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Try it Tuesday #13

Try it Tuesday #13

Hello my blog reading buddies!!  I’m at my cabin for 2 weeks or R & R and loving it!!  It’s been raining off and on for the past three days so I decided today I needed to create!

If you haven’t already checked out my friend Karen Burchill Facebook group called, “All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady” the you really need to come and check us out.  Here is a link to her page. She does a bi-weekly prompt challenge called ‘Try It Tuesday’ where she gives us a list of 6 prompts to create from.  Here is a link to her YouTube video where she pulls the prompts and gives them to us, Try It Tuesday #13. This is my take on the TIT #13.  I had actually completed it ahead of time with the intention of posting it while I was at the cabin…..but left it at home!  So ya, nothing like doing a challenge twice!

I started by covering my re-purposed flash card with a layer of dictionary pages that had been colored using my left over paint in the foam daubers when I paint with my Dylusions paints.  I can usually cover a few dictionary pages with the left over paint when I’m done with them.  I also used all the odds and ends of pieces that were left over from punching circles, etc.  Here’s what the base looked like when I was finished.


I had my granddaughter pick out her favorite Crazy Bird stamp and I stamped it onto a piece of paper and fussy cut it out.  I laid it down on the card and took a brush and painted around the bird to leave a ‘masked’ image behind on the tag.  I then took the same stamp and stamped it into the space left by the mask so the bird would be on the actual card.  I found a quote, wrote it out on a piece of the colored dictionary page and adhered it to the card.  I painted the insides of the birds eyes to make them pop and outlined the quote and the edge of the card.  All done!!


So, here’s my challenge tag.  Now, to go create something with the grandkids…..wish me luck!

Thank you for coming along.  Until the next urge to write up a blog hits me…..take care my blog family!




Try It Tuesday – #10

Try It Tuesday – #10

I’m sure my blog is having a heart attack right now as it’s been neglected for so long.  Story of my blog life!!  I’m at my cabin for this week on holidays and therefore cannot edit and upload videos, so it’s back to the good old written and picture tutorial!!.  Sandee Setliff……you should probably just quit reading now….this is going to be a long one!  LOL

This will be a picture heavy post as I took progress photos along the way until I can get home and upload the video.

A very good friend of mine who lives in the same small city as I do has a Facebook group called “All Things Mixed Media – CreativeKady”.  Hop on over and join us.  She does a great job and we are a very active group.  She has a challenge she puts out every second Tuesday and it’s centered around 6 prompts.  She draws from the prompt sticks she created (you can find that video here ) and then posts the prompts and the link to her recorded video of pulling the prompts.  Here is the list of this Try It Tuesday:

  1. Use craft paint
  2. Use a napkin
  3. Use a background stamp
  4. Mythological or fairy tale theme
  5. Use salt technique
  6. Use a font you haven’t used before

I decided to do this prompt on my tags I’ve been working on.  I have a box of flash cards Karen gave me when she was sorting through her teacher’s supplies.  I’ve been having so much fun altering them!  I had paper towel I had used to mop up extra paint with and adhered it to the card with Gel Medium. Here is what I started with:


Next I sprayed down the card with some water and added some Red Purple acrylic paint by Amsterdam and them sprinkled some salt on it.  I allowed it to dry, and because I’m not the most patient person, I sped up the process with my heat gun.  You can sort of see the result….not what I was hoping, but I think it’s because of the paper towel background it was on.


And because I can’t waste any left over medium, I sprayed the extra paint with some water and spread it on the craft mat and then wiped it up with a paper towel…..another great background in the making!


Next, I adhered the napkin wings and my fairy girl to the tag using Mod Podge Gloss.  I wanted the wings to have the same gloss as the magazine girl did.


After tearing away the excess napkin and magazine, I outlined the wings with my Unibal Signo White Gel pen.  I love how it just made the wings pop!


And because I never do things in the right order or think ahead to determine what I want the finished product to look like…..I tried to add the background stamp in at this point.  It worked fairly good.  I used a makeup sponge and by gold paint and lightly dabbed it onto my script stamp and added it to the background around my fairy.


Next, I stamped my image onto a piece of tissue paper.  A little stamping trick I learned from Tracy Weinzapfel, always apply ink to your stamp and stamp it off onto a piece of paper.  Ink it up again and repeat onto a scrap piece of paper.  THEN stamp onto whatever you want the finished stamped image to be on.  As she taught me, ink sticks to ink!  So the more times you ink it up and stamp it off (just stamp it off once before re-inking) the better the image will stamp for you.  As you can see from where my pen is pointing, had I stamped that first image onto my tissue paper, I’d of been stamping it again as the one work didn’t stamp out clearly.


I tore out the sentiment as I find a torn edge will blend into the background better than a clean cut edge and I didn’t want the tissue paper to be all that noticeable.  I took my same gold paint and edged the entire card just to finish it off.  The sentiment stamp I used is one I’ve had for a long time and have never used…..ask Karen about that.  I have a few supplies I’ve purchased and have still never used them.  She is helping me get better at using what I have before I purchase more….sort of…


Thank you for coming along with my tag creation.  I’m off to finish the other side of this tag and then I can say I have another one complete!!

As always, I love to read your comments.  I’ll come back and add my YouTube video of this process once I get home and can edit it.


Yvonne.  🙂