Skype play date with some Tres Chic!

Skype play date with some Tres Chic!

I had a Skype date with my good friend Limor.  The intent was to work on cleaning up our studio’s……ya, that kinda didn’t happen…  She played with some of her new supplies and I played with my Lindy’s…  I played with my Tres Chic set and I mixed up the color shots too.  Mmmmm……mmmmm…..yumminess!!!  I ripped up some Prima Cartographer paper for my base and then started to spray and paint.  I grabbed two of my favorite stamps from Limor’s store….the Stamping Bella Love Notes and my Indigo Blue Bubbles Background to add some more texture and depth to the page.  i cut out some hot air balloons from the same Prima paper collection and just started to put stuff down. Added some Prima metal hardware, a few Tim Holtz rub-ons, did some shading with my Stabilo All pencil. (BEST pencil EVER!!!) Kinda happy with this page.  All the supplies I used were once again purchased from Limor’s amazing store, Limor Webber Designs.

I think I’m safe with the amount of words I used so far to keep Sandee reading to this point……right Sandee?!!  Now, here’s the page:


Here’s a few close up’s to show you the yummy colors and some of the texture I was able to achieve with the stamps and shading:  (still with me Sandee??)

IMG_3644 IMG_3643 IMG_3642 IMG_3637

So, there you have it.  Until next time….. ❤




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  1. This came out awesome! I love the stamping, the colors, the balloons, the shading and wow you are a good fussy cutter!! Nice job.

  2. This is the best…. Love the colors and the whole page Wow.. Showed Owen this morning.. He said” So that is why she was cutting out balloons” He was impressed… (Owen being Yvonne’s 5 years old grandson,) Love the texture too.

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