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I had the great opportunity to take an art class this past weekend from the art professor at our local University.  Our Art Gallery in town received an amazing government grant to bring quite a few different fields of art classes to our community taught by some very talented local artists.  They had everything from pottery/ceramics to linocut printmaking, silkscreen printmaking, introduction to painting/developing painting skills and drawing with a paint brush (and other things).  I took the art ones and will be taking the drawing ones for the next two Wednesday evenings.  I sooooo thoroughly enjoyed these classes that it honestly wet my appetite enough to want to take MORE art classes!!  I’d love to take the University Art classes this professor teaches at the University, however, they’re on Thursday afternoons and I’m pretty sure my boss wouldn’t like it if I quit showing up for work every Thursday afternoon come this falls classes….lol.

Anyway, we were supplied with a paint medium which is called Gouache (gwash is how it’s pronounced).  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever painted with before.  It’s like an opaque water color…..but not really…..  I struggled with working with it for the most part and kinda made friends with it on Saturday afternoon when we had the opportunity to work on our big pieces of art.  I was on the fence with this one while I was working on it and finally had to quit as I was starting to make marks just for the sake of making marks.  When I got home I actually cut off both edge pieces as it was just too much and I liked it much better.  This is my first completed piece of art I actually love and will probably frame and hang in my house!


It’s very loose and abstract, but I really do like it and I guess that’s what it’s really all about at the end of the day.

Thank you all for your support…..I truly appreciate it more than you know.  As always, I love to read your comments/suggestions.





I had so much fun playing with the Vaseline technique Limor Webber taught us that I just had to try it one more time, but on a canvas this time. Here’s a link to her Ustream class where she taught us the technique if you’re interested.  Art Journaling With Limor Webber.  I wanted to do a quote type of canvas with this one and am a bit on the fence with it.  Not sure I should have put the faux screws on it….and if so, not sure I should have put paint on each one of them.  Oh well… more thing to tuck into the ‘things I’ve learned’ vault.  ;o)

I used my Liquitex Basics Acrylic paints for this and used the colors Burnt Umber, Bright Aqua Green, Unbleached Titanium and Titanium White.  I mixed a batch of the Titanium White with the Unbleached Titanium White to make a lighter shade for the last coat.  I hand-wrote out the quote using my Pilot PermaBall pen.  I attached some Prima Free Spirit Wood Embellishments and Prima Tiny Junkyard Findings screws.

Here are some close ups of the embellishments and the layers of paint:

IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817 IMG_3819

And here’s the final canvas.


There is a local new store in town that is specializing in antiques and vintage looking merchandise.  She’s asked me to bring her some canvas’s and she’ll sell them.  We’ll see how well the last two canvas’s I made sell…  It would be the first time I’d ever sold anything but a card.  Not going to hold my breath.  ;o)

Thanks for coming by again…..until next time.  Please feel free to leave me comments, as I do appreciate them.  ❤



Products used:

Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso

Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gel Medium

Prima Free Spirit Wood Embellishments (from my stash)

Prima Tiny Junkyard Findings (from my stash)



When it comes to my art I have allot of dreams. So many things I’d like to try.  I’m going to be one busy girl during my retirement!!

This evening I decided to try my hand at a canvas again.  I found a 12 x 12 canvas and had an idea…..well, sort of.  I knew I wanted to use my new Lindy’s Stamp Gang Under The Boardwalk sprays, I wanted to use the new Prima flowers I’d bought and I wanted to use my Prima Vintage Trinkets clock face.  Past that…..I didn’t have a clue!!!

I started by putting down some strips of drywall mesh tape and some strips of textured ribbon I’d received in one of my destash boxes from Limor.  I used my Gel Medium for this.  I knew I wanted to use my Prima Bubbles stencil as well so I didn’t want a lot of other texture.


I put a coat of Gesso over the brown lace and added another strip of white lace and then sprayed the canvas with the Orange Creamsicle, Merry-Go-Round Green and Tile-A-Wheel Teal.  I gave it a couple of coats and let the colors blend just a little and heat set it.


