Daily Archives: January 23, 2014

Things that make me smile….


It’s week three prompt over on Journal52 Facebook page.  Our prompt for this week was “You Always Make Me Smile”.  I was looking for something fun to do on this weeks page.  (not that my other pages weren’t fun!)  I joined Limor for her Ustream class last evening where she did a ton of Art Journaling techniques (check out the YouTube video for it here) and one of the techniques she used was to take some of her Lindy’s Stamp Gang spray bottles and put some of the dauber caps on them.  She then literally smashed them into her page to create these funky ink splatters all over the page.  I sooooo wanted to smash ink all over a page after watching her but I don’t have any dauber caps.  So….how does one do paint splatters without a dauber cap?  Easy!!  You take the sprayer off the bottle and dab the end of the tube onto your page and make a puddle of ink.  You then take a stray and hold it right above the ink puddle and then you blow through the straw really hard!!  Ink splatter!!  I had a blast….got a little light-headed from continually blowing through the straw…..but it was fun making the ink suddenly spray outward.  I did a few layers on top of each other to get a nice intense splatter.  When I was done I didn’t quite like the look so I added just a light spritz of water to the page.  Oooooo…..loved how the colors ran together.  I played a bit more and then heat set the page.  Wrote out the things that make me smile whenever I think of them and the page was done!!

Here it is….



A very simple…..nothing earth shattering page…..and I had a lot of fun creating it and it definitely made me smile when I was done.

I’m off to catch some zzzz’s.  Thanks for checking in…..till next post! 😉