Paint swatches?

Paint swatches?

Soooo, what do you do when you have a BIG box full of a hardware store entire line of old paint swatches??!!  You offer some of them up on a FB Happy Mail group, and then you start looking for ways to incorporate them into your own art work of course!!  I have a homemade art journal I put together using brown paper bags and big legal sized envelopes.  I’ve been using this journal for those wild and crazy ideas you come up with and have absolutely no idea how they’ll turn out or what they’ll look like.  So far, the entries into it have been pretty hideous….lol, but this evening I don’t even really mind this one!  It’s not fantastic, but it’s still pretty cool!

I started with a page I’d been using to slap down any extra paint I had left over on my palette after other mixed media projects, so it really was a mod podge of all colors that didn’t necessarily compliment each other.  The plan was to use it as a base for a background so I wasn’t too concerned with colors or placement when I did it.  I grabbed a couple of stacks of swatches and picked out a few I thought would go with the page.


I adhered each one to the page using Gel Medium……


Now this is the part I always forget to take pictures of as I go along!!!  I start creating on the page and just zone out the rest of the world and what I was planning on doing.  So, what I did was i took my big 12×12 Prima Bamboo stencil, some Faber Castell Whipped Spackle and covered the whole page with the stencil.  I then grabbed 4 of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and started adding them randomly to the page over the stencil to tie all the colors together that were poking through beneath the stencil.  Once that was done and dried, I took a flower stencil by Plaid Folkart and sprayed it with my black LIndy’s spray.  I used my Craftsmart white paint pen and outlined the edges of the stencil image to make the flowers ‘pop’ off the page.  Here’s the finished page…..


I keep looking at it thinking it needs more but can’t think of what to put on it without it looking like a hot mess and overly crowded.  Here are some close-ups of the texture and colors underneath!




That’s it!!  Easy peasy…..quick and really no thought going into it…..just doing.

Let me know what you think……can I add anything else to it without going overboard?



About mycraftingtherapyroom

My name is Yvonne Gebauer and I'm a cardmaker and have just entered the amazing world of Mixed Media and am LOVING it!. I'm a wife, a mother to two grown boys, and a grandmother to 5 amazingly beautiful grandchildren which I have to say is really all it's cracked up to be and more. I work full time and am really starting to think that work is getting in the way of life!! I have a large crafting room and I'm my happiest when I have a group of friends get together in this room and just have a blast. Every once in a while we actually create something! Or, when I get a chance to have one of my grandchildren over to just let them play and create what they want with what I have in my stash.....which is allot. My craft room is my therapy room of sorts. My place to go and just be......

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