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The Sky’s the Limit….

The Sky’s the Limit….

How true is that…..the sky truly is the limit as we’re often more limited by our own hesitations/beliefs in ourselves than by anything around us.  I’ve been busy creating so far this year and having so much fun in a couple of groups again.  It seemed I really struggled last year finding a balance between creating art and my family.  My word for 2016 is balance……but that’s a whole other post.

I was over at my art friend, Karen Burchill’s studio this evening and decided to work on my week 3 prompt for the Facebook group called, Journal 52.  Week 4’s prompt is “Explore or Celebrate the full moon in your art journal”.  I was looking through Pinterest and found a couple of quotes that resonated with me and finally narrowed it down to this one.  I wanted to create a night scene with soft, fluffy clouds surrounding the moon.  I used my acrylic paints and started with my Metallic Blue by Artist’s Loft mixed with a tiny bit of my Titanium White by Liqutex Basics and applied the paint to the page with my fingers.  I then outlined the page with my Prussian Blue by Grumbacher.


I then blended it out further with more of the metallic Blue and Titanium White and started to add the ‘moon’ with the white paint.


I wasn’t very happy with the wispy feel so I came in with more of the three colors mixed and smoothed out the background a bit.  I also added some wispy clouds using my fingers with a mixture of the metallic Blue and the Titanium White.  I just ‘tapped’ my fingers on the page to create the ‘fluffs’ in the clouds using the white to highlight the ‘fluffs’.  (Real technical, huh?  LOL)


In consultation with Karen, she suggested I add yellow and that’s exactly what it needed! I added a mixture of the Titanium White with Naples Yellow Hue and filled in my white moon with my fingers.  I also took the yellow out very faintly into the clouds to suggest a yellow moonlight highlight to the clouds.  I then decided the moon needed a bit of shimmer, so I added a layer of Iridescent Medium by Artist’s Loft over the yellow.

20160127_205545 20160127_205440

Now it was time for the quote, which I handwrote myself using Karen’s Pocha pen (no idea if that’s what it’s called…..cause that doesn’t look right…..lol)?


I’m so please with this finished product!  Off to post it to a few of the Facebook groups I’m in.  Till next time friends and please feel free to comment (I love reading comments) and subscribe to get notifications when I post a new blog post!

Much love,


Birch trees….

Birch trees….

Hello strangers!!!!  It’s been over a month since I posted anything to my blog and I’ve missed you all!!  December was one CRAZY month and I finally have a couple of days to MYSELF at our cabin and I’m going to take advantage of it.  A few months ago I joined a monthly Mixed Media tutorial class that Limor Webber is hosting and it’s been such a blast and I’ve learned so much in the three months since she started!!  Such a great value and if you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link to sign up here.  You will NOT be disappointed! She teaches you some advanced art techniques but breaks it down into manageable pieces that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed.  I’m really enjoying it!  I’m going to share the first two months projects we did with you as well.  This was our first project and it was a very interesting process as all along I thought to myself, “what the heck am I going to end up with?!!”  The end result was such a fun page!!  I’ve already done two other pages since this one!  Here’s what the end result looked like:


This page was so much fun and I would NOT have imagined this was what I was going to end up with!  The next month she pushed us out of our comfort zones and introduced us to a canvas and actually attempting to paint a picture.  it took me a few days before I could muster up the nerve to even THINK about attempting it.  Although my end result isn’t what I’d call great, or even something I would hang on my wall, I learned SOOOO much during the process that I have taken forward into other projects I’ve created.  She showed us a sunset and I chose to do something similar.  Here’s what I came up with:

Landscape - Final

And then this month we did birch trees.  I think this one is my favorite outcome so far.  I’ve enjoyed each months tutorials, however, I’m happiest with this result.  I’m even contemplating doing a canvas for the cabin using this technique.  Different background colors, but the same technique.  Here’s what this month’s class looked like:


I wasn’t sold on the green I’d used while I was painting it, but love it now that it’s dry and completed.  It’s amazing how learning a few techniques can take an art journal page/canvas to another level you didn’t think you had in you!

