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Try it Tuesday #13

Try it Tuesday #13

Hello my blog reading buddies!!  I’m at my cabin for 2 weeks or R & R and loving it!!  It’s been raining off and on for the past three days so I decided today I needed to create!

If you haven’t already checked out my friend Karen Burchill Facebook group called, “All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady” the you really need to come and check us out.  Here is a link to her page. She does a bi-weekly prompt challenge called ‘Try It Tuesday’ where she gives us a list of 6 prompts to create from.  Here is a link to her YouTube video where she pulls the prompts and gives them to us, Try It Tuesday #13. This is my take on the TIT #13.  I had actually completed it ahead of time with the intention of posting it while I was at the cabin…..but left it at home!  So ya, nothing like doing a challenge twice!

I started by covering my re-purposed flash card with a layer of dictionary pages that had been colored using my left over paint in the foam daubers when I paint with my Dylusions paints.  I can usually cover a few dictionary pages with the left over paint when I’m done with them.  I also used all the odds and ends of pieces that were left over from punching circles, etc.  Here’s what the base looked like when I was finished.


I had my granddaughter pick out her favorite Crazy Bird stamp and I stamped it onto a piece of paper and fussy cut it out.  I laid it down on the card and took a brush and painted around the bird to leave a ‘masked’ image behind on the tag.  I then took the same stamp and stamped it into the space left by the mask so the bird would be on the actual card.  I found a quote, wrote it out on a piece of the colored dictionary page and adhered it to the card.  I painted the insides of the birds eyes to make them pop and outlined the quote and the edge of the card.  All done!!


So, here’s my challenge tag.  Now, to go create something with the grandkids…..wish me luck!

Thank you for coming along.  Until the next urge to write up a blog hits me…..take care my blog family!




Live, Love, Laugh


Who doesn’t like a little graffiti every now and then?  To be honest, I hate it when property is defaced no matter how good the graffiti artist, unless permission was granted before they created their little piece of art.  What I do love about graffiti is the freedom and talent of these individuals!! Some of them are amazing at their craft and I’d love to see them create on a blank canvas instead of a building or some other form of real estate.  Now, I’m by no means a graffiti artist, however, I do love Limor Webber’s new set she created for Lindy’s Stamp Gang called Neon Graffiti.  The colors are down right amazing and as always, you can never go wrong with the Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays.  This particular set is a Flat Fabio, so no shimmer at all.

It’s a pretty straight forward page and you’ll have to check out my YouTube video oh how I created it and the journey this page took.  I’m in love with yet another of Limor’s signature spray sets.

So, here is the page.  I don’t have any close up shots of this one, so you only get one photo of this page.


Click here to watch the YouTube video on how I created this page.  There are a ‘few’ layers of spray on this one.

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Thank you so much for spending this time with me.  I look forward to our next visit.  As always, please feel free to leave a comment.  They always make my heart smile and I do my best to respond to each one.

Yvonne  :o)

“Storms make trees” Art Journal page

“Storms make trees” Art Journal page

Hello strangers.  I know I say this often….my poor neglected blog.  ;o)  I’ve been playing allot in my journal and have quite a few pages and canvas’s to catch up on.

This particular page started out with a bunch of very yummy texture.  I was at our cabin in the woods (I just love typing that…lol) and used my wall compound and a palette knife to apply the texture.


I had an initial idea to not cover the entire page with paint….to leave some white space….to have some of the text of the Tim Holtz tissue paper I used show through on the finished page.  Ya, I actually think it’s impossible for me to leave white space….lol.  Check out some of the amazing texture I achieved on this piece!!!


I truly love this page and hope you do as well!  Please check out this link to my YouTube to follow along on my process to create this page.  My Therapy Room.  Here’s the final result!


Thank you for taking the time to join me.  As always, I appreciate your comments and do my best to reply to each one.  Mwahhh.


Enjoy every moment.

Enjoy every moment.

Day #10!  I think there will be allot of moments to enjoy this week.  I just happen to have one of my nieces down for a few days with her 10 month old baby who is the cutest!  He’s definitely stolen our hearts this week.  He was greeted by all 5 of my grandchildren this evening……not sure if he wanted to run/crawl away or just lay there and play dead in the hopes they’d leave him alone!!  It was a very loud busy household for a couple of hours but he took it all in stride and never missed a beat…..even when he was being laid on by Dane to give him a hug.  This is my sweet little Great Nephew….


He had quite the fun afternoon with three of his cousins at the park and and sitting in the little battery operated quad.


And had a blast swinging and the rest of them driving the quad around the park.



By the time I got home from work they were inside and ready to eat!!  We went and picked up the last two grandkids and they all had a blast.  I wouldn’t trade the mayhem and volume for anything.


I know now a very interesting post to most of those who follow me…..but these little people are the most important little souls in my life……my art is a very close second….lol.

