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Continuing to ‘Let It Go’


My friend Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos has sent me and my creativity into a tailspin the past couple of months.  And I say that in a loving way as it’s kick-started me to head back into my ‘Therapy Room’ and create again.  Then she challenged me to “Let It Go’.  Little did she know what she was asking me to do!! Learning to love what you create and to just let it go and not try to be someone else is turning out to be more of a challenge than I’d originally thought.  Loving all the other artist’s work around me and thinking I had to create just like them in order to have a project turn out right.  Soooo  much pressure on myself to not make a mistake, to create something everyone else would love.  Really?!  I’ve been slowly learning that what I create isn’t for everyone else…..it’s for me.  And at the end of the day…..truly….the ONLY person who really has to LOVE it, is me.  Such a simple concept….but why so hard to carry through with?  It just keeps coming back to those three little, yet such powerful words….”Let It Go”.  I love to share what I do and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for some sort of pat on the back for what I create.  I think that’s basic human nature to have that need to be recognized and supported in what you do.  What I am learning however, is the pats on the back and the recognition don’t define me.  They don’t make me a better person or a more creative person.  I’ve learned to really start appreciating what I create and for the most part, I’ve loved every page or canvas….almost.  And I’ve also learned that the ones I don’t so much care for are okay too as it usually led to me learning something in that process.

I’d never created a one picture, multi-layered, mixed media scrapbook layout before.  I’ve admired MANY others creations and was so overwhelmed with where to start and how to make it work, I just never even tried.  This past weekend I decided enough was enough and it was time.  I love the look of them and just needed to grab some paper and see what I could do.  This page, like so many other things I create, took me a couple of days to put together.  And that’s okay.  I took my very wise mothers advice and took some time to step away from time to time when things just weren’t sitting right for me or I felt something was missing.  And each time I’d come back I’d usually find that one thing to tweak to make me happy.  I was Skyping with another Mixed Media friend last night, Limor Webber, and asked her for her opinion a couple of times as we organized our craft spaces and I worked on the layout.  She does amazing layouts and gave me a couple of ideas when I was stuck on why something didn’t quite look right.  She never told me to change anything on the layout…..she gave me good advice on how to turn it into what I was seeing in  my head.  At the end of the evening, I had my first layout completed….and I love it!!


I did a lot of fussy cutting, layers of paper, added some home-made texture paste, some sprays, ink…..yup, it’s done!  I love how the bricks turned out.  The stencil I made up myself on my Cricut and it worked perfect!  I used some of my new Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays I just got….Limor’s Industrial Chic set which is sooooo amazing!  The colors are fantastic and I’m loving this set!  At first I’d left the bricks white and then took my Shabby Turbine Teal Starburst spray lid, and with just the tube from the spray bottle I traced around each brick to simulate the grout.  Although I loved the color I wasn’t so loving the look I ended up with.  So I thought, I need to darken up the bricks or something, so I grabbed the Steel Shimmer Glitz Spritz and gave the bricks a couple of shots/layers of that spray,  Although it did bring out the texture within the bricks, there was still something I didn’t like.  This is where Limor came in…..just take some Tim Holtz ink and grunge up the bricks….it’s the white that’s throwing you off.  Ding, ding, ding…..yup.  Out came the Vintage Photo ink pad (my go to stamp pad) and I grunged  up the bricks, the edges of the paper layers and the whole edge of the page.  What a difference it made!!  I still wasn’t loving the teal grout look, so I took the Steampunk Sepia tube and traced over the teal and love how the bricks turned out!!  The little bit of shimmer and shading on the bricks is still visible even after the ink was blended in and just adds to the depth of the bricks.  Check them out!!


So, with the help of two of my friends, I cranked out my first layered, mixed media layout and Let It Go.  You two ladies rock…..I continue to grow as an artist because of your influence and I can’t thank each of you enough.  You both come to the table each week and share your very different styles and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and just create…..and purge my crafting stuff……..mercilessly.   Huggss to you both!  Mwahhh!  Click on the links to check out their pages!


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Once again, thank you to those who read through my ramblings sometimes. I do sooo appreciate each of you, truly I do.