Daily Archives: September 15, 2014



Over on Sandee Setliffs FB group, Mixing It Up Everyday, her challenge for this month was to ask ourselves where we were that day and then do a journal page about it.  I will never forget that day.  I had just got home the night before.  I had just buried my Dad who had passed away.  I was still trying to process that and come to terms with it.  I woke up to the radio alarm with the news reports already flooding every media form.  A plane had just flown into the World Trade Centre.  Even though I’m a Canadian, our border disappeared that day and the days that followed.  What?!!  WHY?!!!  My heart sank even lower.  How do you even begin to process such an event.  How do you even begin to make sense of it.  My Dad passing away had a reason.  There were events leading up to it……it made sense.  It didn’t make it easy to process and my heart was aching.

This page wasn’t about the products used for me.  It wasn’t about who’s store I’d purchased them at. It wasn’t about tags, comments or how many hits I get.  It wasn’t about ability.  I KNOW this isn’t my best page…..I’m just not a painter and that is PERFECTLY fine.  This page is about the emotion of that day and the days that followed.  It’s about what came out of both events for me.  As nations coping….. and as a family coping……

We prayed.

We rose above.

We came together.

We reached out.

We loved.

We prayed…….