I’d love for you to come and join me…..it’s such a good deal…..$10/month!  Check out the link!

Thank for popping in again.  Until the next post……take care.





I had so much fun playing with the Vaseline technique Limor Webber taught us that I just had to try it one more time, but on a canvas this time. Here’s a link to her Ustream class where she taught us the technique if you’re interested.  Art Journaling With Limor Webber.  I wanted to do a quote type of canvas with this one and am a bit on the fence with it.  Not sure I should have put the faux screws on it….and if so, not sure I should have put paint on each one of them.  Oh well…..one more thing to tuck into the ‘things I’ve learned’ vault.  ;o)

I used my Liquitex Basics Acrylic paints for this and used the colors Burnt Umber, Bright Aqua Green, Unbleached Titanium and Titanium White.  I mixed a batch of the Titanium White with the Unbleached Titanium White to make a lighter shade for the last coat.  I hand-wrote out the quote using my Pilot PermaBall pen.  I attached some Prima Free Spirit Wood Embellishments and Prima Tiny Junkyard Findings screws.

Here are some close ups of the embellishments and the layers of paint:

IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817 IMG_3819

And here’s the final canvas.


There is a local new store in town that is specializing in antiques and vintage looking merchandise.  She’s asked me to bring her some canvas’s and she’ll sell them.  We’ll see how well the last two canvas’s I made sell…..lol.  It would be the first time I’d ever sold anything but a card.  Not going to hold my breath.  ;o)

Thanks for coming by again…..until next time.  Please feel free to leave me comments, as I do appreciate them.  ❤



Products used:

Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso

Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gel Medium

Prima Free Spirit Wood Embellishments (from my stash)

Prima Tiny Junkyard Findings (from my stash)

Mail Art

Mail Art

I had some fun the last couple of evenings following along with Sandee and trying my hand at some mail art.  I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a while now and thought it was about time I did another one of Sandee’s tutorials before she unfriends me!!  Over on the Frosted Designs blog they have a weekly segment called Sunday’s with Sandee, and honestly, if you’ve never checked it out, you need to.  She does amazing work! I’ve been having some fun with layering paints and stamps and tissue paper, etc and thought I’d just keep with that theme for my mail art.  I used my Liquitex Basics acrylic paints, some stamps and my Stazon ink pad.  I also did my doodling with one of my new Pilot Perma Ball pens, which is an amazing and my trusty Unibal Signo white gel pen.  Of course…..how can you do a bunch of layering techniques and not grab the bubble wrap?  I made three envelopes using all the same colors, just different pieces of the Tim Holtz tissue wrap and on one of my envies I used a collage piece as well.

Here’s a peek at mail art #1 – Front



Envelope #1 – Back


For envelope #2 I had a scrap of the tissue wrap that had a big butterfly on it….I thought it would look great on the front of the envelope.


The back of envelope #2


For envelope #3, I had this collage girl I’ve had sitting on my desk for a while now and I’ve really wanted to use her on something….so this envelope is where she finally found a home.  I tried to mimic the swirls on her dress with the paint…


And the back of this one…


So, there you have it.  My little run at mail art…..I think I’m going to have a hard time leaving an envelope plain now!!!  They were a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by….till next time!  :o)



Abstract Art Journal page


After Limor Webber’s Ustream class of Tuesday evening, I’ve wanted to try my hand at the abstract art technique she taught.  Check out the recording on her YouTube channel here.  I loved the canvas she did and although I didn’t brave it on a canvas, I did do attempt a page in my Art Journal.  I really like how it turned out!   For the background I started out with a couple of pieces from a black/grey and white napkin and then added a bunch of random paint to cover the page.  I used some of my Liquitex Basic’s acrylic paints in Brilliant Yellow Green, Primary Yellow, Canmium Orange Hue and Prism Violet.  I them stamped random images with my StazOn to help fill in the background and add texture.  I also stamped a few random sayings onto the page as well.  I took some Liquitex acrylic Primary Blue and Naphthol Crimson and also randomly applied some smudges with my fingers to the page.  I then took a couple of round containers and some Liquitex Mars Black acrylic paint and outlined certain spots on the page and then doodled around them with my white Unibal Signo pen.  Had a blast with this page and really felt like I was outside my comfort zone.  Here’s the napkin I used on my background.



