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Learning to grow….


We came back to our little piece of paradise again last night.  Our cabin really does feel like a retreat to us.  One more night before we have to head back to reality….::sigh::

I received some happy mail a while ago from a very sweet friend I met on Facebook – Eddyth Andy Watson (also known as Andy).  She offered to send me a hand made flower stamp she’d made along with some foam alphabets that I’d really like to try and figure out how to make into stamps as well….lol.  There was also a little box full of graffiti type heavy embellishment stickers that I just LOVE!  I wanted to play with both and grabbed for the stickers first.  They had awesome colors to play with and decided I’d try my hand at ‘painting’ a complete background using only a credit card as my brush and trying to incorporate the colors from the stickers.  Well……I sort of succeeded……sort of not.  It ended up being one of those pages that was…..well…..busy when I was done….LOL.  I’m not too sure about it.  Kinda like it….kinda get dizzy looking at it.  I did find the perfect quote to put on the page though!

IMG_2238 (2)

“An essential aspect of creativity is  not being afraid to fail”.  There was a time not too long ago that this page being in my actual Art Journal would have bothered the heck out of me!  Now…..I look at it as a learning opportunity of what not to do next time!  LOL  I do have to admit I loved doodling all over it though!  I find my zen-doodling very relaxing and almost meditative.  It definitely takes your mind off of anything you may be worried about or bothered by at the moment as you’re concentrating on the doodle so much that your mind really doesn’t wander a whole lot.  Here’s a close up of some of the texture too.  I started out by literally grabbing every piece of scrap paper I had on my work-space and adhering it down!

IMG_2240 (2)

Once I was done with this little experiment, I took that daisy stamp and some book paper….a couple of Lindy’s sprays and went to town!  I started out by drenching my page with my Caribbean Blue and Luscious Lime Lindy’s sprays and then letting them combine and drip to their hearts content!  I kept adding layers until I was happy with the results.  Then I took my book paper, some yellow paint and stamped my little daisy stamp from Andy.  I LOVED them!!  This is such a cool stamp and I know it’s going to be one I’ll be gravitating too allot in the future.  You rock Andy!!  🙂  I also added some book page leaves that I painted a lime green….although they kinda look yellow…..oh well.

IMG_2247 (2)

I hand wrote out the quote which I think fits perfectly with the page.  I used my charcoal pencil around the flower, the leaves and the edges of the page.  I doodles some swirly thingy’s and TAA DAAAA!!  This page makes me very happy with I look at it.

Check out that drippage and spray splatter I also added.  :o)

IMG_2249 (2) IMG_2250 (2)

Okay….I’m off to go and help hubby clean out our shed before winter.  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!




Should have done a canvas!


Having an idea and getting it onto a page are sometimes two totally different things!  This months challenge over on Limor‘s Facebook group, was to try a technique you’ve never tried before……and to use a sketch…..which I kinda forgot that part.  So, I’ll have to do another page for the actual challenge, but I had soooo much fun creating this page!!!  Once I got it all done, I looked at it and realized I should have done it on a canvas instead of in my Art Journal with all the layers I added to it.  Oh well… I’ll just have a thick and bulky Art Journal!  I used texture paste and a mesh bag that some fruit came in!  I was sitting at work the other day and all of a sudden this thought came to me for an Art Journal page.  I’ve been keeping most of my mesh bags from my fruit thinking there must be a good use for these in my Mixed Media Art……someday.  LOL.  First I started with a bunch of patterned paper that I just tore into strips and glued down with my ModPodge.  Then I attached a strip of the mesh bag to the page with ModPodge as well.  That wasn’t as easy as I’d pictured it to be in my head, but I did get it to work.  One word of caution thought if you choose to dry it with your heat gun….the mesh bag will melt!  Ooppsss.  Once it was dry I took my texture paste and my palette knife and just gobbed it on all over the page very randomly.  I made it very thick in some places trying to fill in the mesh bag and not so thick in others.  I also added it to spots all over the page over the paper I’d already adhered down.  This step took some time to dry as the texture paste was pretty thick in some places.  Then I grabbed some of my Lindy’s sprays and just went to town! The colors I used were Bluebeard Blue Violet, Incandescent Copper, My Mojito Green, Burnished Brass and a little bit of Rudolph’s Nose Red.  Then I grabbed my image and tore the edges and adhered her down with more ModPodge, dried it and took more texture paste and applied it randomly around the edges of that too and then dried it.  Added more sprays and then started layering some of my embellishments.  Once they were down I took a piece of water-color paper and sprayed it with some of my sprays so it would match my page and wrote out my quote.  I tore each work out, inked the edges with some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo and adhered it down with more ModPodge.  There are soooo many layers on this puppy!!

