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Live, Love, Laugh


Who doesn’t like a little graffiti every now and then?  To be honest, I hate it when property is defaced no matter how good the graffiti artist, unless permission was granted before they created their little piece of art.  What I do love about graffiti is the freedom and talent of these individuals!! Some of them are amazing at their craft and I’d love to see them create on a blank canvas instead of a building or some other form of real estate.  Now, I’m by no means a graffiti artist, however, I do love Limor Webber’s new set she created for Lindy’s Stamp Gang called Neon Graffiti.  The colors are down right amazing and as always, you can never go wrong with the Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays.  This particular set is a Flat Fabio, so no shimmer at all.

It’s a pretty straight forward page and you’ll have to check out my YouTube video oh how I created it and the journey this page took.  I’m in love with yet another of Limor’s signature spray sets.

So, here is the page.  I don’t have any close up shots of this one, so you only get one photo of this page.


Click here to watch the YouTube video on how I created this page.  There are a ‘few’ layers of spray on this one.

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Yvonne  :o)

Mystery Challenge

Mystery Challenge

I didn’t do such a good job of keeping up my end of our 90 day blog everyday challenge…..it’s been 30  days since my last blog post……my life can slow down anytime now!  lol

I created this page over at a friend Karen Burchill’s house and used my art journal prompt cards.  The start of the mystery!!  You never know what you’re going to pick out of the pile and how it will all fit together on one page!  20150601_203131

I also grabbed my pile of deli paper backgrounds Karen and I had made a few weeks ago to use as my background to start laying down the base texture and color theme for the page.  It turned out to be a pretty cool idea.



Color scheme chosen and some background texture.  Now for the napkins and some stenciling.


I just love the little daisy flower stencil by Crafters Workshop.  It was the first one I’d ever purchased and still pull it out from time to time.  This is where I was trying to find a quote that would  match puzzle pieces……Pinterest here I come!!  Apply Gesso to the fronts of the puzzle pieces and let them dry.


I used some of my Lindy’s spray to color the puzzle pieces and wrote out my quote and adhered them to the page.


Some additional Lindy’s ink spatters and drippage, outlining of the puzzle pieces and some of the elements on the napkins and stencils and I called it done!  Here are some close ups.




I’m quite happy with this page and how it turned out.  Thanks for popping in to check it out!  Always appreciated.  ❤

Many huggsss,


Paint swatches?

Paint swatches?

Soooo, what do you do when you have a BIG box full of a hardware store entire line of old paint swatches??!!  You offer some of them up on a FB Happy Mail group, and then you start looking for ways to incorporate them into your own art work of course!!  I have a homemade art journal I put together using brown paper bags and big legal sized envelopes.  I’ve been using this journal for those wild and crazy ideas you come up with and have absolutely no idea how they’ll turn out or what they’ll look like.  So far, the entries into it have been pretty hideous….lol, but this evening I don’t even really mind this one!  It’s not fantastic, but it’s still pretty cool!

I started with a page I’d been using to slap down any extra paint I had left over on my palette after other mixed media projects, so it really was a mod podge of all colors that didn’t necessarily compliment each other.  The plan was to use it as a base for a background so I wasn’t too concerned with colors or placement when I did it.  I grabbed a couple of stacks of swatches and picked out a few I thought would go with the page.


I adhered each one to the page using Gel Medium……


Now this is the part I always forget to take pictures of as I go along!!!  I start creating on the page and just zone out the rest of the world and what I was planning on doing.  So, what I did was i took my big 12×12 Prima Bamboo stencil, some Faber Castell Whipped Spackle and covered the whole page with the stencil.  I then grabbed 4 of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and started adding them randomly to the page over the stencil to tie all the colors together that were poking through beneath the stencil.  Once that was done and dried, I took a flower stencil by Plaid Folkart and sprayed it with my black LIndy’s spray.  I used my Craftsmart white paint pen and outlined the edges of the stencil image to make the flowers ‘pop’ off the page.  Here’s the finished page…..


I keep looking at it thinking it needs more but can’t think of what to put on it without it looking like a hot mess and overly crowded.  Here are some close-ups of the texture and colors underneath!




That’s it!!  Easy peasy…..quick and really no thought going into it…..just doing.

Let me know what you think……can I add anything else to it without going overboard?



Believe in something absurd….

Believe in something absurd….

