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One Word….


A one word page……allot harder than I thought I would be!  I’m not a one word kinda gal…….no comments to that fact please….LOL.  This was a page I’ve been working on and adding to for a few days.  I started out by using one of my paint filled clean up paper towels I’d kept to give the page some awesome texture and color.  I also used one of my home-made stencils and home-made texture past to  put a couple of textured patters down on the page.  I’d used the page to clean off some brushes from my previous page….and that added some interested colors.  And then it sat……now what!?  I’d pick up my book and stare at the page…..nothing.  Then Tracy gave us a one work challenge for a  journal page.  No problem I thought!!  Easy peasy I thought!  Uh huh……not so much.  I decided to use one of my new store-bought stencils from Deco Art – the tree branches one.  I laid it down and sprayed some of my brown tone Lindy`s onto it.  I used a combo of Burnished Brass Moon Shadow Mist and the Incandescent Copper Moon Shadow Mist.  It needed a few layers to give the tree stencil some definition, especially with all the random paints.  Once I was happy with it I decided the tree needed to be outlined in black…..still not enough definition.  So I decided to grab some green acrylic paint and give the tree and it`s branches some color.  Yup….liked it.  Lots of depth against the brass/copper sprays.  But it looked so plain.    I wanted leaves so I took a couple of pages of book paper and my Alcohol Inks and colored them in fall colors and cut out leaves.  They kinda got lost against the background and didn’t pop like I was expecting them too.  I took some yellow, orange and red paint and layered the three colors onto the leaves…..still not popping.  I shaded the edges with a bit of charcoal pencil…..nope!  No matter what I tried with the leaves to make them pop…..they just didn’t.  The background was too dark.  I didn’t want to leave the tree just bare, and as much as I loved the contrast of the dark background against the green tree, it just wasn’t going to work.  So,  I put a coat of blue acrylic paint over the dark sprays.  It actually covered better than I thought it was going to and I kinda liked the odd piece of the brass or copper poking through.  I took my charcoal pencil to the leaves again and gave them lots of definition.  I decided to use my work for the year….. ‘ believe’ as my one word and took a piece of left over designer paper and sprayed the front of it with my two brown sprays and some Mango Mania Flat Fabio as well.  I stamped the word ‘believe’ and then fussy cut out each letter and adhered it to the bottom of the page with my Beacon Zip Dry.  I traced around each letter with my uni-ball Signo white pen to give them some definition and then with a light tracing of my black fine Faber Castell PITT pen. I painted the insides of the loopy letter with the blue acrylic paint and really loved how that looked!  I fussy cut a BUNCH of flowers out and adhered them to the page as well.  I used my Beacon Fabri-Tac for all the leaves and the flowers.  I also decided to color the flowers in as they were a dull off white and just didn’t seem to belong.  I took my Tea Pot Purple Moonshadow and a paint brush and colored in the flowers…..much better!!  I also fussy cut out a Robin and a nest with three eggs in it.  I colored over the eggs with the Shabby Turbine Teal and the nest I spritzed with some Steampunk Sepia and some Mango Mania.  The Robin i painted in lightly with a brush and some of the Steampunk Sepia and the belly of the bird with a combo of my Mango Mania and Rudolph’s Nose Red Starburst spray.  Adhered them to the page as well and I was pretty much done!



Here are some additional close-ups to show you the shimmer of that Industrial Chic set and also the awesome texture the paper towels and the texture paste left.

IMG_2526 IMG_2525 IMG_2524 IMG_2523


I also played around with my home-made Gelli Plate this evening too…..I’ll take some pictures of those pages tomorrow.

Thanks for popping your head in!  I do appreciate it!




Summer fun…


I decided to enter a Faber Castel challenge where the theme was summer memories.  I’ve had a set of Gelato’s for a few weeks now and have played with them once before and absolutely LOVE the silky feel of them and how easy they are to use, blend, drip, color with!  I decided on three main colors of the yellow (for the bright sun we enjoy all summer), green (for the grass and trees) and blue (for the beautiful blue waters of the lake).  One of my favorite things to watch during the summer are the butterflies.  I could sit and watch them for hours…..if they would just sit still in one place for that long!  I used some of my Tim Holtz tissue wrap I’ve had for a while that I received from a good friend in a goodies swap.  This is the first time I’ve used it and I love this stuff!!  I can see if coming out in a few more projects in the future.  🙂  I colored in the butterfly on the tissue wrap with my orange and pink Gelato’s.  (Have I mentioned how much I love these things?!)


I have the tropical set of Gelatos and love the colors in this set.  Check out how they blend and mix together to make this yummy drippage on the page!  I love that butterfly!  And of course, the charcoal pencil came out to do some shading around the butterfly, the strip of tissue wrap and around the outside of the page.  I took some of my background stamps and randomly stamped them on the page too.

IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2259

I also used a couple of my stencils, a flower one and a random circle one to ‘remove’ some of the color from the page to make the design in the Gelato colors.  Pretty cool technique I learned from none other than the fabulous Limor Webber!!

Thank you so much for stopping by again…..I sooooo appreciate it!