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The cover….


Well, we got our first ‘lesson’ in the Facebook group for Joanne Sharpe’s “The Art of Whimsical Lettering” book.  We were to take our simple Composition Notebook and design the cover.  We could write and do whatever we wanted on it.  I hadn’t really thought about doing my cover yet, and I was on Facebook last evening talking to Sandee and egging her on to give me an idea of what to just sit and create.  She told me to go and find some supplies to collage with.  I found a BUNCH of things…..ya, I don’t normally do things small.  She told me to spread all my goodies out on the floor, close my eyes and pick three things.  GULP.  I panicked….she thought I’d made great pics and told me to get to  collaging the cover.  I took the main piece and tore it up into pieces and adhered it to the cover.  I took the second sheet which was a collage sheet of different pieces of art a friend of mine had done where she scanned her work in…..and then arranged it all on a collage sheet with different size copies of some of her pages.  I tore each image out and began to try to arrange them onto the collaged cover.  Soooo….exactly how many times and different ways can you arrange and re-arrange 7 pieces of art around on a page.  ALLOT!!!!!  After about the 10th re-arrangement last night, I went to bed.  I started back on it this evening and with a few more suggestions from Sandee, I got it completed.  I’m really looking forward to this class and learning some different lettering styles and shapes.  Here’s what I came up with:



I like the depth of the background.  I’m very much looking forward to this class!!  I just can’t wait to get my copy of the book!!

Thanks for popping your head in…..I loved having you.  :o)



Under Journaling??


On this weeks Sundays With Sandee over on the Frosted Designs blog, Sandee shows us how to add another level of depth and interest to our journal pages.  Before you actually start on your page, take some time to write down some thoughts.  They could be positive affirmations, negative things you want to let go of….what ever you want.  Then from there you create your page and cover over most if not all your journaling.   Only you will ever know what was written there.  I started out with one page and my background didn’t turn out as I’d hoped and finally gave up and just covered the page with a piece of printed napkin…lol.  This pretty much completely covered up my under journaling and I was kinda wanting some of it to show through.  I was going to give up and just work on another page this evening, but I may have a bit of a stubborn streak in me and still wanted this to work in my favor.  I decided to turn this into a two page spread and started over on the opposite page.  I still used a piece of the same printed napkin, but did a more subtle background before I adhered it to the page.  I quite like how it turned out!  The Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays I used for these pages were: Rusty Lantern Lime, Tea Pot Purple, I’m Late, I’m Late Slate and Toto’s Tornado Black


I used a few different alpha stamps I have in my stash and like the look of the different fonts.  I really wish I could get better pictures of my projects.  I think I’ll have to get a new light box constructed soon…..my first one was made from a cardboard box and although it worked fine….it didn’t last too long.

Here’s a couple close-ups of each page…



Thanks again for coming over.  Muchly appreciated.



Sunday’s with Sandee inspiration!!


Sandee!!!  You’ll be happy to know I stayed on course this evening when I sat down to play.  😉  If you haven’t had a chance to go and catch her first  tutorial, you have to go and check it out…..it’s called Sundays with Sandee.  I loved the idea of incorporating images of some of the tools I use when I play with my Mixed Media stuff and when I saw her video the light came on!!  So simple…..why on earth does my brain not ever think like that!?!  If you saw my post from last evening you’ll know I had every intention of doing a page that incorporated her idea……not even close!!!  So, I sat down this evening a kept my focus to the task at hand!  I had fun with this page and really like how it turned out.  The background was created using some Gelato’s and then sprayed over top with some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios.  I love how the colors blended.  i hand painted in some hearts with some acrylic paint, stenciled on some bricks and paint splatters (which are home-made stencils I cut out with my Cricut) with some acrylic paint and stenciled some dots on with my home-made texture paste.  Splattered some black India Ink onto the page and traced out my ‘tools of the trade’, painted them in with my acrylic paints and attached them to my page!



I have a stamp with my favorite art quote on it and stamped it on the bottom of my page with some StazOn ink.  Did some doodling with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen, added some white dots with my uni-ball Signo white pen, added some shading to the brick stencil and solid hearts with my charcoal pencil and also around the outside of my brushes to add some definition to them against the page.  I dipped my finger into some white paint and went around the outside edge of the page to frame it out.  I like it and am really happy with the way my tools turned out!  Here’s a couple close-ups of the page…

IMG_2498 IMG_2500 IMG_2501


Another fun page.  Thanks for the inspiration Sandee…..you rock my friend!!

Thank you to everyone for popping in…..always appreciated.  🙂



Such fun today!


