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…from the discarded


Years ago my Mom and Dad use to make a lot of wooden ornamental type projects.  One of the things they use to make were these oh soooo cute little mini fences you could put in you flower bed with a little white picket fence…..a wooden girl with a straw hat and a watering can in her hand and a bunch of other garden type pieces on it.  Well, mine kinda fell apart after being outside for so many years and the only thing that really survived was the wooden house.  It sat in my flower bed for a few years and was getting very weathered.  Last year I went out and collected what was left of it and it ended up in the trash…..except for the wooden house.  It had no paint left on it…..it was very, very weathered and almost soft.  I immediately thought, “I could use this on an art piece one day!!”.  Well, it’s been sitting in my craft room ever since and I’d pick it up and look at it.  I’d lay it down on a piece of paper to see if I could figure something out.  And I’d put it away again.

During my evening perusal of my Facebook status’ I came across another quote, “Creativity is making marvelous out of the DISCARDED”.  The first thing that came to my mind was my little discarded wooden house.  I’d started to work on a canvas sheet about a month ago.  I’d torn pieces of designer paper and had attached it to the canvas sheet….painted over it…..stamped on it……sprayed some doilies to match it…and that’s where it stayed.  Nothing I did to that page made sense to me and nothing was clicking.  I grabbed my little worn wooden house…..took my new Gelatos and added some color to that weathered soft piece of wood.  I wasn’t even sure if the color would show up or just soak into the wood and disappear.  I put the Gelatos on dry and shaded them into the wood with my fingers…..and really liked the end result!  I sat and stared at that canvas and little colored piece of wood and could think of nothing to pull it all together.  Then I started to realize…..I needed to go to the “Master of Layering”…..my friend Limor Webber (check out her fabulous Facebook page here!!).  That woman can create and layer like no one else!  It just flows out of her.  I sat and watched a few of her YouTube videos to try to absorb some of her creativity…..lol.

Here’s what I created…..



I took a vine and cut it up like she loves to do…..I used all the left over pieces of wire and tore them apart into individual strips…..wound them together and added them to the bottom of the page.  I hand painted the flowers with one of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabio sprays called Hibiscous Rose so they would match the page better……I cut metal pieces in half so I could use both on the layout instead of having half of it hidden cause I tucked it in somewhere.  I Gesso’d the tips of the embellishments here and there to make them look more shabby.  I even layered the metal pieces….lol.  I fussy cut out some butterflies…..ended up only using one of them.  The paper line I used was from BoBunny and it’s called County Garden…..although it’s hard to pick up in the picture as it’s pretty much been covered in paint and Lindy’s sprays.   That’s also where the chipboard butterflies came from.  I also took my charcoal pencil and outlined all the pieces on the page to give them so definition and shadow effect.  The metal pieces came from Tim Holtz, Blue Moon, the local Thrift Store and Momenta.  Some came in RAK’s, some I bought and some I altered.  I had a lot of fun with this page…..tried really, really hard to let it go as I created……although that was much harder with this page….LOL.

Here are some close up’s of the rest of the page….

IMG_2162 IMG_2163

I have no idea why the next two pictures uploaded sideways…..and I can’t figure out how to rotate them in here.   You’ll just have to tilt your head to look at them……LOL


IMG_2160 IMG_2166


So there you have it……my own Limor inspired layered page.  As always….I’ll have to sleep on it to finally decide if I like it or not….LOL.  Till then, I’m outta here!!


Luv and huggsss,