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I must really love butterflies. ;)

I must really love butterflies. ;)

Day 3 of our #90-day blog challenge!! Last evening we had all the family over for supper.  Our oldest son finished his last year of electrical school and thought it would be nice to have everyone over to celebrate.  We also had two of our 5 grandchildren stay for a sleep over which is always fun.  They even ‘helped’ us rake leaves for an hour or so.  I love having my grand-babies close…..so very blessed.  I do have to say, yard work is NOT something I enjoy and my body is so totally with me on this one at the moment.  My 55 year old body is really NOT impressed with me right now and is doing everything it can to let me know it too…..which I so appreciate.  (my oldest grandson likes to remind me quite often, “Grandma, you’re two 5’s, right?”)  I’m feeling more like two 8’s right now I think….lol.  Ibuprofen in most certainly my friend this evening…..and my ice pack.

I recently connected with a friend from town again a couple of months ago.  We’d met through a mutual friend and when that friend moved away we kinda drifted apart.  She found me through one of my Facebook groups called Journaling by 5’s when she was watching one of my video’s of the process.  She messaged me on FB and I can’t even tell you how happy I was to hear from her again…..and then to find out she’s a fellow Mixed Media artist was the icing on the cake.  We collaborate wonderfully together and have allot of fun when we get together.  We’ve been meeting probably once a week ever since.

She had found either a blog post or a YouTube video that was talking about Journal Prompt cards.  She immideately grabbed hold of the idea and just flew with it.  She made up a complete 52 deck of cards with 52 different journaling prompts on them to use whenever she had a creative block…or just because to change things up.  Well of course we had to give them a trial run!  She dealt out 5 cards for me and over to her place with my supplies I headed.  These are the 5 cards I received that evening:

2015-04-12 20.04.41

Now, I’d seen Karen’s set of Inktense Blocks, however, I’d never used them before so I was kinda happy to get this card.  WOW……Those blocks are so much fun and indeed intense!  I started my page out with some metallic paint I had that was actually suppose to be used to create a mirror effect.  Not so much on paper, which is what I wanted but with the metalic look.  I adhered some torn strips and pieces of under paper to the page and then took the Inktense blocks and used them as is….with water……through stencils……..with a stamp.  I took a butterfly mask I have and cut some circles from a sheet of light cardstock and then painted the background white, except where the circles and butterfly mask was.  Did some black pen work around the masked shapes and then added some of inktense block to some of my Faber Castel Whipped Spackle (my favorite paste medium.  ❤ )  and mixed it up.  Is there anything these blocks can’t do?!  Colored the spackle beautifully.  A few black ink splatters and some drippage and I called this puppy done!




This was a very fun page to do and I believe it was not too long after that I went onto Amazon and purchased a set of my own.  I added some black pen work around the masked images and of course outlined the entire page with my Pitt Artist Big Brush pen and blended it in.

As always, I very much appreciate you stopping by and always appreciate any comments.  Have a blessed day.

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Hope you have a most fantastic day!!