Soooo…….check it out!


There is so much texture on this page it’s crazy!!.  I’ve never done a page with so much texture and I’m loving it!  Here’s a close up so you get a better idea….






So, now I have to do another project and follow one of the sketches for the challenge.  I still have some of my mesh fruit bag left so I’m good….lol.

Thanks for popping in to see what I’m up to.  I’m off to see what else I can create.



My cup is filled…


This month has been an exercise in ‘Letting It Go’.  Soooo much easier said than done…..but I’m making baby steps and the Art Journey has been SO worth it!   Do I still wish what I end up with was better…..yup, sometimes.  When I’m first finished it all I can see are what I perceive to be mistakes.  But each time…..when I step back and sleep on it or just close the book for a few hours….I come back and appreciate what I’ve just created.  I’m trying techniques for the first time actually IN MY JOURNAL and not on a loose piece of canvas in case I mess up and want to throw it away.  I have more ideas bombarding my mind than I have time to sit and paint.  I think I need to start an idea book.  I laid awake last night and couldn’t sleep…..I mean…..seriously?!  It was just one idea after another.   Will I likely get around to painting them all……maybe.  Will I remember what they all were for the next time I’m stumped and don’t know where to start….probably not….LOL.

I joined Tracy once again for her Mixed Media Monday free Ustream classes.  I decided to paint along with her this evening and for the first time, I did my own creation.  I had one of those ideas floating around in my head so I just went with it!  I also used an old credit card for the first time as my painting device and not a brush…..YIKES!!  I ended up using a brush just around the outer edges but probably wouldn’t have had to.  I also used my home-made texture paste and just slapped it on around the whole frame of the page…..again, something I’ve never done before.  I’ve always used a stencil to apply the paste.  I really like how it turned out and although it’s hard to really pick up, I love the ‘feel’ of the page when you run your hand over it.  I used some of my Lindy’s sprays to add color to the paste once it was dry and to add the drippage by unscrewing the spray head and shaking it over the page.IMG_2157

Then I’d hold up the book and tap it on the table to get the droplet to drip down the page while I was drying it with the heat gun.  The thing you need to do when you do this technique is, be sure to screw the spray heads back onto the bottles when you’re done!!!  Ask me how I know this…..I had a little puddle of green spray ink spill onto my completed page as I was putting it away.  A quick grab of the paper towel and it was mopped up and no damage done.  You would think I would have learned something from this little exercise….you would think.  I go to pick up the pink spray bottle…..not as lucky as I was with the green one.  It tipped right over and landed away from my page….and ran under my computer.  I was able to grab it before the whole bottle spilled and got it mopped up with a paper towel as well.  Check it out!!  I think I have a pretty nice background for my next Journal page….I’ll just Mod Podge the paper towel to the page….lol.


I have some nice wrinkles goin’ on here that will look pretty cool and add some great texture to my page…..LOL.

After I had that all cleaned up I decided to do some doodling around my page.  I put a series of lines, circles, flowers, crosses, wavy lines all along the bottom.  It turned out pretty darn cool I think!!  Here are some close-ups of my doodling and the texture.  Oh!  I also used one of my texture scraper thingy’s that I’ve had forever and have never tried.

IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2152

Thanks for popping in once again.



The Big Journal!!