Thanks so much for checking in…..until tomorrow.



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55th birthday ‘year’ party and getting back to an Art Journal page…

55th birthday ‘year’ party and getting back to an Art Journal page…

Soooo…….what do you do when you’re put in a situation where you have an opportunity to spend the weekend with people you never hung around with in high school to celebrate your 55th birthday ‘year’ at a weekend party?? You make your husband decide if we’re going or not of course….lol!!   Then when he decides you’re going, what do you do??  You put a smile on your face and agree to go of course!   To say I was excited to be going would be a lie.  To say I was a little nervous and apprehensive about going would be an understatement. I wouldn’t re-live my high school years for a million dollars.  I’d survived the party we’d gone to 5 years before for the 50th birthday ‘year’ party without any scars…  Sooo, we went.  I can say with complete honestly I actually had a good time.  I got to know these people a little bit more.  It’s funny how your outlook on how you perceive people to still be after 35 years can change.  I only wanted to run away once and that’s when they were reading through the year book and got to my name…  But I made it through that as well and am now looking forward to our next milestone.  Here’s to another 5 years and our 60th in Palm Springs!!

Okay, so enough about high school…….it seems like it’s been so long since I pulled out one of my Art Journals.  I have to say it felt so good to pull out those supplies and just sit and let it flow.  I’ve been making allot of ATC’s lately, which have been fun, but my bigger pages is where I get my best feelings of just doing what I love to do. So, here’s what I created the other day with supplies from Limor Webber’s on-line store called Limor Webber Desings.    I used one of her new Lindy’s Stamp Gang sets called Tres Chic and used the sprays and a few of the embossing powders over Gesso.  Love, love, LOVE this set!  Here’s the page I created which I’m going to enter into the Lindy’s Stamp Gang monthly color challenge:



My inspiration for the page came from a YouTube video I watch by Maremi SmallArt located here.

Supplies used were:  Faber Castell Whipped Spackle, Prima stencil called Bubbles by Finnabair (no longer in stock), a couple of her background stamps from both the Dina Wakely Textures set and one of the Big Red stamps called Quantum Background.  All of these supplies are also available in her store and I added direct links to each product at the end of the blog post.  The black drips were done with some Liquitex ink! in Carbon Black that is also in the store.  The Prima bling I used I received from her in one of her destash grab boxes she sold along with the Prima flowers  and the Scrap FX and Fab Scraps chipboard used.  Here’s a few close up’s of the page:

IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3270


Thank you for stopping by.  It feels good to be creating again.  😉




Links to products used:


Lindy’s Stamp Gang Tres Chic Flat Fabio sprays.

Direct link here.


Lindy’s Stamp Gang Tres Chic Embossing Powders

Direct link here:


Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle

Direct link here


Catalyst Shaper Tool “01 Mini”

Direct link here


Big Red Cling Stamps – Quantum Background

Direct link here


Dina Wakley Media Textures stamp set

Direct link here


Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! in Carbon Black

Direct link here


Gelatos Double Scoop in Black Licorice

Direct link here


The Art of Whimsical Lettering


I always seem to go in spurts with my blog posts….lol.  I recently signed up on another Facebook group by Joanne Sharpe, as I had pre-ordered her book called “The Art of Whimsical Lettering” a few months ago and she was offering this page for anyone who’d purchased her book and she’s going to run a series of classes on it based on the book.  Allot of the people on the page haven’t received their books yet as there was problems getting them out from the distributors (mine included), but she started out with a simple challenge for everyone this week to simply create a page with the words “JUST BE” on it and anything else you wanted to incorporate.  I used a napkin I had on my desk and simply ripped it up and adhered it to the page using my Gel medium.  I love this napkin and love how it looks on this page.  The pages in this old notebook I’ve been using for a smaller art journal are actually a golden-yellow color and I usually Gesso over them before I work on them.  This time I was looking for some added color to the page as the napkin was black and with a bit of red on the border.  I love how it turned out and am really looking forward to this group.  I seem to have gotten myself into a few groups again, but I’ve decided I’ll work on what I can and if I don’t keep up to all the challenges and lessons on each page, it’s really no big deal.  What it does give me is some choices as far as a variety of things to work on depending on how the mood is striking me that particular week.  😉

Here’s the page I created for this weeks prompt:

IMG_2946I’m done for this evening.  I’m off to watch some TV with hubby before heading to bed.  Thanks for staying with me today…lol



March sketch challenge


This is completely out of my comfort zone…..and was most definitely a challenge for me.  This month on Limor Webber’s Facebook page, Limor 1278 Mixed Media Art Group, her challenge for us this month was to follow the colors in this months Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge found here and we were to sketch something……anything at all.  It’s one thing for me to draw out a simple flower…..but I decided if it was a challenge then I would challenge myself to follow Limor’s lead and sketch a face with one of my Sketch Sticks.  GULP!!!  I don’t hate her…..not sure that I love her……but I have to say I actually enjoyed the process!  I’d like to try more faces and I liked the charcoal pencil sketch on the colored background as I didn’t have to worry about face tones and shadows too much.  It’s a very loose sketch which I found lent itself quite nicely to my newbie skills….lol.  Here’s what I came up with…


The colors I used from my Lindy’s stash were:  My Mojito Green, Hibiscus Rose, and Caribbean Blue.

