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I Am Enough


I don’t know about you, but I have this endless list of amazing crafty/artistic people I follow through YouTube.  I’m not even sure how many subscriptions I have to YouTube channels!  I don’t always watch every new video they post and I have some I watch more than others.  Christy Sobolewski is one I will usually watch when she posts a new video.  Yesterday I watched this video and loved the background technique she used!  Although I didn’t nail it exactly, and mine ended up a little darker, I love the end result.  Sooo much texture and depth -layer upon layer of book pages Mod Podged down and then ripped off…..paint applied and then partially wiped off…..  It was hard to capture it in a picture.



I love the layers of color…..very subtle.  I’m not one to draw/paint faces so I didn’t even try to incorporate that part of her video so I chose to just draw and paint a butterfly.  The quote I saw on someone’s FB post yesterday too and it just seemed to grab me.  I can’t say I like how it turned out on the page, but it’s there and I’m going to leave it……all part of the learning as I explore this act of Letting It Go.  The colors of the butterfly are some of the same ones I incorporated into the background layers on the page.



I doodled, I outlined, I had fun with the butterfly.  This is one background I’ll do more of.   Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  As always, I do so appreciate it.