Daily Archives: August 11, 2013

On a mission!


I had a friend share one of those thought-provoking inspirational ‘sayings’ on her Facebook page the other day and for whatever reason, it really hit a chord with me.  I instantly saved it…..printed it out….and then my brain started to work in overtime.  I had all these thoughts racing about in my head of how I wanted to make a journal page using this ‘saying’.  The problem was….it wasn’t really a saying so much as a bunch of words that to me created a very powerful saying.

1098456_368516826607665_588182759_n (1)

I decided I wanted to do a journal page for each word….or perhaps group a couple together.  This is what I came up with the other evening.


I’m not use to my head coming up with all these art journal page ideas…..not quite sure what to do with all the ideas!!  I should prob start an art journal inspiration book or something and writing these ideas down – or just continue to fly by the seat of my pants….LOL.  Either way, I have to say I honestly really LOVE this page!!  It actually turned out how I saw it in my head……SCARRY thought!


I’m so pleased with the way  my daisy turned out!  I have a new love of my charcoal pencil and have no idea why I never tried it earlier.  The addition of the black and white paint just makes the flower I think!

I’ve decided I need to try to find either a better brush if I’m going to continue to paint my lettering onto my pages…..or a finer white pen marker that I can use on my mixed media pages.  Until then, this will work…..I think.

I’m in the middle of trying to re-organize my craft space….and purge – BIG TIME!!!  I have sooooo much stuff down there I could open a craft store so ALLOT of it is going into boxes to be removed from this house one way or the other!  Wish me luck – I am the QUEEN of procrastination, however, that space is literally driving me crazy right now as I have NO room to actually go down there and create.  I’ve been sitting at my kitchen table with two big storage tubs next to me on the floor with my painting/mixed media supplies in them.  Not ideal I can tell you right now.

Until next time…..find your passion and go for it!!