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The cover….


Well, we got our first ‘lesson’ in the Facebook group for Joanne Sharpe’s “The Art of Whimsical Lettering” book.  We were to take our simple Composition Notebook and design the cover.  We could write and do whatever we wanted on it.  I hadn’t really thought about doing my cover yet, and I was on Facebook last evening talking to Sandee and egging her on to give me an idea of what to just sit and create.  She told me to go and find some supplies to collage with.  I found a BUNCH of things…..ya, I don’t normally do things small.  She told me to spread all my goodies out on the floor, close my eyes and pick three things.  GULP.  I panicked….she thought I’d made great pics and told me to get to  collaging the cover.  I took the main piece and tore it up into pieces and adhered it to the cover.  I took the second sheet which was a collage sheet of different pieces of art a friend of mine had done where she scanned her work in…..and then arranged it all on a collage sheet with different size copies of some of her pages.  I tore each image out and began to try to arrange them onto the collaged cover.  Soooo….exactly how many times and different ways can you arrange and re-arrange 7 pieces of art around on a page.  ALLOT!!!!!  After about the 10th re-arrangement last night, I went to bed.  I started back on it this evening and with a few more suggestions from Sandee, I got it completed.  I’m really looking forward to this class and learning some different lettering styles and shapes.  Here’s what I came up with:



I like the depth of the background.  I’m very much looking forward to this class!!  I just can’t wait to get my copy of the book!!

Thanks for popping your head in…..I loved having you.  :o)



Broken Fence…..


I did another page this weekend while at the cabin as well.   I thought if I was doing one side I may as well do the other side too….lol.  I used a piece of paper from my BoBunny Back To Backs set and a page called Gabrielle Flight and adhered it to the page using my Golden Matte Medium.  I then took some of my Liquitex Basic’s Raw Siena acrylic paint and a dry brush and loosely painted around the edges and into the middle of the page to blend in the edges.  I then painted a sparse layer of the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Crow’s Nest Copper Color Shot that I’d mixed with my Windsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic Matt UV Varnish to. I’d also used the back of my stencil I’d used for the previous coffee page and turned it over and wiped off the excess spray onto this page to add that pop of teal.  I decided I’d try out one of the goodies I’d received in a recent Prima blow out sale package and used the Flocked Rub-Ons that we a kind of yellow color.  They added great texture and I decided to paint them to make them darker to match the page better using my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Burnished Brass Moon Shadow Mist.  I added my quote using my Faber Castell PITT pen brush and colored in the open spaces using my Uni-Bal Signo white gel pen.  I like the colors on this page and especially like the flocked outline of the two vintage girls at the bottom of the page.



The bottom of the page has a flocked sentiment that says “The Best Moments”.



So, that’s it for what I created this past weekend.  I played with some new products that I love and had a blast.  Not sure if I’ll get anything accomplished this evening or not…..we’ll have to see.

Off to go make myself a cup of tea and relax for a bit.  Thanks for popping your heads in!



Coffee friend.


I played along with another one of Sunday’s With Sandee while I was at the cabin.   I thought I’d be spending more time creating, but you know how that happens.  I used some of my Tim Holtz Composer Tissue wrap for the background on the page and adhered it with my Golden Matte Medium, I used one of my home-made stencils for the chevron shapes for my table using my Liquitex Basics Raw Umber acrylic paint and then painted over it and the rest of the page with some of my Crow’s Nest Copper Color Shot that I’d mixed up with some Winsor & Newton Matt UV Varnish.  Love the color with a slight touch of shimmer it added to the page.  I then took my Crafter’s Workshop Mini Circle Grid stencil that I got in my November 2013 Mixed Media kit at the Frosted Desgins on-line store and sprayed some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Time Travel Teal that is also available in the Frosted Design’s on-line store in their Industrial Chic set.  I drew out the coffee mug, painted it with my Liquitex Basics Cadmium Red Medium Hue acrylic paint and did some doodling on and added some of my Crow’s Nest Copper Color Shot at the top of the mug for the coffee.  I found the coffee quote on Pinterest and away I went with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen brush and my Uni-Bal Signo White Gel pen!

Here’s the completed page…..which I did for my friend Tamiko who is a coffee guru…..enjoy!!!



I don’t like my coffee mug…..but it’s glued down and I’m not changing it now. LOL.  I never have developed a taste for coffee and never drink it.  I’m a tea body all the way!!  I have my Grandmother’s old tea pot with metal insulated tea cozy and all……along with instructions on how to make the perfect cup of tea.  Not that I always make it that way…..but I do know how!

Thanks for popping in…..off to do a second post.  (Don’t want Sandee to have to read too much in one sitting….LOL)




Somewhere, someplace…


For our second week’s over on the Journal52 Facebook group, we were given the prompt “Somewhere, someplace”.  I chose to do a sort of outdoor theme as I truly feel the most relaxed when I’m enjoying the beauty of the outdoors….whether it be actually sitting outside or viewing it from the comfort and warmth of my front window.   My camera and files are full of pictures of wildlife, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, flowers, trees, water…..sunrises and sunsets.

I fussy cut out the corner piece from one of my BoBunny Gabrielle Flight sheets of paper.  It’s one of my many lines of paper in my hoard…..I mean stash, that I’ve had for a long time and have never used.  I also fussy cut out three more butterflies from a second sheet.  Yup, that’s right….I cut into TWO pieces of that paper line!  I know I’ll recover soon…..it may just take a little bit of time.

