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…from the discarded


Years ago my Mom and Dad use to make a lot of wooden ornamental type projects.  One of the things they use to make were these oh soooo cute little mini fences you could put in you flower bed with a little white picket fence…..a wooden girl with a straw hat and a watering can in her hand and a bunch of other garden type pieces on it.  Well, mine kinda fell apart after being outside for so many years and the only thing that really survived was the wooden house.  It sat in my flower bed for a few years and was getting very weathered.  Last year I went out and collected what was left of it and it ended up in the trash…..except for the wooden house.  It had no paint left on it… was very, very weathered and almost soft.  I immediately thought, “I could use this on an art piece one day!!”.  Well, it’s been sitting in my craft room ever since and I’d pick it up and look at it.  I’d lay it down on a piece of paper to see if I could figure something out.  And I’d put it away again.

During my evening perusal of my Facebook status’ I came across another quote, “Creativity is making marvelous out of the DISCARDED”.  The first thing that came to my mind was my little discarded wooden house.  I’d started to work on a canvas sheet about a month ago.  I’d torn pieces of designer paper and had attached it to the canvas sheet….painted over it…..stamped on it……sprayed some doilies to match it…and that’s where it stayed.  Nothing I did to that page made sense to me and nothing was clicking.  I grabbed my little worn wooden house…..took my new Gelatos and added some color to that weathered soft piece of wood.  I wasn’t even sure if the color would show up or just soak into the wood and disappear.  I put the Gelatos on dry and shaded them into the wood with my fingers…..and really liked the end result!  I sat and stared at that canvas and little colored piece of wood and could think of nothing to pull it all together.  Then I started to realize…..I needed to go to the “Master of Layering”… friend Limor Webber (check out her fabulous Facebook page here!!).  That woman can create and layer like no one else!  It just flows out of her.  I sat and watched a few of her YouTube videos to try to absorb some of her creativity…

Here’s what I created…..



I took a vine and cut it up like she loves to do…..I used all the left over pieces of wire and tore them apart into individual strips…..wound them together and added them to the bottom of the page.  I hand painted the flowers with one of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabio sprays called Hibiscous Rose so they would match the page better……I cut metal pieces in half so I could use both on the layout instead of having half of it hidden cause I tucked it in somewhere.  I Gesso’d the tips of the embellishments here and there to make them look more shabby.  I even layered the metal pieces….lol.  I fussy cut out some butterflies…..ended up only using one of them.  The paper line I used was from BoBunny and it’s called County Garden…..although it’s hard to pick up in the picture as it’s pretty much been covered in paint and Lindy’s sprays.   That’s also where the chipboard butterflies came from.  I also took my charcoal pencil and outlined all the pieces on the page to give them so definition and shadow effect.  The metal pieces came from Tim Holtz, Blue Moon, the local Thrift Store and Momenta.  Some came in RAK’s, some I bought and some I altered.  I had a lot of fun with this page…..tried really, really hard to let it go as I created……although that was much harder with this page….LOL.

Here are some close up’s of the rest of the page….

IMG_2162 IMG_2163

I have no idea why the next two pictures uploaded sideways…..and I can’t figure out how to rotate them in here.   You’ll just have to tilt your head to look at them……LOL


IMG_2160 IMG_2166


So there you have it……my own Limor inspired layered page.  As always….I’ll have to sleep on it to finally decide if I like it or not….LOL.  Till then, I’m outta here!!


Luv and huggsss,


My cup is filled…


This month has been an exercise in ‘Letting It Go’.  Soooo much easier said than done…..but I’m making baby steps and the Art Journey has been SO worth it!   Do I still wish what I end up with was better…..yup, sometimes.  When I’m first finished it all I can see are what I perceive to be mistakes.  But each time…..when I step back and sleep on it or just close the book for a few hours….I come back and appreciate what I’ve just created.  I’m trying techniques for the first time actually IN MY JOURNAL and not on a loose piece of canvas in case I mess up and want to throw it away.  I have more ideas bombarding my mind than I have time to sit and paint.  I think I need to start an idea book.  I laid awake last night and couldn’t sleep…..I mean…..seriously?!  It was just one idea after another.   Will I likely get around to painting them all……maybe.  Will I remember what they all were for the next time I’m stumped and don’t know where to start….probably not….LOL.

