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Sassy or sexy?

Sassy or sexy?

Day 5!  I can see this is definitely going to be a challenge….but in a good way I hope!!  I’ve been having some fun with my Art Journal Prompt Cards I made and decided to have Karen Burchill join me again for another round.  She dealt herself out 5 of her cards before she came over to my studio and I did the same.  I apparently like to work with only my fingers as I dealt that card out to me again….lol.  Bring on the Gel Medium!!.  The one that really had me a bit worried was the one that instructed me to turn to page 29 of the first magazine I found and use an image from that page.  Did I luck out!!  Here’s the cards I was dealt:


Colored paper towels I have lots of as I always keep them.  Couldn’t find my cheese cloth so I went and grabbed a gauze bandage from my first aide kit…..shhhhh.  Spent some time peeling Gel Medium from my fingers again….kinda getting good at it!  Karen gave me the idea of adding the color to her eyes and lips and I love it!!  Oh!  And to the wings as the white gauze just didn’t have enough oomph to pop from the page.  I quite like how she turned out….a little sassy sexy maybe?  LOL.  Here’s the completed page:




Sooooo……what do you think?!  Sassy?  Sexy?  Creepy?!!

Thanks for popping in……I’d love to hear from you.



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