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My new mini Mixed Media altered Art Journal!


Hello to my blogging family!!  So I’ve been dabbling in some mixed media art lately and have been having a blast with it.  It’s honestly so freeing and fun.  And the best part is really, at the end of the day, what you create is truly just for you!  It’s such a freeing way to create and have fun with paint, texture, layers….whatever you want to put on your page!!  I’m on a Facebook page called Monday Nights LIVE with Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and have met some amazing artists and friends.  It’s a great place to go to share what you create and the ladies there are so incredibly supportive and encouraging.  When I posted a picture of my front cover I had one of the ladies request that I do a tutorial to show how I altered the catalogue in order to use it as an Art Journal.  I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of red wine and sit back cause I think this is going to be a long post…..lol.  I’ve never done a step-by-step tutorial before so…..thank you Maureen for getting me take yet one more step outside of my comfort zone in my creative journey!! 

I recently dug out a Pandora catalogue that I’ve been hanging onto for some time now cause I thought I could use it for something someday……I know!…..you should see the things I keep cause I think they may work for something I’m creating someday….lol.  Anyway, when I started venturing down this whole mixed media adventure, I came across this little catalogue again and because the pages are a thicker page I thought it would make a great mini Art Journal.  So out came my multi-medium matte gel, my Gesso and some acrylic paints!!  Here’s what I did for the front cover…..

 I started out my gluing the front cover and the first three pages together using my multi-medium matte gel to create a thicker more stable page to work with.  (I have step by step pictures to show you what/how I did this in the next segment)  Once that was dry (and because I’m not patient enough to wait for that I use my heat gun to dry it) I put a layer of Gesso on the front cover to create a base for my acrylic paint.  I started to layer on the paint to create the background, free-handed a heart onto a piece of cardstock and painted it red, cut it out, distressed it and glued it to my cover with my multi-medium matte gel.  I continued to add paint layers, added my quote, and used my punchinella, a chevron stamp and an old frayed bristled paint brush to create the last layers and details to the page.  The last thing I did to the cover was to take some watered down white acrylic paint and add the ‘drippage’ from the top of the page by wiping my loaded paint brush along the top edge to create a ‘pool’ of paint that would then drip down the page. 

So, here’s how I did the next double page layout from start to finish!

I didn’t want the Art Journal to get too thick, so I decided I’d probably want to take out some pages as I went along to keep it manageable and able to close as I went along.  I took my knife and cut along the spine and took three pages out.






I went to the back of the book and found the three corresponding pages to the ones I cut out and removed them as well as they weren’t anchored to the book anymore anyway.






 Here’s where I start to take my multi-medium matte gel (you could also use Mod Podge) and painted on a coat to the next three pages again.  I thought I’d want to have a thicker page to work with as there was going to be layers of paint applied as I created each page.  So, I put a coat on each page and then flipped the page over and glued it together.  When you do this, be sure to get all the air bubbles out as they could cause you trouble as you start to create on the page.  I actually use a brayer after I have all three pages glued together to be sure all the bubbles are out.




So here’s my first two pages in my mini Art Journal.  The page on the left is actually the back of my front cover, and the page on the right is the page I created by gluing the three pages together.  I heat set them to dry and I’m not patient enough to wait for them to dry….lol.  Now I’m ready to Gesso the pages to create my base….





I apply a complete coverage of the Gesso which acts like a ‘primer’ for my pages. and again, I heat set it to dry so I don’t have to wait so long……lol






So, these two pages are from the pages I cut out of the catalogue.  I loved the images and decided I wanted to try to incorporate them onto my pages….







I took my acrylic paints and started to just slap some colors on to create a background.  Once I had the coverage I liked I tore the images of the two ladies out and glued them to my pages using my matte gel.  Now I started to play!!






I continued to add paint, didn’t really like it, added different paint and….. 








…liked it better…lol.  I removed the paint from the wine glasses using a baby wipe and outlined the glasses in black and colored in the ‘wine’ in red.









I took the “Share the Moments” sentiment from the same page the ladies came from and put it in the corner, added my quote and then took a black pastel and went around the edges of the pages and smeared it in with my finger.  I also put random ‘streaks’ of black on the pages and smeared them as well.


So, there you have how I created my new altered Pandora catalogue to use as a mini Art Journal.  I hope it brings you some inspiration to look around at what you may already have and see what else you can use it for…..have fun!!

As always, I so appreciate you stopping by and I love to hear from you.  Take card my blog family!!


Yvonne  😉


Mixing it up!


Hey there my blogging buddies!!  I almost feel like I have a life again now that I have my swap cards done…..well, sort of.  I still don’t have my tree down.  The decorations are off of it……but the tree is still in my living room.  I know…..I know…..even Ukranian Christmas is over, so I know it time!!!  Tomorrow it’ll come down….maybe.   **Sigh**   I was busy tonight creating again.   That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!  My friend Lisa is hosting a new challenge thread over on SCS called Mix It Up Chalenge! What’s so great about this challenge is you can make whatever you want……anything paper craft related…….there are NO RULES for this challenge!!!  I know!!!  Crazy isn’t it?!   You should go and check it out if you’re interested to see what our little crew is up to.  We have way too much fun in there and are seeing some pretty amazing creations this week.  Check out Lisa’s blog or my friend Lauren’s blog where these ladies are making some pretty incredible items this week.

So, not to be outdone, I decided to see if I could come up with something other than a card.   I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making an altered item and so I started out pretty small…..lol.  What I came up with is a post-it-note cover.  And I actually have to say it wasn’t that hard to figure out and it only took me about 2 hours to put together…..lol lol lol.  I may have taken it partially apart a couple of times to change up a few things……and find the right ribbon to use cause I really don’t think I have enough ribbon to choose from, right Lisa??  **rolleyes**  So, this is what it looks like!

Isn’t this cool?!  I really like how it turned out.  I really like the contrast of the black on the pink and I actually used one of the vintage embellishments my friend Lynn sent me a while back.  I keep drooling over these embellishments and just couldn’t bring myself to use them cause they’re so gorgeous…..but I broke down today because it was just screaming to be put in the middle of that darn bow!

As you can see I still haven’t gotten around to making a photo white box, but I did watch an awesome tutorial for one on You Tube tonight and I’m going out to get what I need tomorrow.   I did make myself a peg bow maker tonight though!!  Yup, I played with the power tools this evening……..**insert Tim Allen grunting sounds here**

I’m off to post this to the Mix It Up Challenge! thread and then I’m going to go find my pillow and blanky……good night!!

Huggss, Yvonne!!  :o)