Then I added all my flowers and embellishments.  This was fun and just a bit intimidating at the same time.  Put them on….take them off…..add a little hear….remove a little there.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to a place where I’m confident in what I do….lol

So, here’s some close ups of the finished piece and some showing the texture of the canvas:

IMG_3808 IMG_3809IMG_3812

I do like the texture and depth to the canvas.  Here’s what the finished piece looks like:


Now I think I need another couple sets of those flowers….lol.  They’re just sooooo pretty!  I’ve got a list of products used at the end.  I always appreciate comments.



Products Used:

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gesso

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gel Medium

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle

Catalyst Shaper Tool “01 Mini”

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Under The Boardwalk Flat Fabio sprays

Prima Flowers (#577391)

Prima Flowers (#577384)

Prima Flower vine (#564506)

Prima Vintage Trinkets clock face (#960285)

Prima Resin Icons – white feather (#573355)

Prima Wood Icons – Birdcage, Bow, Pocket Watch and Deam (#576059)

Misc metal pieces from my stash and the flower and star chipboard (from my Pay It Forward package from Debbie Dunham)

Prima “Bubbles” Stencil Elements

2nd Canvas……

2nd Canvas……

Venturing into the land of creating a canvas is freaking scary!!!   This took me 4 days to complete and I doubted myself every step of the way.  Creating an Art Journal page is one thing…..but a canvas…..that I was hoping to be able to hang up once I had it completed.  YIKES!!!  I used a bunch of supplies from Limor Webber’s Store, with my newest favorite supply being the Liquitex White Opaque Flakes Texture Gel……I’m really loving this stuff!!  There’s a few layers to this piece and I  love the texture I ended up with!!

Here’s the completed canvas…..


I wish the camera would pick up the texture better.  I also inked the edges of the word “LOVE” in the bottom corner so it would stand out a bit more.  I used allot of Prima flowers & embellishments, some Fab Scraps. I Am Roses flowers, other misc embellishments from my stash and from the grab boxes I ordered from Limor’s store a while ago, random strips of paper along with some Tim Holtz Tissue Paperand of course my trusted Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays in Cotton Candy Pink, Toto’s Tornado Black and Golden Doublooms.

Here’s a few close ups:








So, there it is.  Going to sleep on it and decide in the morning if it’s going on a wall or not….lol.

Thanks so much for dropping in…..I very much appreciate it.





Making the old new again


This is leaving it to the last minute I tell you! !!  I created this for the challenge over on Limor Webber’s FB group.   She challenged us to follow the color challenge over on Lindy’s Stamp Gang blog.   This was an old canvas I’d purchased a few years ago and didn’t like it anymore.   I Gesso’d over it and covered the entire thing in lace and then added a layer of Gesso over the lace.   I used a few different colors of Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays:  Cheshire Cat Cherry,  T-bird Turquoise, Brushed Nickle, Toto’s Tornado Black.   Some Dusty Attic honey comb cupboard,  some Prima trinkets, butterfly and flowers,  some I Am Roses flowers.   I had fun putting this together.   Here’s what it looks like!


Here’s a few close ups.


IMG_2987 IMG_2986

I’m at a scrapbooking retreat this weekend and hope to get a few cards made tomorrow.

Thanks for popping in. ….I always appreciate it!


…from the discarded


Years ago my Mom and Dad use to make a lot of wooden ornamental type projects.  One of the things they use to make were these oh soooo cute little mini fences you could put in you flower bed with a little white picket fence…..a wooden girl with a straw hat and a watering can in her hand and a bunch of other garden type pieces on it.  Well, mine kinda fell apart after being outside for so many years and the only thing that really survived was the wooden house.  It sat in my flower bed for a few years and was getting very weathered.  Last year I went out and collected what was left of it and it ended up in the trash…..except for the wooden house.  It had no paint left on it… was very, very weathered and almost soft.  I immediately thought, “I could use this on an art piece one day!!”.  Well, it’s been sitting in my craft room ever since and I’d pick it up and look at it.  I’d lay it down on a piece of paper to see if I could figure something out.  And I’d put it away again.

