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Enjoy every moment.

Enjoy every moment.

Day #10!  I think there will be allot of moments to enjoy this week.  I just happen to have one of my nieces down for a few days with her 10 month old baby who is the cutest!  He’s definitely stolen our hearts this week.  He was greeted by all 5 of my grandchildren this evening……not sure if he wanted to run/crawl away or just lay there and play dead in the hopes they’d leave him alone!!  It was a very loud busy household for a couple of hours but he took it all in stride and never missed a beat…..even when he was being laid on by Dane to give him a hug.  This is my sweet little Great Nephew….


He had quite the fun afternoon with three of his cousins at the park and and sitting in the little battery operated quad.


And had a blast swinging and the rest of them driving the quad around the park.



By the time I got home from work they were inside and ready to eat!!  We went and picked up the last two grandkids and they all had a blast.  I wouldn’t trade the mayhem and volume for anything.


I know now a very interesting post to most of those who follow me…..but these little people are the most important little souls in my life……my art is a very close second….lol.

Thanks so much for checking in…..until tomorrow.



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