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Sunday’s with Sandee…..to size or not to size


This is week two of playing along with Sandee on her new weekly Sunday segment at Frosted Designs.   This week she was talking about sizing your paper before you paint on it.  What’s the difference to a page if you Gesso first or if you don’t.  I thought I’d give this little experiment a bit of a test on side by side journal pages.  The page on the left was Gesso’d and the page on the right wasn’t.  i used the same colors although the page on the left was done with mostly the negative of  the stencils I used (the top part of the stencil that collects all the paint/sprays)  I used a couple of the sprays from the Industrial Chic set and then a couple other ones.  I used Shabby Turbine Teal and Rusty Lantern Line from that set and then also added in some Mango Mania Flat Fabio and some Cheshire Cat Cherry Starburst from the Mad Hatter set.  I used a few of my own homemade stencils along with a couple my friend Eve from the Netherlands made for me.  The only thing I did different with the sprays as I added them was when I sprayed the Cheshire Cat Cherry on the page on the right I left it as is and dried it.  The page on the right I sprayed it onto a baby wipe first and then added it to the page through the stencil.  The page was already fairly muted so I didn’t want to chance spraying on such a strong red color directly on the page.  As you can see…..quite a contrast between the two pages.  I added a couple of stencil words and designs in White Acrylic paint.



Here’s some close ups of the two pages and a couple showing the incredible shimmer they each have.

IMG_2558 IMG_2559


Here’s a portion of the shimmery butterfly!





I tried to keep this post a little shorter…..I didn’t want Sandee’s mind to wander again…..LOL.

Thanks once again for popping in.