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My cup is filled…


This month has been an exercise in ‘Letting It Go’.  Soooo much easier said than done…..but I’m making baby steps and the Art Journey has been SO worth it!   Do I still wish what I end up with was better…..yup, sometimes.  When I’m first finished it all I can see are what I perceive to be mistakes.  But each time…..when I step back and sleep on it or just close the book for a few hours….I come back and appreciate what I’ve just created.  I’m trying techniques for the first time actually IN MY JOURNAL and not on a loose piece of canvas in case I mess up and want to throw it away.  I have more ideas bombarding my mind than I have time to sit and paint.  I think I need to start an idea book.  I laid awake last night and couldn’t sleep…..I mean…..seriously?!  It was just one idea after another.   Will I likely get around to painting them all……maybe.  Will I remember what they all were for the next time I’m stumped and don’t know where to start….probably not….LOL.

I joined Tracy once again for her Mixed Media Monday free Ustream classes.  I decided to paint along with her this evening and for the first time, I did my own creation.  I had one of those ideas floating around in my head so I just went with it!  I also used an old credit card for the first time as my painting device and not a brush…..YIKES!!  I ended up using a brush just around the outer edges but probably wouldn’t have had to.  I also used my home-made texture paste and just slapped it on around the whole frame of the page…..again, something I’ve never done before.  I’ve always used a stencil to apply the paste.  I really like how it turned out and although it’s hard to really pick up, I love the ‘feel’ of the page when you run your hand over it.  I used some of my Lindy’s sprays to add color to the paste once it was dry and to add the drippage by unscrewing the spray head and shaking it over the page.IMG_2157

Then I’d hold up the book and tap it on the table to get the droplet to drip down the page while I was drying it with the heat gun.  The thing you need to do when you do this technique is, be sure to screw the spray heads back onto the bottles when you’re done!!!  Ask me how I know this…..I had a little puddle of green spray ink spill onto my completed page as I was putting it away.  A quick grab of the paper towel and it was mopped up and no damage done.  You would think I would have learned something from this little exercise….you would think.  I go to pick up the pink spray bottle…..not as lucky as I was with the green one.  It tipped right over and landed away from my page….and ran under my computer.  I was able to grab it before the whole bottle spilled and got it mopped up with a paper towel as well.  Check it out!!  I think I have a pretty nice background for my next Journal page….I’ll just Mod Podge the paper towel to the page….lol.


I have some nice wrinkles goin’ on here that will look pretty cool and add some great texture to my page…..LOL.

After I had that all cleaned up I decided to do some doodling around my page.  I put a series of lines, circles, flowers, crosses, wavy lines all along the bottom.  It turned out pretty darn cool I think!!  Here are some close-ups of my doodling and the texture.  Oh!  I also used one of my texture scraper thingy’s that I’ve had forever and have never tried.

IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2152

Thanks for popping in once again.