During my evening perusal of my Facebook status’ I came across another quote, “Creativity is making marvelous out of the DISCARDED”.  The first thing that came to my mind was my little discarded wooden house.  I’d started to work on a canvas sheet about a month ago.  I’d torn pieces of designer paper and had attached it to the canvas sheet….painted over it…..stamped on it……sprayed some doilies to match it…and that’s where it stayed.  Nothing I did to that page made sense to me and nothing was clicking.  I grabbed my little worn wooden house…..took my new Gelatos and added some color to that weathered soft piece of wood.  I wasn’t even sure if the color would show up or just soak into the wood and disappear.  I put the Gelatos on dry and shaded them into the wood with my fingers…..and really liked the end result!  I sat and stared at that canvas and little colored piece of wood and could think of nothing to pull it all together.  Then I started to realize…..I needed to go to the “Master of Layering”… friend Limor Webber (check out her fabulous Facebook page here!!).  That woman can create and layer like no one else!  It just flows out of her.  I sat and watched a few of her YouTube videos to try to absorb some of her creativity…

Here’s what I created…..



I took a vine and cut it up like she loves to do…..I used all the left over pieces of wire and tore them apart into individual strips…..wound them together and added them to the bottom of the page.  I hand painted the flowers with one of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabio sprays called Hibiscous Rose so they would match the page better……I cut metal pieces in half so I could use both on the layout instead of having half of it hidden cause I tucked it in somewhere.  I Gesso’d the tips of the embellishments here and there to make them look more shabby.  I even layered the metal pieces….lol.  I fussy cut out some butterflies…..ended up only using one of them.  The paper line I used was from BoBunny and it’s called County Garden…..although it’s hard to pick up in the picture as it’s pretty much been covered in paint and Lindy’s sprays.   That’s also where the chipboard butterflies came from.  I also took my charcoal pencil and outlined all the pieces on the page to give them so definition and shadow effect.  The metal pieces came from Tim Holtz, Blue Moon, the local Thrift Store and Momenta.  Some came in RAK’s, some I bought and some I altered.  I had a lot of fun with this page…..tried really, really hard to let it go as I created……although that was much harder with this page….LOL.

Here are some close up’s of the rest of the page….

IMG_2162 IMG_2163

I have no idea why the next two pictures uploaded sideways…..and I can’t figure out how to rotate them in here.   You’ll just have to tilt your head to look at them……LOL


IMG_2160 IMG_2166


So there you have it……my own Limor inspired layered page.  As always….I’ll have to sleep on it to finally decide if I like it or not….LOL.  Till then, I’m outta here!!


Luv and huggsss,


Color my world


Hey there my blogging family.  I pulled out my paints again this evening and did I have fun!!  I didn’t look at Pinterest first….I didn’t look at anyone else’s art journal’s or canvas’.  I decided I would try to create something all from within my own little head.  I’d been thinking about rainbows and decided to go with that theme.  I honestly had soooo much fun with this one and just slapping down paint onto the canvas sheet.  I tried not to think about it too much and just go with it.  I was much more relaxed than I usually am when I paint, as far as what I was going to do, which really kinda surprised me as I’m always over thinking everything I do….lol.



I had alot of fun when I decided to splatter some paint onto the canvas as well using my fan brush (thanks Limor for that tip!) and when I was done….I realized a little lesson learned about splattering…..




—-don’t spatter paint next to your lap top with the lid open…..Ooppsss.  It’s a good thing acrylic paints wash off easily!  LOL.


I did some doodling on it as well to finish it off and yup…..I’m actually kinda liking it!  I used a stencil for the mail part of the title….but didn’t have letters big enough for the word Color, so I just free-handed it with a paint brush.  I painted all the letters on with white paint first and then went back over them with the black and the colors.  I traced around the letters with my Elmer’s Painters pens for the black and my Uni paint pen for the white.  I’m really enjoying these pens……once I figured out how they worked….I’m such a dork sometimes….lol.


