Such fun today!


I found an old sort of notebook the other day and have been using it as another Art Journal.  I’ve had so much fun in this thing over the past two days. The pages are this sort of ugly yellow so a couple of layers of gesso are in order before I can use it.  I found a color combo I’ve really loved…, teal, purple…..on one page I threw in some yellow and on the other one some red.  I don’t know what it is about this book, but I’m finding I can just open it and start painting, or adding layers or book pages and I’m not over analyzing everything I put on the page.   I don’t know if it’s because it’s an old book with ugly yellow pages or what it is, but I’m not stressing over a page at all!   The first page I did was using one of the party napkins I used on my bigger journal page I posted the other day.  I gesso’d the page, tore the napkin and covered the page with pieces of the torn paper napkin.  I sprayed some Lindy’s onto it…..I grabbed a pen and did some doodling.  I’d also received my package with the 20 rolls of washi tape I’d won and I’d salvaged all the washi tape from the package she’d used when she packed it up for me….lol.  I was looking for an opportunity to play with it so I thought, what the heck…..and I just started sticking down the pieces of tape to the page.  They sort of matched (except for the hot pink ones) but I didn’t care.  I grabbed my black Pitt marker and wrote out “Doodle Fun” multiple times on the washi tape, using the designs on the tape for my lines.  It was fun!


The pages I did today turned out to be just as much fun and the second page has a few layers of paint on it as I was playing with stencils and chipboard letters to try to get it to look half decent.  The background of the page went relatively smooth and it wasn’t until I was trying to figure out what to do with the lettering that there ended up being MULTIPLE layers of paint on them.  I started out painting them teal….wasn’t such a good choice as they just blended into the background.   Then I thought if I added some yellow to the letters on top of the teal it would make them pop and stand out from the background.  Nope, that didn’t look too good either.  I added black paint to the edges…..nope.  Outlined them in white Signo pen….nope.  Decided to paint them purple instead….., okay and somewhat better.  Then I thought they too needed to be outlined in the white.  Then I thought if I colored them in very roughly with the white pen over the purple paint that would do it……NOPE…..worse!  Back to the drawing board and the decision to just paint over the white with the purple again and see about trying something else.  The first brush stroke was done using a brush that didn’t have much  paint on it and just gave it a rough coverage over the white.  LOVED it!1  Did the same to the rest of the letters……dried them and glued the suckers down before I changed my mind.  😉




The last pages color scheme kinda ended up being a no brainer as I’d used it to clean all the excess paint off my brushes or fingers as I’d painted the previous page.  When I saw all the colors I knew what I wanted to do with the page.  I grabbed some book paper, tore it and ModPodged it down  to the page.  Once dry, I took some of my green paint and just painted it randomly over most of the page.  I immediately took a paper towel and wiped away a lot of the paint to leave some of the book pages showing.  I dried it and moved onto the teal color.  Same with this one…..applied it straight to the page and painted over most of the page randomly, took a paper towel and wiped most of it off.  Each time this leaves some of the paint layers underneath showing through and is a very nice effect!  Then came the purple….same routine.  Once all the paint layers were completely dry, I took the black.  Now this is the step that’s the hardest for me to do with this technique!!!  You take the black paint and cover the ENTIRE page with the black!!  Right away, grab your paper towel again and start removing most of the black paint!!  This leaves the coolest page and is soooo subtle in its depth of color.  I added another piece of book paper for my journaling spot, very lightly gesso’d over the text and then did a very light dry brush over the entire page to give it a muted look.  I decided I wanted a bit more texture so I grabbed a strip of drywall tape and painted over it with the three colors of paints.  Then I decided I wanted some circles so I took some red paint and a toilet paper roll and made some circles.  A patch of punchenella dots in red and then more dots in the green at the top of the page.  I journaled using my Faber Castel Pitt Pen, took some ModPodge and covered the whole page.






I really love this page in particular.

Thank you for dropping by for this long post….lol  😉




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My name is Yvonne Gebauer and I'm a cardmaker and have just entered the amazing world of Mixed Media and am LOVING it!. I'm a wife, a mother to two grown boys, and a grandmother to 5 amazingly beautiful grandchildren which I have to say is really all it's cracked up to be and more. I work full time and am really starting to think that work is getting in the way of life!! I have a large crafting room and I'm my happiest when I have a group of friends get together in this room and just have a blast. Every once in a while we actually create something! Or, when I get a chance to have one of my grandchildren over to just let them play and create what they want with what I have in my stash.....which is allot. My craft room is my therapy room of sorts. My place to go and just be......

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