Paris anyone?!

Paris anyone?!

I’ll be skimming under the wire with my day 4 post!!!  Forgot to do it up last night and post date it…..ooppsss.  So, I mentioned my Art Journal prompt cards my friend did in my last post and then naturally I had to make up a set as well!  We were at our cabin a few weeks ago and I needed some inspiration to create a page.  I dealt myself out 5 cards and then sat and looked at them…..oh boy.  I dealt myself out some doozies, so I thought.  Check them out!


Really?!  I decided to take the leap and give the prompts a try.Have you ever tried to apply gel medium to a page with your fingers and then try and adhere a napkin to the page with those said gel filled fingers… make for some good comedy I”m sure….if it wasn’t me struggling!!!  I also added a layer of a couple of magazine collage items and while everything was drying I proceeded to peel the multiple layers of gel medium from my fingers.  I used my favorite stencil, my bricks and tinted the Faber Castel Whipped Spackle with some grey Gelato to add another layer of texture.  Some light shading with my grey charcoal pencil, some highlights on the brick with a lighter grey Gelato to give the bricks a more dimensional look.  Stamped my image onto cardstock, inked the edges and ta daaaa!!!  A finished art journal prompt page.  🙂

Here it is!




I really like how this page turned out…..all in shades of grey.

That’s it for day four of the 90-days of blogging challenge.  So far so good!!

As always, I thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by and love hearing from you while you’re hear.  Feel free to follow me if you don’t already.  And be sure to check out the other girls blogs who are playing along.



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About mycraftingtherapyroom

My name is Yvonne Gebauer and I'm a cardmaker and have just entered the amazing world of Mixed Media and am LOVING it!. I'm a wife, a mother to two grown boys, and a grandmother to 5 amazingly beautiful grandchildren which I have to say is really all it's cracked up to be and more. I work full time and am really starting to think that work is getting in the way of life!! I have a large crafting room and I'm my happiest when I have a group of friends get together in this room and just have a blast. Every once in a while we actually create something! Or, when I get a chance to have one of my grandchildren over to just let them play and create what they want with what I have in my stash.....which is allot. My craft room is my therapy room of sorts. My place to go and just be......

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  1. I love it. I think the black and white is different from anything you normally see. I bet you were a mess LOLOL Great page tho!!

  2. I always get everything all over my hands.. They always multi coloured and covered in glue on most of the projects that I do.. That’s when you know you have put extra feeling into your pages.. 🙂

  3. I do love monochromatic shades and this turned out so well. Ha ha with the gel medium…. That would have been a challenge in itself.. would have been nice to be a little bird watching…. !!! Love it

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