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I’m not a journaler…..

I’m not a journaler…..

I really wish I was an everyday, write in my journal kinda gal.  I am not and have tried to be so often, only to have the journal just sit there after a few days being ignored and feeling abandoned.   I was reading one of my friends blogs the other day and she just uses a page in a little art journal every once in a while and journals about her week….her day…..whatever!  There’s no pressure to have to have something written everyday and she has no rules about format.  The particular page she showed had a weeks worth of journaling recap on a two page spread and it looked awesome and also chronicled her week.  I decided to do just that.  Just write about my day when the mood hits me and forget about it if it doesn’t.  I had received some stencils from my mom and played with the flower one and also decided to see if I could incorporate some of the rolls of handmade sort of crinkly paper she’d also given me.  She has a friend that goes over to Thailand quite often and she usually brings back some home-made papers and embellishments when she comes home and shares some with Mom.  They’re very pretty.  Here’s what I came up with.  Not a fantastic page, but I like it none the same and it was perfect for journaling on!


I’d also received a new shipment of Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and decided to turn the page and just spray them down and see what happens.  I LOVED the background it was creating.  I have some book paper scraps where I’d used some alcohol inks on top of a leaf stamp to make some fall leaves and ended up not using them.   I randomly tore them up and ModPodged them to the page.  I continued to spray, add some water to blend them together and sprayed some more!  One of the colors I received was the Toto’s Tornado Black Flat Fabio and was trying to figure out a way to try it without covering up the whole page.  I took one of the stencils I cut myself on my Cricut of random letters.  I also decided to write out some positive affirmation words within each of the letters on the left page from the letter stencil I used.  I like how the original background still shows through the letter stencil.  I did the same thing on the right page and then traced around each letter to define it more.  I love the odd spot of red poking through from the leaves I started out with.


Here’s a close up showing some of the words and a better view of the background poking through the black.


The Lindy’s sprays I used were the Jack in the Pulpit Teal, Caribbean Blue, Luscious Lime and Toto’s Tornado Black.

Thanks once again.  :o)