Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

For a dear friend.


One of the hardest things we have to deal with is the loss of a loved one.  I have a very good friend who just lost her Grandmother who was 98 years old.  I don’t care how old your loved one is…..it’s never easy to lose them and have to say goodbye.  From what Tracy has said about her Grandmother, she left behind an amazing legacy and a family who is blessed, full of love and laughter.  They’re celebrating their Mother’s/Grandmother’s life this week in what I’m sure has been a roller coaster week of emotions as they share stories and memories.

Tracy is one of my very talented friends who does a weekly Ustream class for Mixed Media called Mixed Media Mondays and she also has a Facebook group called Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinsapfel Studios.  Recently Tracy has been sharing her love of doodling.  I was watching some YouTube videos this evening on Zen Doodles and did up a page.  I kept thinking of Tracy as I put pen to paper and decided to share my page with you.  It’s not an original page…..it was copied from a 4-part series on Zendoodling that I watched where she was teaching how to do up a sample Zendoodle page.  This is what I created….and loved every minute of it.



i can’t take credit for the designs……but I did have fun trying to recreate them!  I love to doodle….most of the time it’s nothing special, but I find it so very relaxing.

Tracy, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family this week.  I know this week will be a difficult one for all of you, and I also know that laughter and sharing is a big part of your family dynamics and I can just imagine the glue parents (her nick name for her parents…..long story…..lol), your brother and you sitting around the kitchen table….perhaps with a glass of wine….and just sharing, remembering and loving the amazing woman your Grandmother was.