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Color my world


Hey there my blogging family.  I pulled out my paints again this evening and did I have fun!!  I didn’t look at Pinterest first….I didn’t look at anyone else’s art journal’s or canvas’.  I decided I would try to create something all from within my own little head.  I’d been thinking about rainbows and decided to go with that theme.  I honestly had soooo much fun with this one and just slapping down paint onto the canvas sheet.  I tried not to think about it too much and just go with it.  I was much more relaxed than I usually am when I paint, as far as what I was going to do, which really kinda surprised me as I’m always over thinking everything I do….lol.



I had alot of fun when I decided to splatter some paint onto the canvas as well using my fan brush (thanks Limor for that tip!) and when I was done….I realized a little lesson learned about splattering…..




—-don’t spatter paint next to your lap top with the lid open…..Ooppsss.  It’s a good thing acrylic paints wash off easily!  LOL.


I did some doodling on it as well to finish it off and yup…..I’m actually kinda liking it!  I used a stencil for the mail part of the title….but didn’t have letters big enough for the word Color, so I just free-handed it with a paint brush.  I painted all the letters on with white paint first and then went back over them with the black and the colors.  I traced around the letters with my Elmer’s Painters pens for the black and my Uni paint pen for the white.  I’m really enjoying these pens……once I figured out how they worked….I’m such a dork sometimes….lol.


I’m off to have a cup of tea before I go to bed…..thanks once again for stopping by….I very much appreciate it!