And here’s my page…..



Here’s a couple of close-ups of the colors and textures in the background.

IMG_2978 IMG_2977


Had a blast…..may even try this on a canvas one day….lol.

Thanks for popping in…..I’m off to go and find something else to play with in my craft room.  :o)



Coffee friend.


I played along with another one of Sunday’s With Sandee while I was at the cabin.   I thought I’d be spending more time creating, but you know how that happens.  I used some of my Tim Holtz Composer Tissue wrap for the background on the page and adhered it with my Golden Matte Medium, I used one of my home-made stencils for the chevron shapes for my table using my Liquitex Basics Raw Umber acrylic paint and then painted over it and the rest of the page with some of my Crow’s Nest Copper Color Shot that I’d mixed up with some Winsor & Newton Matt UV Varnish.  Love the color with a slight touch of shimmer it added to the page.  I then took my Crafter’s Workshop Mini Circle Grid stencil that I got in my November 2013 Mixed Media kit at the Frosted Desgins on-line store and sprayed some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Time Travel Teal that is also available in the Frosted Design’s on-line store in their Industrial Chic set.  I drew out the coffee mug, painted it with my Liquitex Basics Cadmium Red Medium Hue acrylic paint and did some doodling on and added some of my Crow’s Nest Copper Color Shot at the top of the mug for the coffee.  I found the coffee quote on Pinterest and away I went with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen brush and my Uni-Bal Signo White Gel pen!

Here’s the completed page…..which I did for my friend Tamiko who is a coffee guru…..enjoy!!!



I don’t like my coffee mug…..but it’s glued down and I’m not changing it now. LOL.  I never have developed a taste for coffee and never drink it.  I’m a tea body all the way!!  I have my Grandmother’s old tea pot with metal insulated tea cozy and all……along with instructions on how to make the perfect cup of tea.  Not that I always make it that way…..but I do know how!

Thanks for popping in…..off to do a second post.  (Don’t want Sandee to have to read too much in one sitting….LOL)




Somewhere, someplace…


For our second week’s over on the Journal52 Facebook group, we were given the prompt “Somewhere, someplace”.  I chose to do a sort of outdoor theme as I truly feel the most relaxed when I’m enjoying the beauty of the outdoors….whether it be actually sitting outside or viewing it from the comfort and warmth of my front window.   My camera and files are full of pictures of wildlife, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, flowers, trees, water…..sunrises and sunsets.

I fussy cut out the corner piece from one of my BoBunny Gabrielle Flight sheets of paper.  It’s one of my many lines of paper in my hoard…..I mean stash, that I’ve had for a long time and have never used.  I also fussy cut out three more butterflies from a second sheet.  Yup, that’s right….I cut into TWO pieces of that paper line!  I know I’ll recover soon…..it may just take a little bit of time.

I painted the background very loosely with some of my new Liquitex Basic’s acrylic paints.  I used the Bright Aqua Green, some Raw Siena, Ivory Black and Mars Black.  I used one of my Crafters Workshop stencils called  Mini Well Rounded that I purchased from the Frosted Designs on-line store  I edged the three smaller butterflies with some black Gelato as well as put some around the border of the page.  I also added some white Gelato around those same three butterflies to give them a sort of halo effect to help them pop off the page a bit.  My did my journalling in the circle in the corner piece and it says, “and I think to myself….what a wonderful world”.  Around the edge of the circle there is a phrase repeated over and over which also says, “There is beauty all around”.



Nothing like leaving this page to the last minute…..our next prompt comes out tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by…..till next time!