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Hawaii…..can I go back??!!


Hello blog friends…..I figured I’d best post a few pictures of our recent trip to Hawaii.  We were on the Big Island – our first time to Hawaii!!  It was very beautiful there and I loved the sun and the beaches!!  Being able to watch the hump back whales out in the ocean and experience the sea turtles on the beach sunbathing beside the rest of us……although they have very strict rules about how close you can go up to them, so zoom on the camera sure helped!  The flowers…..oh my!!…..gorgeous. 

Our first morning.....our friends had brought us fresh flower leis when they picked us up from the airport the evening before.

Sea turtle - we met this fellow the first day and he spent most of the day sunbathing with us.

This was what our beaches looked like most days - beautiful blue water, lava rock and palm trees

South Beach - this is where the brave clliff dive into the crystal blue ocean.


What a sunset!!


These little guys liked to hide amongst the lava rock along the ocean - a zoom lens and sitting still would get you a pic of them.


This is what $25 would buy you at the local market flower store.....WOW!!!


We had some pretty big surfs some days.....wow!


The sunset this evening was just stunning......my camera was working overtime!


Yup.....it was an ever changing sunset too.....gorgeous!!


At the end of the sunset.....some beautiful pinks in that sky


And not to be outdone, this was the sunrise from our plane on our way home....you can see the mountains up above the clouds.

So, there’s a few of my pics.  It was a wonderful 10 days….way tooo short!  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Yvonne  😉