I painted the background very loosely with some of my new Liquitex Basic’s acrylic paints.  I used the Bright Aqua Green, some Raw Siena, Ivory Black and Mars Black.  I used one of my Crafters Workshop stencils called  Mini Well Rounded that I purchased from the Frosted Designs on-line store  I edged the three smaller butterflies with some black Gelato as well as put some around the border of the page.  I also added some white Gelato around those same three butterflies to give them a sort of halo effect to help them pop off the page a bit.  My did my journalling in the circle in the corner piece and it says, “and I think to myself….what a wonderful world”.  Around the edge of the circle there is a phrase repeated over and over which also says, “There is beauty all around”.



Nothing like leaving this page to the last minute…..our next prompt comes out tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by…..till next time!



One Word….


A one word page……allot harder than I thought I would be!  I’m not a one word kinda gal…….no comments to that fact please….LOL.  This was a page I’ve been working on and adding to for a few days.  I started out by using one of my paint filled clean up paper towels I’d kept to give the page some awesome texture and color.  I also used one of my home-made stencils and home-made texture past to  put a couple of textured patters down on the page.  I’d used the page to clean off some brushes from my previous page….and that added some interested colors.  And then it sat……now what!?  I’d pick up my book and stare at the page…..nothing.  Then Tracy gave us a one work challenge for a  journal page.  No problem I thought!!  Easy peasy I thought!  Uh huh……not so much.  I decided to use one of my new store-bought stencils from Deco Art – the tree branches one.  I laid it down and sprayed some of my brown tone Lindy`s onto it.  I used a combo of Burnished Brass Moon Shadow Mist and the Incandescent Copper Moon Shadow Mist.  It needed a few layers to give the tree stencil some definition, especially with all the random paints.  Once I was happy with it I decided the tree needed to be outlined in black…..still not enough definition.  So I decided to grab some green acrylic paint and give the tree and it`s branches some color.  Yup….liked it.  Lots of depth against the brass/copper sprays.  But it looked so plain.    I wanted leaves so I took a couple of pages of book paper and my Alcohol Inks and colored them in fall colors and cut out leaves.  They kinda got lost against the background and didn’t pop like I was expecting them too.  I took some yellow, orange and red paint and layered the three colors onto the leaves…..still not popping.  I shaded the edges with a bit of charcoal pencil…..nope!  No matter what I tried with the leaves to make them pop…..they just didn’t.  The background was too dark.  I didn’t want to leave the tree just bare, and as much as I loved the contrast of the dark background against the green tree, it just wasn’t going to work.  So,  I put a coat of blue acrylic paint over the dark sprays.  It actually covered better than I thought it was going to and I kinda liked the odd piece of the brass or copper poking through.  I took my charcoal pencil to the leaves again and gave them lots of definition.  I decided to use my work for the year….. ‘ believe’ as my one word and took a piece of left over designer paper and sprayed the front of it with my two brown sprays and some Mango Mania Flat Fabio as well.  I stamped the word ‘believe’ and then fussy cut out each letter and adhered it to the bottom of the page with my Beacon Zip Dry.  I traced around each letter with my uni-ball Signo white pen to give them some definition and then with a light tracing of my black fine Faber Castell PITT pen. I painted the insides of the loopy letter with the blue acrylic paint and really loved how that looked!  I fussy cut a BUNCH of flowers out and adhered them to the page as well.  I used my Beacon Fabri-Tac for all the leaves and the flowers.  I also decided to color the flowers in as they were a dull off white and just didn’t seem to belong.  I took my Tea Pot Purple Moonshadow and a paint brush and colored in the flowers…..much better!!  I also fussy cut out a Robin and a nest with three eggs in it.  I colored over the eggs with the Shabby Turbine Teal and the nest I spritzed with some Steampunk Sepia and some Mango Mania.  The Robin i painted in lightly with a brush and some of the Steampunk Sepia and the belly of the bird with a combo of my Mango Mania and Rudolph’s Nose Red Starburst spray.  Adhered them to the page as well and I was pretty much done!



Here are some additional close-ups to show you the shimmer of that Industrial Chic set and also the awesome texture the paper towels and the texture paste left.

IMG_2526 IMG_2525 IMG_2524 IMG_2523


I also played around with my home-made Gelli Plate this evening too…..I’ll take some pictures of those pages tomorrow.

Thanks for popping your head in!  I do appreciate it!




Sunday’s with Sandee inspiration!!


Sandee!!!  You’ll be happy to know I stayed on course this evening when I sat down to play.  😉  If you haven’t had a chance to go and catch her first  tutorial, you have to go and check it out…..it’s called Sundays with Sandee.  I loved the idea of incorporating images of some of the tools I use when I play with my Mixed Media stuff and when I saw her video the light came on!!  So simple…..why on earth does my brain not ever think like that!?!  If you saw my post from last evening you’ll know I had every intention of doing a page that incorporated her idea……not even close!!!  So, I sat down this evening a kept my focus to the task at hand!  I had fun with this page and really like how it turned out.  The background was created using some Gelato’s and then sprayed over top with some of my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios.  I love how the colors blended.  i hand painted in some hearts with some acrylic paint, stenciled on some bricks and paint splatters (which are home-made stencils I cut out with my Cricut) with some acrylic paint and stenciled some dots on with my home-made texture paste.  Splattered some black India Ink onto the page and traced out my ‘tools of the trade’, painted them in with my acrylic paints and attached them to my page!



I have a stamp with my favorite art quote on it and stamped it on the bottom of my page with some StazOn ink.  Did some doodling with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen, added some white dots with my uni-ball Signo white pen, added some shading to the brick stencil and solid hearts with my charcoal pencil and also around the outside of my brushes to add some definition to them against the page.  I dipped my finger into some white paint and went around the outside edge of the page to frame it out.  I like it and am really happy with the way my tools turned out!  Here’s a couple close-ups of the page…

IMG_2498 IMG_2500 IMG_2501


Another fun page.  Thanks for the inspiration Sandee…..you rock my friend!!

Thank you to everyone for popping in…..always appreciated.  🙂