I joined Tracy once again for her Mixed Media Monday free Ustream classes.  I decided to paint along with her this evening and for the first time, I did my own creation.  I had one of those ideas floating around in my head so I just went with it!  I also used an old credit card for the first time as my painting device and not a brush…..YIKES!!  I ended up using a brush just around the outer edges but probably wouldn’t have had to.  I also used my home-made texture paste and just slapped it on around the whole frame of the page…..again, something I’ve never done before.  I’ve always used a stencil to apply the paste.  I really like how it turned out and although it’s hard to really pick up, I love the ‘feel’ of the page when you run your hand over it.  I used some of my Lindy’s sprays to add color to the paste once it was dry and to add the drippage by unscrewing the spray head and shaking it over the page.IMG_2157

Then I’d hold up the book and tap it on the table to get the droplet to drip down the page while I was drying it with the heat gun.  The thing you need to do when you do this technique is, be sure to screw the spray heads back onto the bottles when you’re done!!!  Ask me how I know this…..I had a little puddle of green spray ink spill onto my completed page as I was putting it away.  A quick grab of the paper towel and it was mopped up and no damage done.  You would think I would have learned something from this little exercise….you would think.  I go to pick up the pink spray bottle…..not as lucky as I was with the green one.  It tipped right over and landed away from my page….and ran under my computer.  I was able to grab it before the whole bottle spilled and got it mopped up with a paper towel as well.  Check it out!!  I think I have a pretty nice background for my next Journal page….I’ll just Mod Podge the paper towel to the page….lol.


I have some nice wrinkles goin’ on here that will look pretty cool and add some great texture to my page…..LOL.

After I had that all cleaned up I decided to do some doodling around my page.  I put a series of lines, circles, flowers, crosses, wavy lines all along the bottom.  It turned out pretty darn cool I think!!  Here are some close-ups of my doodling and the texture.  Oh!  I also used one of my texture scraper thingy’s that I’ve had forever and have never tried.

IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2152

Thanks for popping in once again.



Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays!


So I’ve had a weekend of firsts in my Art Journal.  I grabbed my Lindy’s sprays this evening and decided to play.  I found this quote today and it seemed to draw me in so decided to do a page for it.  I’ve never done a complete page only using sprays before and I had a blast….got full of ink ( ❤ ) and even played with some of my home made modeling paste and a stencil from Creative memories that I’ve had forever.  I didn’t feel the stencil had enough definition on the page so I decided to trace around it when it was dry.  Meh….perhaps should have left well enough alone but I still like it!


I love how the sprays created a page full of drippage!!  Although you can’t see it in the picture, I took a paint brush and did a light coating of some of my “A Bit o’ Bubble’ Starburst spray over the page…….I love the shimmer it leaves!!  The page was done with my Flat Fabio’s.  I used Pineapple Paradise, Mango Mania, Luscious Lime, Carabbean Blue, Plumeria Pink, and Hibiscous Rose.

Here you can sort of see the shimmer, the texture and the speckles of color all over!!

IMG_2141 IMG_2142 IMG_2143

Really going to have to do this more often.  Perhaps a canvas next!!  We’ll see…..



For a dear friend.


One of the hardest things we have to deal with is the loss of a loved one.  I have a very good friend who just lost her Grandmother who was 98 years old.  I don’t care how old your loved one is…’s never easy to lose them and have to say goodbye.  From what Tracy has said about her Grandmother, she left behind an amazing legacy and a family who is blessed, full of love and laughter.  They’re celebrating their Mother’s/Grandmother’s life this week in what I’m sure has been a roller coaster week of emotions as they share stories and memories.

Tracy is one of my very talented friends who does a weekly Ustream class for Mixed Media called Mixed Media Mondays and she also has a Facebook group called Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinsapfel Studios.  Recently Tracy has been sharing her love of doodling.  I was watching some YouTube videos this evening on Zen Doodles and did up a page.  I kept thinking of Tracy as I put pen to paper and decided to share my page with you.  It’s not an original page… was copied from a 4-part series on Zendoodling that I watched where she was teaching how to do up a sample Zendoodle page.  This is what I created….and loved every minute of it.



i can’t take credit for the designs……but I did have fun trying to recreate them!  I love to doodle….most of the time it’s nothing special, but I find it so very relaxing.

Tracy, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family this week.  I know this week will be a difficult one for all of you, and I also know that laughter and sharing is a big part of your family dynamics and I can just imagine the glue parents (her nick name for her parents…..long story…, your brother and you sitting around the kitchen table….perhaps with a glass of wine….and just sharing, remembering and loving the amazing woman your Grandmother was.



I Am Enough


I don’t know about you, but I have this endless list of amazing crafty/artistic people I follow through YouTube.  I’m not even sure how many subscriptions I have to YouTube channels!  I don’t always watch every new video they post and I have some I watch more than others.  Christy Sobolewski is one I will usually watch when she posts a new video.  Yesterday I watched this video and loved the background technique she used!  Although I didn’t nail it exactly, and mine ended up a little darker, I love the end result.  Sooo much texture and depth -layer upon layer of book pages Mod Podged down and then ripped off…..paint applied and then partially wiped off…..  It was hard to capture it in a picture.