Every once in a while I find an artist that really speaks to me and I’m drawn to anything and everything she creates.  Marta Lapkowska is that artist for me.  Here’s a link to one of her pages on her blog Maremi SmallArt and here’s a link to her amazing YouTube channel by the same name….Maremi SmallArt.  She takes the most unique things from her art studio and includes them in her art journal pages and scrapbook layouts.  You truly have to go check her out if you at all love Mixed Media and texture.  🙂

This evening I had been cutting up an old top I had to actually use some of the material in upcoming art journal pages.  As I was cutting the seams out and tossing them in the garbage I thought of Marta and wondered if those seams were something she would probably have kept.  I dug them out of the garbage and started adhering them to a new page in my upcycled encyclopedia I’ve been using.  I applied a light layer of gesso just in the middle of the pages and then grabbed my Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle and a homemade honeycomb stencil and added some texture to the two pages.  I’ve had the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mad Hatter set for some time now and haven’t really used many of the colors.  They’re very bold and I tend to stick to the more muted earth tones or pastel type colors.  There is a color called Tweedle Dee Denim which is a dark denim blue color that I don’t think I’ve ever used yet!  I decided to pair it up with the Tea Party Purple, which I’ve used allot and it’s almost gone, and see what the two would look like on a page.

Uh huh……I LOVED IT!!!!  This just may be my new favorite color combo!  Check out the page!


I love, LOVE how the two colors married into each other and this picture honestly doesn’t even do it pages justice!  the quote is from a Dylusions set called ‘Quintessential Quotes’ by Ranger.  All of the supplies I used on these pages came from Limor Webber Designs on-line store.  I’ll have a list of products and links to the store at the end of this post.

Here are a few close ups of the pages…..




It’s really too bad the camera doesn’t pick up the oh so subtle shimmer from the Tea Pot Purple Starburst spray.

So, there it is!!  Thanks for coming in and checking out my newest page.  I love when you leave me comments on your thoughts about my work.  Until next time……



Products Used:

Liquitex Gesso

Golden Regular Gel (Matte)

Faber Castel Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle 

Catalyst Shaper Tool “01 Mini”  This is my FAVORITE tool to use when I’m using the Whipped Spackle.

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mad Hatter spray set

Dylusions Quintessential Quotes by Ranger  One of my favorite quote stamp sets…..I’ve used this one allot!

Faber Castell Stamper’s Big Brush Pen – Black

Faber Castell Stamper’s Big Brush Pen –  Cold Gray III

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink – Carbon Black

Soft Grip Golden Taklon Fan Brush

Through the eyes of a child

Through the eyes of a child

Do you sometimes wish you still had the innocence of a child when you looked out at the beauty of the world?  At the things around you and to be able to express pure joy without the fear of being judged or laughed at?  It would be nice some days to be able to just let go and be childlike again.  I found this quote and built a page around it.  I decided to work in my Strathmore softcover Mixed Media 5.5″ x 8″ journal that I got from Limor Webber’s store Limor Webber Designs.  I’m really loving this journal.  It only has 90 lb paper in it but the pages are awesome to work on the and the cover is sooo soft!

I pulled out my trusty Lindy’s Stamp Gang Industrial Chic set….I haven’t used that set in a while and I love the look of these colors.  I also used my clear Gesso for this page and love how it allowed the true colors of them sprays come through and not be muted by a white Gesso.  A few layers…..some stamped images for some background texture and of course, some stencil and modeling paste had to find it’s way onto the page.

I started with the Steampunk Sepia and laid down a layer to start building up my background.  Then I took my Faber Castell PITT artist pen in Cold Grey III and one of my background stamps from my Stampers Anonymous Graph & Croc set and randomly stamped little portions of the stamp.  I really love the absolute subtle look the grey ink gives to the background.  I then took my Black PITT big brush pen and a small script stamp I have and again stamped it randomly onto the pages. I took the Rusty Lantern Lime spray and the Shabby Turbine Teal and sprayed then in just a few spots on the page.


I had some burlap and tried to make a little banner with them.  They were pretty good before I tried to adhere them to the page with my Gel Medium, but they kind of kept fraying and I kept losing pieces and by the time they were down I sort of had blob triangles….lol.  I fussy cut and tore a few images from some scrapbook paper I had from a grab box I’d received from Limor, too my Faber Castell Whipped Spackle and a palette knife and randomly applied some on the areas i wanted my images on the page.  I took my brick stencil and also did some light random brick areas as well.  I colored the burlap, traced around them with my Stabilo All pencil and wet it down with a small amount of water on my brush.

IMG_3828 IMG_3829

Took my charcoal pencil and did some shading around the bricks and my Grey PITT pen and did some shading with it around the three images and around the outside edges of the pages.


I wrote out the quote, added  some black splatters and I was done!


Off to go and see what else I can get some inspiration from.  I kinda feel like maybe playing with some water color or something….

Thanks again for checking in…..until next time.