I found an old sort of notebook the other day and have been using it as another Art Journal.  I’ve had so much fun in this thing over the past two days. The pages are this sort of ugly yellow so a couple of layers of gesso are in order before I can use it.  I found a color combo I’ve really loved…..green, teal, purple…..on one page I threw in some yellow and on the other one some red.  I don’t know what it is about this book, but I’m finding I can just open it and start painting, or adding layers or book pages and I’m not over analyzing everything I put on the page.   I don’t know if it’s because it’s an old book with ugly yellow pages or what it is, but I’m not stressing over a page at all!   The first page I did was using one of the party napkins I used on my bigger journal page I posted the other day.  I gesso’d the page, tore the napkin and covered the page with pieces of the torn paper napkin.  I sprayed some Lindy’s onto it…..I grabbed a pen and did some doodling.  I’d also received my package with the 20 rolls of washi tape I’d won and I’d salvaged all the washi tape from the package she’d used when she packed it up for me….lol.  I was looking for an opportunity to play with it so I thought, what the heck…..and I just started sticking down the pieces of tape to the page.  They sort of matched (except for the hot pink ones) but I didn’t care.  I grabbed my black Pitt marker and wrote out “Doodle Fun” multiple times on the washi tape, using the designs on the tape for my lines.  It was fun!


The pages I did today turned out to be just as much fun and the second page has a few layers of paint on it as I was playing with stencils and chipboard letters to try to get it to look half decent.  The background of the page went relatively smooth and it wasn’t until I was trying to figure out what to do with the lettering that there ended up being MULTIPLE layers of paint on them.  I started out painting them teal….wasn’t such a good choice as they just blended into the background.   Then I thought if I added some yellow to the letters on top of the teal it would make them pop and stand out from the background.  Nope, that didn’t look too good either.  I added black paint to the edges…..nope.  Outlined them in white Signo pen….nope.  Decided to paint them purple instead….., okay and somewhat better.  Then I thought they too needed to be outlined in the white.  Then I thought if I colored them in very roughly with the white pen over the purple paint that would do it……NOPE…..worse!  Back to the drawing board and the decision to just paint over the white with the purple again and see about trying something else.  The first brush stroke was done using a brush that didn’t have much  paint on it and just gave it a rough coverage over the white.  LOVED it!1  Did the same to the rest of the letters……dried them and glued the suckers down before I changed my mind.  😉




The last pages color scheme kinda ended up being a no brainer as I’d used it to clean all the excess paint off my brushes or fingers as I’d painted the previous page.  When I saw all the colors I knew what I wanted to do with the page.  I grabbed some book paper, tore it and ModPodged it down  to the page.  Once dry, I took some of my green paint and just painted it randomly over most of the page.  I immediately took a paper towel and wiped away a lot of the paint to leave some of the book pages showing.  I dried it and moved onto the teal color.  Same with this one…..applied it straight to the page and painted over most of the page randomly, took a paper towel and wiped most of it off.  Each time this leaves some of the paint layers underneath showing through and is a very nice effect!  Then came the purple….same routine.  Once all the paint layers were completely dry, I took the black.  Now this is the step that’s the hardest for me to do with this technique!!!  You take the black paint and cover the ENTIRE page with the black!!  Right away, grab your paper towel again and start removing most of the black paint!!  This leaves the coolest page and is soooo subtle in its depth of color.  I added another piece of book paper for my journaling spot, very lightly gesso’d over the text and then did a very light dry brush over the entire page to give it a muted look.  I decided I wanted a bit more texture so I grabbed a strip of drywall tape and painted over it with the three colors of paints.  Then I decided I wanted some circles so I took some red paint and a toilet paper roll and made some circles.  A patch of punchenella dots in red and then more dots in the green at the top of the page.  I journaled using my Faber Castel Pitt Pen, took some ModPodge and covered the whole page.






I really love this page in particular.

Thank you for dropping by for this long post….lol  😉




Lindy’s Color Challenge


I am a paper napkin junkie……not gonna lie.  I love paper napkins and love finding ones with pretty images.  I was at a friend’s house a few weeks ago for a jewelry party and she had out the cutest napkins!  I of course made sure to snag a few of them when I left cause you just never know when you have that perfect project to use one on!!  I decided to do up a page for the Lindy’s Stamp Gang monthly color challenge for the month of October – found here –  and so this was the time!  Here’s what the napkins looks like before I tear it apart and add it to a page….


And this is what I looks like once it’s pealed…..ripped…..glued and sprayed over onto a page.  I used these sprays:  Tea Pot Purple Starburst from the Mad Hatter set, Mango Mania Flat Fabio, Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio, Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio from the Mad Hatter set, and Caribbean Blue Flat Fabio.   I used two of my Faber Castell Pitt pens (the fine tip and the brush tip) and my Unibal Signo white pen.  I also used three of my home-made stencils….one of which came from a friend in the Netherlands.  Thanks Eve!!  A few layers of sprays…..some texture using some home-made texture paste prior to adding any of the colors, some stamping and some doodling.  Here’s what it looks like now:


Check out the shimmer from the Tea Pot Purple Starburst spray…..love it!  Lots of doodling using the Pitt brush pen and my wonderful Signo white pen.  Some drippage using the purple, blue and some watered down black acrylic paint.  A lot of the doodling was simply drawing over top of the designs already in the paper napkin and just enhancing them.  Some I added myself.  I had fun with this page and here are some close-ups of the page showing some of the texture I created using the stencils and some paste and the shimmer and depth of color again.  It’s sometimes hard to pick it up on a photo.





A fun page…..no journaling…..just playing.  A fun page to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by……I love the company!  😉