I love the layers of color…..very subtle.  I’m not one to draw/paint faces so I didn’t even try to incorporate that part of her video so I chose to just draw and paint a butterfly.  The quote I saw on someone’s FB post yesterday too and it just seemed to grab me.  I can’t say I like how it turned out on the page, but it’s there and I’m going to leave it……all part of the learning as I explore this act of Letting It Go.  The colors of the butterfly are some of the same ones I incorporated into the background layers on the page.



I doodled, I outlined, I had fun with the butterfly.  This is one background I’ll do more of.   Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  As always, I do so appreciate it.




The Big Journal!!


This page was kind of daunting.  It’s done in an Art Journal that I received from a friend through an Art Journal swap I was in.  It’s beautiful and it’s big!  Each page is 11 x 14.  I started the background on this page about a week or so ago and just wasn’t feeling it and thought I’d ruined the pages.  I pulled it out this evening determined to make something out of it and grabbed my paints.  I’d seen a page on Pinterest where she’d stenciled some tree branches in the top corner and then had some bright ‘blotches’ to represent leaves.  It was done on this beautiful team and green background…..not what I had at all but decided to go with the concept of a tree and branches.  I free-handed the tree as I don’t have a tree stencil and then took a ratty old brush I have from the hardware store and started ‘pouncing on the paint.  I used a bright yellow, green orange and purple until I thought it looked okay.  I went over to the other page and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do!  I grabbed a plastic 12 x 12 sort of page topper thingy that I thought I could use as a stencil and started to dab paint onto it with some stipple brushes.  After I’d completed a few of the flowers I carefully lifted a corner of the ‘stencil’ to see what it was looking like…..ya, wasn’t liking it at all.  Off came the stencil and I grabbed a baby wipe and some wax paper and started to dab my various paint colors all over the two pages to try to pull together the few stencil patterns you could see that didn’t really look like anything.  I then went for my black Elmer’s Painters Paint pen and traced around the three flowers I’d tried to stencil.  I drew in some stems, vines and leaves and outlined everything in my white Elmer’s Painters Paint Marker.  Added my words from the sheet I’d printed out that Tracy had shared and it was done.  I like it allot better now…lol.



Kinda thinking I need something in the tree but can’t decide what….lol.  Or maybe it’s just okay as it is.  Either way, I kinda like it!

This is the biggest Art Journal page I’ve ever made as I’ve never done a double page before…..and ya, I choose my biggest journal to try it in.  LOL.

Here’s a couple of close-ups of each page…..






I’m on a roll….lol.  No idea what the next page is going to be…..starting to think more and more to start an idea book….hmmmm.




On a mission!


I had a friend share one of those thought-provoking inspirational ‘sayings’ on her Facebook page the other day and for whatever reason, it really hit a chord with me.  I instantly saved it…..printed it out….and then my brain started to work in overtime.  I had all these thoughts racing about in my head of how I wanted to make a journal page using this ‘saying’.  The problem was….it wasn’t really a saying so much as a bunch of words that to me created a very powerful saying.

1098456_368516826607665_588182759_n (1)

I decided I wanted to do a journal page for each word….or perhaps group a couple together.  This is what I came up with the other evening.


I’m not use to my head coming up with all these art journal page ideas…..not quite sure what to do with all the ideas!!  I should prob start an art journal inspiration book or something and writing these ideas down – or just continue to fly by the seat of my pants….LOL.  Either way, I have to say I honestly really LOVE this page!!  It actually turned out how I saw it in my head……SCARRY thought!


I’m so pleased with the way  my daisy turned out!  I have a new love of my charcoal pencil and have no idea why I never tried it earlier.  The addition of the black and white paint just makes the flower I think!

I’ve decided I need to try to find either a better brush if I’m going to continue to paint my lettering onto my pages…..or a finer white pen marker that I can use on my mixed media pages.  Until then, this will work…..I think.

I’m in the middle of trying to re-organize my craft space….and purge – BIG TIME!!!  I have sooooo much stuff down there I could open a craft store so ALLOT of it is going into boxes to be removed from this house one way or the other!  Wish me luck – I am the QUEEN of procrastination, however, that space is literally driving me crazy right now as I have NO room to actually go down there and create.  I’ve been sitting at my kitchen table with two big storage tubs next to me on the floor with my painting/mixed media supplies in them.  Not ideal I can tell you right now.