List of products used:

Strathmore Softcover Mixed Media art journal

Liquitex Clear Gesso

Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Industrial Chic

Stampers Anonymous Graphic & Croc background stamp – my stash

Script stamp – my stash

Burlap – my stash

Faber Castell Whipped Spackle

Faber Castell PITT artist big brush pen – Cold Grey III

Faber Castell PITT artist big brush pen – Black

Stabilo All pencil

Brick stencil – homemade on my Cricut

Liquitex Professional fluid Acrylic – Carbon Black (splatters)

Pilot Perma Ball journalling pen

Catalyst Shaper Tool “01”

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color Challenge entry

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color Challenge entry

You know, every month I look at the Lindy’s color challenges and every month I say to myself I’m going to enter it…..and then never do.  Here’s a link to the color challenge here.  And here is what the challenge colors look like:

Oct color challenge

Last night I sat down and created a double page in my art journal.  I picked up this little Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal when I was visiting at Limor’s and I love the pages in it.  Here’s a link to her store so you can check it out too! Limor Webber Designs  They’re a nice weight and it’s small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed and can slap down a completed page in no time!  I really have to start remembering to take process pictures as I go along to show you how I created it…..maybe next time I’ll remember.  ;o)  I started out with a layer of Prima Art Basics Heavy Gesso.  I then took my brick stencil (I made this one myself on my Cricut) and my Faber Castell Whipped Spackle (one of my FAVE products from the store) and randomly applied it to the page using my Catalyst Shaper Tool ’01 Mini’.  The colors of spray I chose to use were the Brushed Nickel Glitz Spritz around the entire frame of the double page.  I then took my Chateau Rose Flat Fabio and Mango Mania Flat Fabio and sprayed them both in the same places in order to mix them together to get a more salmon color.


I had a napkin with these beautiful pink roses on it, so I fussy cut some of them out along with some of the extra leaves and the butterflies and adhered them to the page using my Golden Matte Medium.


I’d also fussy cut out the vintage woman in the frame from the Prima Romantique Collection from the “Ha ‘Penny” sheet.


I took a stamp from the Dina Wakley set called Collaged Hearts and stamped it onto some water color paper and cut it apart to adhere to the page as well.  I finished the page off with some drips of color from the Mango Mania spray bottle and the Merci Beaucoup Mint spray bottle and also took my Stabillo All pencil and did some shading around all the roses, leaves and bricks on the page to add some depth to it.


Here’s my competed pages!  I love how they turned out.  :o)


My inspiration for this page came from Marta Lapkowska.  She has amazing talent and you have to go check out her YouTube channel.  Maremi SmallArt

I’ll detail the list of products I used and link them back to Limor’s store or Lindy’s Stamo Gang store.

Thanks so much for staying with me!  Till next time…..



Products used:

Strathmore Softcover Mixed Media Art Journal

Prima Art Basics Heavy Gesso White

Faber Castell Whipped Spackle

Catalyst Shaper Tool ’01 Mini’

Dina Wakley Media Stamps

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Brushed Nickel Glitz Spritz

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Chateau Rose (from the Tres Chic collection)

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Merci Beaucoup Mint (from the Tres Chic collection)

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mango Mania

Stabillo All Pencil

52 playing card ATC workout!

52 playing card ATC workout!

I AM DONE!!!!!  I finished up the last of the cards for my deck of 52 playing card ATC swap I’m in.  They don’t have to be done until November 30th, but they were burning a hole in my brain as I looked at the last of the stack and decided to just dig in and finish them and get them off my desk.  I’m so looking forward to the swap and can’t wait to get my completed deck of everyone else’s art returned.  Such fun!  I’m not going to go into details of how each card was completed….far too many words to type and wayyyy too long of a post….lol.  For these ones I used a few different mediums for the backgrounds like, Gelato’s, Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and acrylic inks.  I finished the tops of the cards with everything from book paper, stickers, Signo White Gel pen, my Faber Castell PITT artist pen big brush in black and white, more Gelato’s, stamps, images cut from Designer paper, some new Izinks I received in a “Pay It Forward” swap from Debbie D (LOVE them by the way 😉  ), irRESSISTible textured sprays in black and white and some Liquitex Acrylic fluid ink in Carbon Black.  There was probably more supplies, but don’t remember right now.  All of the supplies I purchased or are available at Limor Webber’s store which you can link to here.

Here’s a picture of all the cards spread out:


And here’s some close ups of them:

IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3664

There you have them!!!  Had fun making them but can honestly say I don’t think I was to look at another deck of cards again for a while…..lol.