That’s it… to add this to the challenge album and page.  Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by.  I do so appreciate it.



Lindy’s Color Challenge


I am a paper napkin junkie……not gonna lie.  I love paper napkins and love finding ones with pretty images.  I was at a friend’s house a few weeks ago for a jewelry party and she had out the cutest napkins!  I of course made sure to snag a few of them when I left cause you just never know when you have that perfect project to use one on!!  I decided to do up a page for the Lindy’s Stamp Gang monthly color challenge for the month of October – found here –  and so this was the time!  Here’s what the napkins looks like before I tear it apart and add it to a page….


And this is what I looks like once it’s pealed…..ripped…..glued and sprayed over onto a page.  I used these sprays:  Tea Pot Purple Starburst from the Mad Hatter set, Mango Mania Flat Fabio, Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio, Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio from the Mad Hatter set, and Caribbean Blue Flat Fabio.   I used two of my Faber Castell Pitt pens (the fine tip and the brush tip) and my Unibal Signo white pen.  I also used three of my home-made stencils….one of which came from a friend in the Netherlands.  Thanks Eve!!  A few layers of sprays…..some texture using some home-made texture paste prior to adding any of the colors, some stamping and some doodling.  Here’s what it looks like now:


Check out the shimmer from the Tea Pot Purple Starburst spray… it!  Lots of doodling using the Pitt brush pen and my wonderful Signo white pen.  Some drippage using the purple, blue and some watered down black acrylic paint.  A lot of the doodling was simply drawing over top of the designs already in the paper napkin and just enhancing them.  Some I added myself.  I had fun with this page and here are some close-ups of the page showing some of the texture I created using the stencils and some paste and the shimmer and depth of color again.  It’s sometimes hard to pick it up on a photo.





A fun page… journaling…..just playing.  A fun page to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by……I love the company!  😉





I’ve been wanting to learn how to draw faces for some time now.  I’ve watched numerous YouTube videos and didn’t really like the results I was getting.  Then I heard about Willowing,ning.  Check out her site here.  Tamara is an amazing artist and person and her free class called “Art, heart & Healing” will take you on a step by step process on how to draw a face.  In order to get to her list of classes you have to sign up to her page and then there’ll be a tab called Free Classes where you’ll find it.  This is what I was able to draw last night and although I do have room for improvement, I was sooooo pleased with the results!!


As always when I try something new, I’m always reluctant to try it in my big Art Journal and so I grabbed a small handmade note-book I put together with some water-color paper in it that I take along with me to doodle or water paint in.    I have to practice more with shading in and light sources, but I can honestly say I love her as my first attempt!!  Tamara truly is amazing and I encourage you to try along with her as well.  Here’s a couple close-ups of her face…..I even included my word of the year under her eye as Tamara suggested.





I don’t have a large selection of water-color crayons and didn’t have the colors she used…..but I made do with what I had and am pleased.  So, now I want to grab my big journal and play with this on a larger scale…..YIKES!!

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to pop in on me.  I do really appreciate it!



Summer fun…


I decided to enter a Faber Castel challenge where the theme was summer memories.  I’ve had a set of Gelato’s for a few weeks now and have played with them once before and absolutely LOVE the silky feel of them and how easy they are to use, blend, drip, color with!  I decided on three main colors of the yellow (for the bright sun we enjoy all summer), green (for the grass and trees) and blue (for the beautiful blue waters of the lake).  One of my favorite things to watch during the summer are the butterflies.  I could sit and watch them for hours…..if they would just sit still in one place for that long!  I used some of my Tim Holtz tissue wrap I’ve had for a while that I received from a good friend in a goodies swap.  This is the first time I’ve used it and I love this stuff!!  I can see if coming out in a few more projects in the future.  🙂  I colored in the butterfly on the tissue wrap with my orange and pink Gelato’s.  (Have I mentioned how much I love these things?!)


I have the tropical set of Gelatos and love the colors in this set.  Check out how they blend and mix together to make this yummy drippage on the page!  I love that butterfly!  And of course, the charcoal pencil came out to do some shading around the butterfly, the strip of tissue wrap and around the outside of the page.  I took some of my background stamps and randomly stamped them on the page too.

IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2259

I also used a couple of my stencils, a flower one and a random circle one to ‘remove’ some of the color from the page to make the design in the Gelato colors.  Pretty cool technique I learned from none other than the fabulous Limor Webber!!

Thank you so much for stopping by again…..I sooooo appreciate it!