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Delightful dragonflies and drooping daisies


Hey my fine blogging friends!  As you know, I’ve been participating in the weekly Alphabet challenge Dani has each week where we also have to write another few lines to our continuing story with  the emphasis being the letter of the week.  Well, we’re on the letter ‘D’ this week and I had a heck of a time trying to figure out what to do!  As I told Lynn, I just couldn’t find my mojo and figure it must have ran off with the sweet tarts……man! I hate when that happens!!  I decided to just start going through my few stacks of paper to see if inspiration would jump out at me.  I came across some paper I’d used in the past and wouldn’t you know it…..there was a dragonfly on the page!!  The mojo was back!!




I’ve had these dried flower looking flowers for a while and have used them a couple of times…..for this card they worked out very well….’drooping daisies’!!  The paper itself has what looks to me like a dried up old bees nest and I really like the sort of vintage feel of it.  I also have these strings of beads that I thought looked good coming out of the dried moss and of course, as I’m sure you can plainly see, they were ‘dazzling diamonds’!  I added an extra ‘dragonfly’…..oh!, sorry… a ‘delicate and delightful dragonfly’. 😉   This little beauty is from a package of beautiful embellishments my Secret Cupid  sent my in my package.  It’s from a K&Company package and their Susan Winget Botanical set.  I just love all the embellishments in this set and I know I’ll be putting them to good use!!  Thanks again Kathy…..you rock!!!





So, here’s a look at the whole card.  I really do like the look of this paper.  It’s from a paper pack by K&Company and their Tim Coffey line of Designer Paper.  I’ve used this paper pack quite a bit and I love every piece of paper in it…..and that doesn’t happen too often. 




I’m off to post my card to the SCS Alphabet thread now and then go and find my pillow.  Thank you so much for popping in, I do appreciate the company!!


Yvonne 😉