This page was kind of daunting.  It’s done in an Art Journal that I received from a friend through an Art Journal swap I was in.  It’s beautiful and it’s big!  Each page is 11 x 14.  I started the background on this page about a week or so ago and just wasn’t feeling it and thought I’d ruined the pages.  I pulled it out this evening determined to make something out of it and grabbed my paints.  I’d seen a page on Pinterest where she’d stenciled some tree branches in the top corner and then had some bright ‘blotches’ to represent leaves.  It was done on this beautiful team and green background…..not what I had at all but decided to go with the concept of a tree and branches.  I free-handed the tree as I don’t have a tree stencil and then took a ratty old brush I have from the hardware store and started ‘pouncing on the paint.  I used a bright yellow, green orange and purple until I thought it looked okay.  I went over to the other page and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do!  I grabbed a plastic 12 x 12 sort of page topper thingy that I thought I could use as a stencil and started to dab paint onto it with some stipple brushes.  After I’d completed a few of the flowers I carefully lifted a corner of the ‘stencil’ to see what it was looking like…..ya, wasn’t liking it at all.  Off came the stencil and I grabbed a baby wipe and some wax paper and started to dab my various paint colors all over the two pages to try to pull together the few stencil patterns you could see that didn’t really look like anything.  I then went for my black Elmer’s Painters Paint pen and traced around the three flowers I’d tried to stencil.  I drew in some stems, vines and leaves and outlined everything in my white Elmer’s Painters Paint Marker.  Added my words from the sheet I’d printed out that Tracy had shared and it was done.  I like it allot better now…lol.



Kinda thinking I need something in the tree but can’t decide what….lol.  Or maybe it’s just okay as it is.  Either way, I kinda like it!

This is the biggest Art Journal page I’ve ever made as I’ve never done a double page before…..and ya, I choose my biggest journal to try it in.  LOL.

Here’s a couple of close-ups of each page…..






I’m on a roll….lol.  No idea what the next page is going to be…..starting to think more and more to start an idea book….hmmmm.




First Class Friendship


Hello my little blog family!!  I have another card to share with you that I made for the alphabet challenge over on Splitcoaststampers.  Each week our lovely host picks a new letter from the alphabet and we have to come up with a card with something on it that starts with that letter.  It’s alot of fun and quite challenging some weeks!!  This is what I came up with for the letter F.


This card is really growing on me!  I just love this stamped image by Hero Arts.  It was stamped onto a piece of kraft cardstock that was torn and then inked with my Tim Holtz Vintage Photo and then just the very edge was inked with the Walnut Stain to give it an almost burned look to it.  I stamped a second bird and fussy cut him out and pop dotted him up to add some dimension.  I colored him in by sponging on some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in.  Scattered Straw and some Fired Brick and Dried Marigold mixed.  I added a couple of small feathers to him for wings and also added a real branch off of one of my fir trees in the back yard.  I love the look of it on the card!!  I used my Martha Stewart leaf stamp for the leaves and colored them in with my Fired Brick and Dried Marigold as well.  I added a I Am Roses cherry blossom that I inked the edges with by using more of my Tim Holtz Distress ink in the Fired Brick.  I added a few sentiments and it’s complete! 

 I added some Close To My Heart liquid glass to the First Class and Friendship sentiments to give them some added ‘pop’ off the page! And here’s my cute little bird…..

I really like how he turned out.

I’m off to go and do some more surfing……till next time!! 


Yvonne  😉


Cards, cards and more cards!!


Hey there my blogging family!  I was at our cabin for a few days last week and decided it was time to make some cards again…..I had a blast!!  One of these days I’ll figure out how to do the delayed blog post thingy so a new post comes up every day or so……but ya, that’s not going to happen today, so I’ll just put them all into one post…  The paper and most of the embellishments used on these cards were all purchased from Leanne’s store called Scrapn’ With Flair…..check it out….she has great prices!!

Have I mentioned how much I love my I Am Roses roses???  I really like how this card turned out and love the shabbiness of it (is that even a word??  lol).  I used papers from the BoBunny Country Garden line and the Weathered design.  I love this paper line and had such a hard time cutting into it!!!  It’s so crazy, but I feel like I have this hoarding vault full of all my favorite stuff and I never want to use it…..soooo silly!!.  I used a strip off both sides of the paper for this card and covered the seam with a piece of lace I found at our local Thrift Store…….I LOVE that store!!  I’ve got so much stuff from there for just a few dollars, it’s crazy!!.  I distressed the edges with my Tim Holtz distress tool and then inked the edges with my Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Weathered Wood… of my favorite inks.  I attached a butterfly from a package from Close To My Heart and then grabbed my Gesso and randomly applied some to give the card an old weathered look.  It doesn’t show in the picture, but I applied some of my Close To My Heart Liquid Glass to the two colored butterflies on the paper……I really love how that stuff just adds to the dimension on a card!