Until next time…..find your passion and go for it!!



The first brush stroke of paint.


This month a very good friend put out a challenge to me.   I’m looking at it as a bigger challenge than just painting a piece of art in an hour and a half.  Let It Go speaks to so many areas of my life……especially my art.  I even have a hard time calling it my art as to me it means I’ve already reached a level of talent to consider myself an artist.  That’s something for another day…  One thing I have to let go of is my own pre-conceptions around what makes someone an artist.  I purchased a pad of canvas paper from our local Dollar Store last year…..I also bought myself a beautiful Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal to use as  my art  journal.  This art journal sat for that year as I didn’t feel as though I was good enough or confident enough to apply paint to it as I might ruin one of the pages.  All the pages I’ve done over the past year were done on my individual sheets of canvas paper from the pad I’d purchased……that way if it didn’t turn out I could just toss it and nothing would be ruined.  When I really sat down and thought about that last week, I realized how ridiculous that thought process was, because a person’s art journal IS the place to practice new techniques, colors combo’s, or whatever it is you want to do with it and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  And a place to write down what it is you’re feeling that day.  So, I took a look at this month’s challenge and decided to Let It Go with my art journal and put that first stroke on paint into it.  And to my surprise……I think it turned out beautifully!


I used three different main colors…..yellow, orange and purple.  I don’t have expensive paints and use whatever I can find at our Dollar Store.  I had to mix a bit of red to my orange I had to tone it down a bit and not make it so neon…..and I had to mix my own purple as I didn’t have any…..but it worked!!  I also used my charcoal pencil for the first time and OOOooohhhhh man…..I think I’m hooked!  Really loving the look that pencil gave this page.  And I journalled about my struggle to ‘Let It Go’.  I painted my journalling free hand and I’m very happy with it.  I do think  I need to find a different brush if I’m going to journal with a brush….lol.   And I don’t know enough about brushes to even know what to go look for…..LOL.

So, there is it… brand new art journal is no longer a paint virgin…   I’ve taken the plunge and Let It Go and I’m so happy I did and over-whelmed with the result.





Let It Go/Color Challenge


I’ve probably started to write this post a half-dozen times already.  As you know, two of my favorite Mixed Media friends have monthly challenges/dares.  Each one is focused on getting you to try new things and just create.  Limor‘s challenge this month is a color challenge that can be found here.  I love the color pallet that was chosen and had fun with it.  I used some paint…..some Lindy’s Sprays and some texture paste, a few pages out of my old Dictionary and some Mod Podge.  Also, some paint pens for the doodling and quote.  Tracy‘s dare for this month is a Let It Go challenge where we had to create a page in under an hour and a half and just let go of all of our hesitations and over-thinking.  Her dare can be found here.

I have to admit both intimidated me.  I am still very unsure about my art and question and over-think everything I create.  I understand I’m new to the whole Mixed Media realm and am learning as I go along…..but create something in under an hour and a half using a certain color pallet?  Can you say sweaty palms and knot in stomach?  lol.  Another ‘new to Mixed Media’ friend and I were sharing some of our apprehension with another friend the other evening, and this is what she told us:  “One of the things I love about art ladies, especially art journaling is that this is the first place I re-teach myself and remind myself that whatever I make on that page is enough and it’s perfect. As mothers, wives, sisters, friends we question whether what we do or say is good enough so of course it’s going to show up even in the simple places such as art journaling.. We need practice the simplicity of just believing that whatever we create is perfect..and I promise you once you get that from your art you will start translating it in to other areas of your life…..”.  Such good advice……why is it that it’s so hard to put into practice?

Let It Go……a phrase that’s thrown around allot.  But, what does it really mean?  This month I’m hoping to actually try to define ‘It’.  I know one thing I have to let go of is my need for perfection and to just create for the sake of creating.  I personally don’t believe there is such a thing as perfection – unless you’re talking about God – which is another discussion for another day.  So, why do I strive to become it?  I don’t really have an answer for that right now…..but I do know I need to redefine perfect for me.

So, here is my page for this month’s challenge/dare.  I did manage to create it in one hour and 21 minutes!!  Woohoo!!!  As I usually do, I put it away last night not really sure I liked the end result and woke up this morning and deciding it was actually not that bad….lol.



Not bad for an hour and 20 minutes!  I love that quote and after I’d finished, I added the words to the hearts.

So, that’s it!  Me Letting It Go and just creating.  I’m so glad you decided to stop by again to read my post…..I honestly do appreciate it.  I’m off to pull out a brand new Art Journal I’ve had for over a year and finally drop some ink into it.



Yvonne.  :o)