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Doodle Mania


I was surfing through Facebook last night and came upon a page that just caught my eye.  I love to doodle….don’t do it near enough and this lady has seriously got some amazing talent and I just fell in love with everything I saw on her page.  Her page is called Diane’s Mixed Media Art and you seriously need to check out what she does and the things she uses to doodle on…..very impressive!

One of the posts she’d made a few months ago was a picture where she just doodled on a magazine page.  I loved it and went in search of a magazine to doodle on.  I came across an old People’s magazine and a page that was pretty much completely black.  I could see in my mind a page full of white doodles and grabbed my pens.  there were two words at the top of the page in white block text that said CROWD PLEASERS.  When I got to those words I took my black pen and filled in the letters.  I love how they blend in with the rest of the page and you can hardly even tell they’re there anymore.  I love the big arrow too.  It is full of different colored strips of colored pixel dots so I just chose the red lines and covered them with the white pen and left the rest of the colors.  Very subtle.  And the outside edge of the page had some color on it as well so I just doodled over that with my black pen.







I had fun with this page.  I think this is something I can see myself doing more of!  🙂

Thanks for dropping by and have a most fantastic rest of your day.  🙂