her out here!  The other amazing lady is Limor and her Ustream channel is called Limor 1806 Chic Scrapbooking Designs and Mixed Media Art and she broadcasts her free class every Tuesday evening……check out her channel here.


So, this evening Tracy did a page in her Art Journal and I decided to do a canvas.  I pretty much followed along with Tracy but did more doodling than she did and used a different title for my canvas.  Check it out……



I’m still struggling right now with finding my own creative mojo, however, it felt so good to just grab some paint and go that I think I’ll be trying one out on my own again soon.  I doodled around the edges of the canvas as well and wrapped the blue flower around.




So, there you have it.  It’s very bright and colorful…..not what I usually grab to work with…..but I have to say I kinda like the colors and may venture out into the world of new and different…maybe…


That’s it for this post.  Short and sweet.  I’ve missed all of you and I’ve missed blogging.  Let’s see if this kick starts me into creativity again.  Thanks so much for checking in…..I do SO appreciate it!