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Background marathon…

Background marathon…

Day #7 in our #90daysofblogging. Tonight I had the pleasure of heading over to my fellow mixed media artists friends house and we had fun playing with our supplies we haven’t used for awhile….or ever in some cases as we made a bunch of tissue paper backgrounds.  I grabbed stencils I’d made on mu Cricut about a year ago that I’ve never used yet along with I think most of my Lindy’s sprays….some of which hadn’t seen the light of day in some time.  I think my fingers will be a dark sort of blue, brown, red color for a couple of days!  I found out I have some pretty cool stencils!  I played with combining some colors and then I had a go with my new Inktense Blocks…..didn’t get the effect I was looking for.  They don’t really move around and blend out like a water color crayon…..but I did get a better effect when I sprayed my craft mat and then colored directly onto the mat and then placed the tissue paper over top and scrunched.  It’s a very subtle piece but very pretty none the less.  Karen had some black tissue paper that we decided to play with…..Oh My Goodness!!!  Such cool prints with that and my Lindy’s spray set called Winter Wonderland….amazing shimmer!!!

Check it out!!


Each one has some great properties and I’m not really sure which is my favorite!  Here are some close ups so you can see that amazing shimmer in these sprays!




I was really having fun with the black tissue paper…..i think I may owe Karen a few sheets back…lol.  I did some layering of stencils…..flipped them over and did reverses of almost every one of them.  Use allot of stencils and had a blast.  I’ll just post the pictures of the backgrounds I created this evening…


Used some of my Caribbean Cruise set on these two….along with a few others.  Subtle but will make for a nice start to a background.



On these ones I think I almost like the reverse of the stencil better!!


The bottom one is the one with the Inktense Blocks and the top one is also with the Blocks but with a couple of ‘found’ stencils using things from around the house and my Jack In The Pulpit Teal…..GORGEOUS color and so full of shimmer!! Check it out!



Yummy!!!  And of course, what do you use to mop up all the excess spray…..coffee filters!!  Those puppies have a few layers on them…..more great supplies to add texture and color to a page!


Well, this has been a pretty picture intense post…..I guess if I would have been smart I probably could have got about 4 posts out of these…..ooppsss……lol

Well, thank you so much for sticking with me…..I appreciate it so very much.  Please let me know you were here. ❤

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Till tomorrow…..



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