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The Sky’s the Limit….

The Sky’s the Limit….

How true is that…..the sky truly is the limit as we’re often more limited by our own hesitations/beliefs in ourselves than by anything around us.  I’ve been busy creating so far this year and having so much fun in a couple of groups again.  It seemed I really struggled last year finding a balance between creating art and my family.  My word for 2016 is balance……but that’s a whole other post.

I was over at my art friend, Karen Burchill’s studio this evening and decided to work on my week 3 prompt for the Facebook group called, Journal 52.  Week 4’s prompt is “Explore or Celebrate the full moon in your art journal”.  I was looking through Pinterest and found a couple of quotes that resonated with me and finally narrowed it down to this one.  I wanted to create a night scene with soft, fluffy clouds surrounding the moon.  I used my acrylic paints and started with my Metallic Blue by Artist’s Loft mixed with a tiny bit of my Titanium White by Liqutex Basics and applied the paint to the page with my fingers.  I then outlined the page with my Prussian Blue by Grumbacher.


I then blended it out further with more of the metallic Blue and Titanium White and started to add the ‘moon’ with the white paint.


I wasn’t very happy with the wispy feel so I came in with more of the three colors mixed and smoothed out the background a bit.  I also added some wispy clouds using my fingers with a mixture of the metallic Blue and the Titanium White.  I just ‘tapped’ my fingers on the page to create the ‘fluffs’ in the clouds using the white to highlight the ‘fluffs’.  (Real technical, huh?  LOL)


In consultation with Karen, she suggested I add yellow and that’s exactly what it needed! I added a mixture of the Titanium White with Naples Yellow Hue and filled in my white moon with my fingers.  I also took the yellow out very faintly into the clouds to suggest a yellow moonlight highlight to the clouds.  I then decided the moon needed a bit of shimmer, so I added a layer of Iridescent Medium by Artist’s Loft over the yellow.

20160127_205545 20160127_205440

Now it was time for the quote, which I handwrote myself using Karen’s Pocha pen (no idea if that’s what it’s called…..cause that doesn’t look right…..lol)?


I’m so please with this finished product!  Off to post it to a few of the Facebook groups I’m in.  Till next time friends and please feel free to comment (I love reading comments) and subscribe to get notifications when I post a new blog post!

Much love,


“Storms make trees” Art Journal page

“Storms make trees” Art Journal page

Hello strangers.  I know I say this often….my poor neglected blog.  ;o)  I’ve been playing allot in my journal and have quite a few pages and canvas’s to catch up on.

This particular page started out with a bunch of very yummy texture.  I was at our cabin in the woods (I just love typing that…lol) and used my wall compound and a palette knife to apply the texture.


I had an initial idea to not cover the entire page with paint….to leave some white space….to have some of the text of the Tim Holtz tissue paper I used show through on the finished page.  Ya, I actually think it’s impossible for me to leave white space….lol.  Check out some of the amazing texture I achieved on this piece!!!


I truly love this page and hope you do as well!  Please check out this link to my YouTube to follow along on my process to create this page.  My Therapy Room.  Here’s the final result!


Thank you for taking the time to join me.  As always, I appreciate your comments and do my best to reply to each one.  Mwahhh.