Day #12.  This was the last evening with my niece and her little guy.  He’s such a sweetheart and I’m going to miss them both!!  He’s such an easy kid to have around.  I snuck some snuggles and  pictures in and even got a bit of a smile….blurry picture of course….but it’s a smile!!

20150513_213143     20150513_213226    20150513_213234

I’ll get more snuggles with this little man in Sept…..although he’ll probably be walking by then and I’ll have to chase him down to get the snuggles.

The page I’m going to share today is one I did last year and was the first page I created in my little recipe booklet art journal.  It was my first kick at the can at trying to do a collage with magazine images.  I colored the background with acrylic paints and then started to pick out my images and finishing them off with some doodling.  This was a fun page to do and I quite liked it when it was all done.  Added some background stamps and some scribbles.  Did some shading with my Stabilo All pencil….



Even put a UPC symbol on the page….lol.  Some punched circles from one of my magazine pages.  There’s allot  going on with this page!!


It’s funny, when I look at this page I remember choosing the words and phrases to go on it and thinking they’d be my mantra.  To be “Extraordinary Everyday”.  That I was an “Inspiring Artist”.  I’d like to think I”m “Strong”.  I put a “piece of myself” in every creation I make.  And often, my page will “set the mood” for whatever I’m going through at that time.  Do I hit the mark everyday…..depends what my inner critic is telling me.  Sometimes I feel Extraordinary….sometimes not so much.  I think I’ll always be an Inspiring Artist….lol.  And I’m probably Stronger than I think.  Pretty fitting cover I think.

Okay, that’s it for today.  We’re headed off to the cabin this weekend with our oldest and his family so I’m thinking I should have lots to blog about this weekend.  Until tomorrow…..peace out!



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  1. sounds like a recipe already in use.. to a creative you… i want a magazine journal… 🙂 inspiring.. indeed you are.. lol cant wait for more pics with your precious grands.. and other fam members kids

  2. Love your page, I agree, you are everything in put on the front in quotes. That little one is adorable and you just can not get enough snuggles when they are that young.

  3. I think it’s a good idea to revisit pages like that, just to remind ourselves what we are trying to achieve…I forget sometimes, lol LOVE the pictures of that boy, he is a cutie pie!

  4. What a cutie.. Get your sneakers ready for next time you see him then. Your pages are awesome Yvonne I love the colours they are so striking. I did this myself today popped messages on my art journal page think its a great way to remind ourselves to just create and have fun.

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