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Less is more?

Less is more?

Limor had some great techniques she shared with us this evening on her free Ustream class.  I’ve always struggled with leaving white space and Limor did this one double page where she only used ink, did no shading and there were lovely ink splatters made with a can of Dust Destroyer….lol.  I decided to use my Liquitex Extra Fluid acrylic’s for this. I used Yellow Medium AZO and Vivid Lime Green  I put drops of ink down, took my canned air and blew the ink around…..right off the page and all over my desk at one point….ooppsss.  It’s a pretty easy technique and looks very cool.  At one point I thought it would be cool to use some of my Izink’s in Citronella and found out very quickly it doesn’t ‘splatter’ out like the fluid acrylics.  It’s very thick and although has a beautiful shimmer, it just turned into a big ‘blog’ of ink that doesn’t move anywhere….lol.  I should have stopped adding ink dots and spraying them out before I did, but it was still fun!!  I also used one of my Dina Wakley stamp sets for the first time too called Scribbly Birds.  I love this set!

Here’s a close up of the ink splatters…


Here’s what the finished page looks like.  I honestly had such a hard time resisting the urge to grab my background stamps, my Stabillo All pencil and add a bunch of shading and depth!.I took my bright yellow Gelato and went around the edges of the pages just to tie the whole thing together.IMG_3776

I really do love the vibrancy of these fluid acrylics.  They dry quite quickly and are water resistant once dry.

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