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Background marathon…

Background marathon…

Day #7 in our #90daysofblogging. Tonight I had the pleasure of heading over to my fellow mixed media artists friends house and we had fun playing with our supplies we haven’t used for awhile….or ever in some cases as we made a bunch of tissue paper backgrounds.  I grabbed stencils I’d made on mu Cricut about a year ago that I’ve never used yet along with I think most of my Lindy’s sprays….some of which hadn’t seen the light of day in some time.  I think my fingers will be a dark sort of blue, brown, red color for a couple of days!  I found out I have some pretty cool stencils!  I played with combining some colors and then I had a go with my new Inktense Blocks…..didn’t get the effect I was looking for.  They don’t really move around and blend out like a water color crayon…..but I did get a better effect when I sprayed my craft mat and then colored directly onto the mat and then placed the tissue paper over top and scrunched.  It’s a very subtle piece but very pretty none the less.  Karen had some black tissue paper that we decided to play with…..Oh My Goodness!!!  Such cool prints with that and my Lindy’s spray set called Winter Wonderland….amazing shimmer!!!

Check it out!!


Each one has some great properties and I’m not really sure which is my favorite!  Here are some close ups so you can see that amazing shimmer in these sprays!




I was really having fun with the black tissue paper…..i think I may owe Karen a few sheets back…lol.  I did some layering of stencils…..flipped them over and did reverses of almost every one of them.  Use allot of stencils and had a blast.  I’ll just post the pictures of the backgrounds I created this evening…


Used some of my Caribbean Cruise set on these two….along with a few others.  Subtle but will make for a nice start to a background.



On these ones I think I almost like the reverse of the stencil better!!


The bottom one is the one with the Inktense Blocks and the top one is also with the Blocks but with a couple of ‘found’ stencils using things from around the house and my Jack In The Pulpit Teal…..GORGEOUS color and so full of shimmer!! Check it out!



Yummy!!!  And of course, what do you use to mop up all the excess spray…..coffee filters!!  Those puppies have a few layers on them…..more great supplies to add texture and color to a page!


Well, this has been a pretty picture intense post…..I guess if I would have been smart I probably could have got about 4 posts out of these…..ooppsss……lol

Well, thank you so much for sticking with me…..I appreciate it so very much.  Please let me know you were here. ❤

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Sunday’s with Sandee…..to size or not to size


This is week two of playing along with Sandee on her new weekly Sunday segment at Frosted Designs.   This week she was talking about sizing your paper before you paint on it.  What’s the difference to a page if you Gesso first or if you don’t.  I thought I’d give this little experiment a bit of a test on side by side journal pages.  The page on the left was Gesso’d and the page on the right wasn’t.  i used the same colors although the page on the left was done with mostly the negative of  the stencils I used (the top part of the stencil that collects all the paint/sprays)  I used a couple of the sprays from the Industrial Chic set and then a couple other ones.  I used Shabby Turbine Teal and Rusty Lantern Line from that set and then also added in some Mango Mania Flat Fabio and some Cheshire Cat Cherry Starburst from the Mad Hatter set.  I used a few of my own homemade stencils along with a couple my friend Eve from the Netherlands made for me.  The only thing I did different with the sprays as I added them was when I sprayed the Cheshire Cat Cherry on the page on the right I left it as is and dried it.  The page on the right I sprayed it onto a baby wipe first and then added it to the page through the stencil.  The page was already fairly muted so I didn’t want to chance spraying on such a strong red color directly on the page.  As you can see…..quite a contrast between the two pages.  I added a couple of stencil words and designs in White Acrylic paint.



Here’s some close ups of the two pages and a couple showing the incredible shimmer they each have.

IMG_2558 IMG_2559


Here’s a portion of the shimmery butterfly!





I tried to keep this post a little shorter…..I didn’t want Sandee’s mind to wander again…..LOL.

Thanks once again for popping in.



Sunday’s with Sandee inspiration!!


Sandee!!!  You’ll be happy to know I stayed on course this evening when I sat down to play.  😉  If you haven’t had a chance to go and catch her first  tutorial, you have to go and check it out…..it’s called Sundays with Sandee.  I loved the idea of incorporating images of some of the tools I use when I play with my Mixed Media stuff and when I saw her video the light came on!!  So simple…..why on earth does my brain not ever think like that!?!  If you saw my post from last evening you’ll know I had every intention of doing a page that incorporated her idea……not even close!!!  So, I sat down this evening a kept my focus to the task at hand!  I had fun with this page and really like how it turned out.  The background was created using some Gelato’s and then sprayed over top with some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios.  I love how the colors blended.  i hand painted in some hearts with some acrylic paint, stenciled on some bricks and paint splatters (which are home-made stencils I cut out with my Cricut) with some acrylic paint and stenciled some dots on with my home-made texture paste.  Splattered some black India Ink onto the page and traced out my ‘tools of the trade’, painted them in with my acrylic paints and attached them to my page!



I have a stamp with my favorite art quote on it and stamped it on the bottom of my page with some StazOn ink.  Did some doodling with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen, added some white dots with my uni-ball Signo white pen, added some shading to the brick stencil and solid hearts with my charcoal pencil and also around the outside of my brushes to add some definition to them against the page.  I dipped my finger into some white paint and went around the outside edge of the page to frame it out.  I like it and am really happy with the way my tools turned out!  Here’s a couple close-ups of the page…

IMG_2498 IMG_2500 IMG_2501


Another fun page.  Thanks for the inspiration Sandee…..you rock my friend!!

Thank you to everyone for popping in…..always appreciated.  🙂



Lindy’s Color Challenge


I am a paper napkin junkie……not gonna lie.  I love paper napkins and love finding ones with pretty images.  I was at a friend’s house a few weeks ago for a jewelry party and she had out the cutest napkins!  I of course made sure to snag a few of them when I left cause you just never know when you have that perfect project to use one on!!  I decided to do up a page for the Lindy’s Stamp Gang monthly color challenge for the month of October – found here –  and so this was the time!  Here’s what the napkins looks like before I tear it apart and add it to a page….


And this is what I looks like once it’s pealed…..ripped…..glued and sprayed over onto a page.  I used these sprays:  Tea Pot Purple Starburst from the Mad Hatter set, Mango Mania Flat Fabio, Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio, Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio from the Mad Hatter set, and Caribbean Blue Flat Fabio.   I used two of my Faber Castell Pitt pens (the fine tip and the brush tip) and my Unibal Signo white pen.  I also used three of my home-made stencils….one of which came from a friend in the Netherlands.  Thanks Eve!!  A few layers of sprays…..some texture using some home-made texture paste prior to adding any of the colors, some stamping and some doodling.  Here’s what it looks like now:


Check out the shimmer from the Tea Pot Purple Starburst spray…..love it!  Lots of doodling using the Pitt brush pen and my wonderful Signo white pen.  Some drippage using the purple, blue and some watered down black acrylic paint.  A lot of the doodling was simply drawing over top of the designs already in the paper napkin and just enhancing them.  Some I added myself.  I had fun with this page and here are some close-ups of the page showing some of the texture I created using the stencils and some paste and the shimmer and depth of color again.  It’s sometimes hard to pick it up on a photo.





A fun page…..no journaling…..just playing.  A fun page to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by……I love the company!  😉