Daily Archives: November 11, 2013

Wax on……wax off


I love the title of this week’s video tutorial on Sunday’s With Sandee from Frosted Designs.  This is her third week doing tutorials for them and I think she’s rocking out the tutorials!!  I’ve really enjoyed playing along with her.  This weeks technique is very cool.  Take the piece of waxed paper you put on the bottom of your box you use to spray embellishments and use it in your art journal!!  Who would have thought?!  Sandee…..that’s who.  My mind just doesn’t think like that and I’m always so happy when I can find others who show me all these cool techniques….lol.  And once again, she give you two different ways to use it!  The first was taking a completely dry (and it MUST be completely dry to do this) spritzed piece of waxed paper and a blank art journal page, spray the inked side of the waxed paper with some water and press it into the page and peel it off.   The second way was to use the actual piece of waxed paper and adhere it to your art journal page.  Check out her video for the detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.  So, check out these two pages!  The one on the left has the background created using the piece of waxed paper spritzed with water and applied to the page…..the page on the right is the actual piece of waxed paper I used for the left side!  Such a contrast again!  I didn’t trust the way I’d adhered the piece of waxed paper to my page so I applied strips of washi tape to the edges just to be sure it stayed in place.   (The sprays I used where from Lindy’s Stamp Gang and I used Mad Hatter Mint, Jack in the Pulpit Teal, Caribbean Blue, Luscious Lime, Hibiscus Rose and Pineapple Paradise)



Here’s a close up of the page on the left……



I love the soft colors and almost water-color effect it gives.  I did learn you don’t need my spray on the piece of waxed paper and the next time I do this I won’t apply as much.  The wonky honeycomb stencil is from Deco Arts and is one of the ones Sandee picked up for me down in the US and mailed up to me. (along with one of the most beautiful prayer journals she makes and sells at the Art Mob where she lives).  

And here’s a close up of the page on the right…..



I came across my old Calligraphy pens, nibs and ink the other day and decided to dig it out and use it to write out the quote for this page. 

So, go over and check out Sandee’s video and play along.  This is one technique I’ll be playing with again for sure!!  (instead of just tossing out the pieces of waxed paper when I’m done with them).

Thanks for popping in, as always, I love having you!!  🙂