So…….how ’bout this one…..very mixed media…..I really like it.  It’s not for everyone, but  I’m really having fun with the whole mixed media world lately.  For this card I started with a Kraft cardstock base and then layered on paper from the BoBunny Timepiece line and the Country Garden line.  I tore the layers and then distressed the edges with my fingernail and inked them with my Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo…..another one of my go-to favorites!  I used my Stampin’ Up! Scallop Trim Border punch, some burlap pieces and some jute twine.  The butterfly is from the 12 x 12 Chipboard add-on to the BoBunny Country Garden line and it has a bunch of very cute elements to be used!  I took my texture paste and randomly smeared it over the card and burlap and then added a bit of white Gesso to the top of it to give it more of a white look.  Once I was all done with the card I grabbed my Tsukineko Goosebumps Clear Texture Spray and gave the whole front of the card a spritz with it……it leaves a very cool raised texture to the card front once dry.  Along the left side of the card there is also half a doily pasted on that’s been spritzed with some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios (sooooo love these spritz’s!!!) in Caribbean Blue, Luscious Lime and Mango Mania.

This is more of a traditional card I made for the Alphabet Challenge on SCS.  The letter for this week was C.  I used the BoBunny Timepiece paper and then took my stamps from a new set made by “darkroom door” called Tick Tock.  I stamped all three clocks onto cardstock using my Rich Cocoa Memento Ink, distressed the edges with my Tim Holtz distress tool and inking the edges with my Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo.  I also inked the entire edge of the card base with the Vintage Photo as well.  I added some of my Close To My Heart Liquid Glass to the edges of two of the clocks and to the swirls on the card front.  The sentiment is also from the same stamp set and the silver butterfly was from my stash as were the brown flat-back pearls. 


This is the last card I made….. 


The butterflies were stamped onto a piece of paper towel and then spritzed with my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios in Caribbean Blue, Luscious Lime and Mango Mania.  I also took the other half of the doily I’d already spritzed and used it on the side of this card.  I added some lace that I died using the spritz’s and a lace bow.  I took my texture past and smeared quite a bit of it on the front of the card and then spritzed it as well.  I added some stickles to the wings of the butterflies and then traced around them with my white pen to make them pop.  I distressed the edges of the card with my Distress Tool and then inked them with some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China.  I added three I Am Roses roses to the front.  These three roses were already inked with the black on the edges of the petals, so I took my spritz’s in the Caribbean Blue and the Mango Mania and gave them a couple of sprays to tie them into the card better.

That’s it for my very long post…….if you’ve stuck around this far, thank you!!!  As always I love to read your comments/feedback.  I’m off the see what else strikes my fancy……till next time!


Yvonne  😉

My new mini Mixed Media altered Art Journal!


Hello to my blogging family!!  So I’ve been dabbling in some mixed media art lately and have been having a blast with it.  It’s honestly so freeing and fun.  And the best part is really, at the end of the day, what you create is truly just for you!  It’s such a freeing way to create and have fun with paint, texture, layers….whatever you want to put on your page!!  I’m on a Facebook page called Monday Nights LIVE with Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and have met some amazing artists and friends.  It’s a great place to go to share what you create and the ladies there are so incredibly supportive and encouraging.  When I posted a picture of my front cover I had one of the ladies request that I do a tutorial to show how I altered the catalogue in order to use it as an Art Journal.  I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of red wine and sit back cause I think this is going to be a long post…  I’ve never done a step-by-step tutorial before so…..thank you Maureen for getting me take yet one more step outside of my comfort zone in my creative journey!! 

I recently dug out a Pandora catalogue that I’ve been hanging onto for some time now cause I thought I could use it for something someday……I know!… should see the things I keep cause I think they may work for something I’m creating someday….lol.  Anyway, when I started venturing down this whole mixed media adventure, I came across this little catalogue again and because the pages are a thicker page I thought it would make a great mini Art Journal.  So out came my multi-medium matte gel, my Gesso and some acrylic paints!!  Here’s what I did for the front cover…..