Thanks so much for dropping in.  I love reading comments, so please take some time to say hello and if you don’t already follow me, I’d love to add you to the family!  🙂



You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

One of the girls I work with has this black leather wrap bracelet and it has this amazing quote on it.  I borrowed it from her the other day at work and copied it out as I really wanted to put it on an Art Journal page.  I also have the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color Shots in the Tres Chic that have been calling my name for a while now.  I decided to add water to them and use them as a water color.  (more because I don’t have any acrylic medium or glaze) lol.  You can find these in Limor Webber’s wonderful store and I’ve linked up any of the products I used that were purchased from her store –  here’s a link to the Color Shots.  I love the Flat Shots and the white undertones of this Tres Chic set are so fun to play with!  I colored my background in with three of the colors and allowed them to blend and bleed together just a bit.  I used Chateau Rose, Bonjour Butter and Merci Beaucoup Mint.  I did some stamping with one of the heart stamps from Dina Wakely’s Media stamp set called Collaged Hearts, and I used my Faber Castell PITT artist big brush pen as the ink to stamp with.  Love that pen and use it ALL the time!!  I used a rub-on from one of my Tim Holtz sets called Remnant Rubs “Elements”.  There are sooo many rub-ons in his sets, it’s awesome!  I layered some cheese cloth, Prima flowers from my stash and some Prima metal (Ingvild Bolme ShabbyChic *Door Signs* and one of the clocks cut in half from the Junkyard Findings Clock Faces set).  A couple of my flowers were a bit too white for me as were the Prima metal embellishments so I took two of my Prima Resist Chalk Edgers in the Old Rose and Lime Pie and applied them to my craft mat, added some water and ‘painted’ them.  Added my quote and some splatters and distressed the edges of the stamped hearts and the page with my Stabilo All pencil (my favorite charcoal pencil ever!!)

Here’s what my page ended up looking like:


Here are some close-ups:

IMG_3650 IMG_3649 IMG_3648 IMG_3647

So, that’s it!  This little journal only has a couple pages left to do and it’ll be full!

Thanks for popping in once again.  I love hearing from you…..did you make it through all the writing Sandee??  😉



Skype play date with some Tres Chic!

Skype play date with some Tres Chic!

I had a Skype date with my good friend Limor.  The intent was to work on cleaning up our studio’s……ya, that kinda didn’t happen…..lol.  She played with some of her new supplies and I played with my Lindy’s…..lol.  I played with my Tres Chic set and I mixed up the color shots too.  Mmmmm……mmmmm…..yumminess!!!  I ripped up some Prima Cartographer paper for my base and then started to spray and paint.  I grabbed two of my favorite stamps from Limor’s store….the Stamping Bella Love Notes and my Indigo Blue Bubbles Background to add some more texture and depth to the page.  i cut out some hot air balloons from the same Prima paper collection and just started to put stuff down. Added some Prima metal hardware, a few Tim Holtz rub-ons, did some shading with my Stabilo All pencil. (BEST pencil EVER!!!) Kinda happy with this page.  All the supplies I used were once again purchased from Limor’s amazing store, Limor Webber Designs.

I think I’m safe with the amount of words I used so far to keep Sandee reading to this point……right Sandee?!!  Now, here’s the page:


Here’s a few close up’s to show you the yummy colors and some of the texture I was able to achieve with the stamps and shading:  (still with me Sandee??)

IMG_3644 IMG_3643 IMG_3642 IMG_3637

So, there you have it.  Until next time….. ❤



2nd Canvas……

2nd Canvas……

Venturing into the land of creating a canvas is freaking scary!!!   This took me 4 days to complete and I doubted myself every step of the way.  Creating an Art Journal page is one thing…..but a canvas…..that I was hoping to be able to hang up once I had it completed.  YIKES!!!  I used a bunch of supplies from Limor Webber’s Store, with my newest favorite supply being the Liquitex White Opaque Flakes Texture Gel……I’m really loving this stuff!!  There’s a few layers to this piece and I  love the texture I ended up with!!

Here’s the completed canvas…..


I wish the camera would pick up the texture better.  I also inked the edges of the word “LOVE” in the bottom corner so it would stand out a bit more.  I used allot of Prima flowers & embellishments, some Fab Scraps. I Am Roses flowers, other misc embellishments from my stash and from the grab boxes I ordered from Limor’s store a while ago, random strips of paper along with some Tim Holtz Tissue Paperand of course my trusted Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays in Cotton Candy Pink, Toto’s Tornado Black and Golden Doublooms.

Here’s a few close ups:








So, there it is.  Going to sleep on it and decide in the morning if it’s going on a wall or not….lol.

Thanks so much for dropping in…..I very much appreciate it.