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Fall page with White Birch Trees

Fall page with White Birch Trees

Day #8……I have 43 minutes to get this typed up and submitted!!  Pfft……no problem!

I saved one of those little pull out booklets that come in magazines sometimes.  This one happened to be a little recipe book.  I decided I needed something little to create in and had seen others using magazine type papers to do their mixed media art on and thought….why not?!  If my memory serves me correctly, I think I did this for a challenge one month over in the Facebook group called Mixing It Up Everyday.  My good friend Sandee Setliff started it as a place for people to share whatever they wanted without worrying about rules.  It’s a fun group of women and if you haven’t checked it out you really should!

This was a fall based theme and I wanted to see if I could use my black gesso and create birch trees with some white paint.  It worked!!!  I colored some book paper with some of my alcohol inks and then punched out some leaves with a Matha Stewart branch punch that has little leaves on it……now, that was allot of leaves!!!  I also colored some chipboard letters with my alcohol inks and used some fall colored sort of puffy stickers I had that I didn’t think I’d ever use on anything as I’m not much for stickers….let alone the puffy ones!!  And of course…..some splatters.  Gotta love the look of splatters.  ❤

So, this is what my double page spread looked like!


Did I mention that was allot of leaves to glue on??


Lettering I learned from none other than Sandee Setlliff herself…..here’s a link to the YouTube video for her Wonky Letters.


I really like how this turned out.  It lead to other black gesso pages so it must have been a good experiment!!

Till tomorrow my friends…..Happy Mother’s Day!!  Please take some time to take a peek at my friends blogs as well.  ;o)



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