I’m off to have a cup of tea before I go to bed…..thanks once again for stopping by….I very much appreciate it!




July’s creative Dare and July’s Challenge.


I know!!!  You don’t hear from me in months and BAM!!  Two posts in one night….lol.  I painted this canvas a couple of evenings ago and I’m not really loving it…..wasn’t even going to post it.  As I said in my last post, I’ve been following two amazing ladies on Ustream for some time now and each one of them has a monthly Dare/Challenge.  Tracy has what she calls a monthly Creative Dare and Limor has a monthly Mixed Media Challenge.  I painted this with the intention, at first, to enter it into Tracy’s Creative Dare which was to find one of her Monday Night creations she’s done and re-create it for ourselves.  Here is the original piece that Tracy did that inspired me to do mine:



It wasn’t until I’d completed it….decided I hated it……painted the canvas I posted in the last blog post…….read through the challenges again…..that I decided this was the ‘perfect’ piece for both challenges.  Limor’s challenge was to create a project that included a phrase/saying of something you want to remind yourself about you that you usually forget.  It was also to include stamps from unity Stamp company if we had any…..which I do not… I used my Tim Holtz Ultimate Grunge stamp set as background stamped images.




Having this feeling of perfection is something I struggle with allot…..especially in my creative world.  I constantly compare myself to other’s and their work and I never feel mine measures up.  It’s silly, I know, as the whole idea and reason I paint is to express myself…..not someone else.  The reason I create anything is because I truly love this creative outlet and is often therapy for me……and cheaper than an actual therapist. 😉  This is a canvas I did that I’m not totally in love with…’s been Gesso’d over a few times…..and I wasn’t going to even post it. Then I sat back and took a look at it again for the 100th time and read my quote again…..and yes…..the light came on. I didn’t love it because I ended up crowding my word ‘redefine’….. I didn’t love it because it’s got about 4 layers of paint on it….at least.  Then I looked at it as I read through the two challenge entry requirements and decided that it is perfect…..for me. I think the word ‘redefined’ being crowed to the edge speaks VOLUMES to my need for perfection.  It’s like it was meant to be just like it is.  The layers of paint….perfect as it’s added texture and dimension to the piece.   So, here is my entry for both challenges…… in all it’s perfection…..for me. 


I just have to add……I typed this all out……and kept second guessing myself over and over again.  I had the hardest time hitting publish on this one.  I think I’m too old to learn a new definition of perfect…..just sayin’.




Remember me??


Hello to my long lost blogging family…..I think I’m making my way back to the creative world….lol.  It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any time playing and getting all full of paint and ink and you have no idea how good it feels!!  I’ve been following two amazing ladies on Ustream and they’re sooooo stinkin’ talented!  This evening I decided to paint along with Tracy.  Tracy has a Ustream channel called twStudios and she has a free class every Monday night.  Check her out here!  The other amazing lady is Limor and her Ustream channel is called Limor 1806 Chic Scrapbooking Designs and Mixed Media Art and she broadcasts her free class every Tuesday evening……check out her channel here.


So, this evening Tracy did a page in her Art Journal and I decided to do a canvas.  I pretty much followed along with Tracy but did more doodling than she did and used a different title for my canvas.  Check it out……



I’m still struggling right now with finding my own creative mojo, however, it felt so good to just grab some paint and go that I think I’ll be trying one out on my own again soon.  I doodled around the edges of the canvas as well and wrapped the blue flower around.




So, there you have it.  It’s very bright and colorful…..not what I usually grab to work with…..but I have to say I kinda like the colors and may venture out into the world of new and different…maybe…


That’s it for this post.  Short and sweet.  I’ve missed all of you and I’ve missed blogging.  Let’s see if this kick starts me into creativity again.  Thanks so much for checking in…..I do SO appreciate it!