 I started out my gluing the front cover and the first three pages together using my multi-medium matte gel to create a thicker more stable page to work with.  (I have step by step pictures to show you what/how I did this in the next segment)  Once that was dry (and because I’m not patient enough to wait for that I use my heat gun to dry it) I put a layer of Gesso on the front cover to create a base for my acrylic paint.  I started to layer on the paint to create the background, free-handed a heart onto a piece of cardstock and painted it red, cut it out, distressed it and glued it to my cover with my multi-medium matte gel.  I continued to add paint layers, added my quote, and used my punchinella, a chevron stamp and an old frayed bristled paint brush to create the last layers and details to the page.  The last thing I did to the cover was to take some watered down white acrylic paint and add the ‘drippage’ from the top of the page by wiping my loaded paint brush along the top edge to create a ‘pool’ of paint that would then drip down the page. 

So, here’s how I did the next double page layout from start to finish!

I didn’t want the Art Journal to get too thick, so I decided I’d probably want to take out some pages as I went along to keep it manageable and able to close as I went along.  I took my knife and cut along the spine and took three pages out.






I went to the back of the book and found the three corresponding pages to the ones I cut out and removed them as well as they weren’t anchored to the book anymore anyway.






 Here’s where I start to take my multi-medium matte gel (you could also use Mod Podge) and painted on a coat to the next three pages again.  I thought I’d want to have a thicker page to work with as there was going to be layers of paint applied as I created each page.  So, I put a coat on each page and then flipped the page over and glued it together.  When you do this, be sure to get all the air bubbles out as they could cause you trouble as you start to create on the page.  I actually use a brayer after I have all three pages glued together to be sure all the bubbles are out.




So here’s my first two pages in my mini Art Journal.  The page on the left is actually the back of my front cover, and the page on the right is the page I created by gluing the three pages together.  I heat set them to dry and I’m not patient enough to wait for them to dry….lol.  Now I’m ready to Gesso the pages to create my base….





I apply a complete coverage of the Gesso which acts like a ‘primer’ for my pages. and again, I heat set it to dry so I don’t have to wait so long……lol






So, these two pages are from the pages I cut out of the catalogue.  I loved the images and decided I wanted to try to incorporate them onto my pages….







I took my acrylic paints and started to just slap some colors on to create a background.  Once I had the coverage I liked I tore the images of the two ladies out and glued them to my pages using my matte gel.  Now I started to play!!






I continued to add paint, didn’t really like it, added different paint and….. 








…liked it better…lol.  I removed the paint from the wine glasses using a baby wipe and outlined the glasses in black and colored in the ‘wine’ in red.









I took the “Share the Moments” sentiment from the same page the ladies came from and put it in the corner, added my quote and then took a black pastel and went around the edges of the pages and smeared it in with my finger.  I also put random ‘streaks’ of black on the pages and smeared them as well.


So, there you have how I created my new altered Pandora catalogue to use as a mini Art Journal.  I hope it brings you some inspiration to look around at what you may already have and see what else you can use it for…..have fun!!

As always, I so appreciate you stopping by and I love to hear from you.  Take card my blog family!!


Yvonne  😉

You Tube video!!!


So, I’m not sure if I should introduce myself again…….holy cow…..over a month since my last post…..that is not a good thing!!  I’m here to show you the FANTASTIC July kit from the Scrapn’ With Flair on-line store.!!  The July kit is amazing and contains all sorts of goodies from the Basic Grey Plumeria line. Leanne put together two kits this month…..the main kit and an add-on.  They’re BOTH fantastic and sooooo much fun to play with.  Check out the main kit:


This kit is just so pretty!!  And then Leanne put together a very fun add-on kit.  Check it out!!


Can you say GORGEOUS??!!  I’m having allot of fun playing with this kit and take a couple of minutes and check out my You Tube video to see what I came up with for the Graphic 45 altered box.  Here’s the link!  You Tube video

So, I have things more or less caught up in my life now and hopefully will be getting back into the swing of things and more crafting and posting!!  Till next time friends…..


Yvonne  😉




Live Inspired….Love You….Thank You….Happy Birthday….


We were at the cabin a few weekends ago and I was in a more CAS mood.  I usually like to distress and mess up my cards…..I went with a more of a clean look and not allot on the cards.  I was on a roll and made a few of them (and I thought I’d save you some email space and post all four of them in one post…


How ’bout that little pop of orange??  I used one of my swirl stamps which is from a set that I believe was the Martha Stewart swirls set (but I honestly don’t remember for sure) and stamped onto the bottom of my card base with my versamark stamp pad.  (love that stamp pad!!)  I added the word paper strip which is from a Making Memories paper called Brun Antique Dictionary.  I found this 12 x 12 paper in a pack of 25 of the same two-sided sheets and just fell in love with it!!  This is going to be soooo versatile and I know I’ll use it allot (as you’ll see with these cards….lol).  The cute bird pair is from my Inkadinkado stamp set called You are a True Friend and was colored in with my Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink.  I also added another swirl to the printed DP which was stamped in Tim Holtz Dried Marigold Distress ink.  The ‘Live Inspired’ was taken from a portion of a Close To My Heart stamp from the set with the same name and stamped and edged in Rich Cocoa Memento ink.

This card also uses that very cool Making Memories Brun Antique Dictionary paper.  The flowers were made from two different stamp sets – one using a stem and leaf stamps from a set I’ve had forever and don’t even know who it’s made by. The flower is from a new set I just got from Stampin’ Up! called ‘Faith in Nature’.  I LOVE this set and I know I’ll use it allot.  I sponged the flower portions with some Tim Holtz Dried Marigold and Antique Linen Distress ink and also inked the edges of the printed DP with the Dried Marigold and some Rich Cocoa Memento ink.  The sentiment is taken from a portion of a stamp from my Hot Off The Press stamp set called ‘Matching Borders & Focals’.  It was stamped and edged in the Memento Rich Cocoa ink.   The lace strip was attached under and was colored using my Tim Holtz blending tool and my Antique Linen Distress Ink.


This was a quick and fun card to put together.  That pear stamp is a new fave of mine from  my Stampin’ Up! Faith in Nature set.  I stamped it onto a plain piece of cream-colored cardstock and inked it with some Tim Holtz Peeled Paint and Dried Marigold Distress Ink and my sponge daubers.  I didn’t like the look of my plain cardstock so I grabbed one of my wooden skewers that I keep in my tool pouch and stamped it into the Memento Rich Cocoa ink and dotted it onto the paper using the flat end and the pointed end for some depth to the paper.  The sentiment is from the same stamp set and inked in the Memento Rich Cocoa.  It was matted a layered a couple of times and I punched a border in some rusty colored cardstock using my Stampin’ Up! Scallop Trim Border punch.  Added some liquid pearls and Taaa Daaa….lol













Okay, so that’s it for a while.  I’m going to be heading to a trade show this afternoon with one of my DIL’s and then I’ll be back to play.  Have a most wonderful day!  Chao.


Yvonne  😉





Father’s Day…


Hello Blog pals… I am again!!  I have a group of girls I work with that purchase my cards on an ongoing basis.  I have this little box at work where Ijust put a bunch of cards in with an envelope for them to pay me on the honor system for any cards they take.  I decided I’d better start getting some Father’s Day cards in that box soon, so here’s a card I made up when I got some inspiration from one of my card making magazines.

I really like the masculine feel of this card.  Another layout I saw in one of my cardmaking magazines…  I love the layers on this card and I even pulled my sewing machine out for this card.  I made a little brown paper bag (out of a big brown paper bag….original, huh….lol) to hold a tag that has a cute little sentiment on it.  The piece of ruled paper I tore out of a journal book I have.  It didn’t have the red margin lines on it so I added those.  I also didn’t like the stark look of the white paper so I used my Tim Holtz blending tool and Distress Ink in Antique Linen to soften it a bit.

Here’s a peek at the tag I put into my paper bag.  It says “You are some kind of wonderful”.  Kind of fitting for Father’s Day I thought!!  lol  The measuring tape is from my Stampin’ Up! Totally Tools set and that stamp actually has the words ‘love beyond measure’ under the tape measure.  For this card I only wanted the tape measure so just didn’t ink up that part of the stamp.  The Happy Father’s Day is from one of my Close To My Heart sentiment sets called ‘A Little of Everything’.  It’s a very versatile and I use it quite often.


Check it out in full size.  I kinda like this one.  Check out my ‘screw’ brads…..cute…..oopps…..I mean, manly, aren’t they!

Thanks so much for coming on by.  I hope I stirred your imagination just a little to go and get creating in your craft space!!


Yvonne  😉